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Celebrated Pokémon expert Professor Oak supervises research on Pokémon Island, the last remaining home of wild Pokémon. Your job is to explore the island's richly varied landscape and shoot pictures of the Pokémon, which the professor will then use to complete a definitive research paper. You'll have to find many of the most popular Pokémon.pokesnap

Before venturing forth in your special safari vehicle, the professor will hand you a film roll of 60 shots. As you gradually add to your Pokémon portfolio, you'll open up vast new areas of the island to explore. Because wild creatures are unpredictable, no two expeditions and no two pictures will ever be the same. Each player will build a unique portfolio.

You'll have to search carefully for your subjects. Some lie out in the open; some might be chasing other Pokémon; and some might react angrily when they realize they've been photographed!

This information was gathered from the Official Nintendo Website.


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