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Pokemon SNAP Walk-Thru
This walk-thru was submitted by Ruben.  

Remember to get as close as you possibly can to a Pokemon with all of itís body still in the frame when you snap.

Note: In case you are worried about getting that shot, keep snapping on the same Pokemon until you start to get too far away from it, and then you will have a lot to pick from.

Note 2: I am aware that in some levels there are other Pokemon than the ones I list. If you see that I didnít cover one, that means that I think there is a better picture in another level. This way you wonít get confused on which picture to take. I hope this helps you. On to the first level.

Level 1: Beach

Pidgey- You can get Gust-using Pidgey at the end of the level, but I have found there is a better shot. At the very beginning of the level when the intro cinema scene ends, turn you view completely to the back (press either left or fight C buttons twice) and wait until you see three Pidgey. As soon as you see them, start snapping on the biggest one, because soon it will back away a little bit and start screeching. try to get as much of the other two Pidgey in the picture as possible while keeping your main focus on the size of the largest one (Hint: Professor Oak thinks the Pidgey are screeching right when the big one starts to back away, so snap when it does for a bigger size)

Pikachu- The best picture I have is Pikachu on a Stump. To get this get the first Scyther out of the bushes, hit the Meowth with a pester ball when heís on the tracks to buy you more time, then, throw pester balls in the grass area where leaves are flying around. After that two Pikachu will come out and sit on the stumps. Play any Pokeflute song as quick as you can to make them do a Thundershock (pose points), and get as close as you can to one of them and snap (You might get more points if you only focus on one Pikachu instead of trying to get both in because of size but you can experiment on your own)

Scyther- Get him out of the bushes (refer to Pikachu to learn how) and make sure heís facing you, then snap when he is slashing his claws Chansey- Hit the pink ball that Eevee is following with a pester ball, then make it happy with Pokemon food Doduo- Hit him with a pester ball at the beginning of the level when heís near pikachu Lapras- Take pictures of all the Lapras you see, then a big one should come out of the water right before you see Kangaskhan (after Eevee and Chansey)

Snap and try to get some Lapras in the background

Kangaskhan- Hit him with a pester ball as soon as you can (when heís facing backwards) then after he turns around you can get a good shot of him doing a roar, but you might want to play Pokeflute song three to make him dance (again play the Pokeflute as soon as he turns around because he has to finish roaring first) to get you more pose points Meowth- Hit him off his platform right after the Snorlax as soon as you can. You should see him on the other side on the ground. Play the Pokeflute (song one will do) and make him dance. Remember you must try and get his whole body in the frame.

Eevee- First hit Chansey to make Eevee stop, then give Eevee some food and snap while heís eating Butterfree- I guess the best pose is having Butterfree facing strait at the camera because all it does is fly. Some good close up areas would be after Pikachu and the surf board over a bed of flowers. The next area is over the Snorlax, where you can find two Butterfree. Finally the last good place is when you cross the bridge, and if your lucky you can get one big one and two in the background.

Level 2: Tunnel

Kakuna- This oneís hard to explain...after you enter the cave itself you will see an Electrabuzz getting blown up by an Electrode. Keep going until you see More stationary Electrodes and hit them Either with Pester Balls or Pokemon food. when they explode Kakuna will fall from the ceiling try to get as many in a picture at once Electrode- The last one before you go into the room with Zapdos is your best bet. Get it to explode with food or Pester Balls to make him explode for more pints Zapdos- Lure Pikachu over to the Egg with food, then play the Pokeflute to make him shock the egg. It will fly up and explode revealing a Zapdos. Try to get him with Thunder and egg shell still flying around him Haunter- At the beginning of the room with Diglett you will see a purple glow which is Haunter. snap his picture when he is facing you (the way heís moving usually or when the purple seems to get brighter Diglett- Thatís easy get him right when he pops up and when heís at his highest Dugtrio- Take a picture of the first Diglett, and it will move. Do it again two more times, and he will bring Dugrio. Do the same thing with Dugtrio two more times to make three Dugtrio pop up for a great picture. Electabuzz- In the room with Diglett, on the right side of the room are two Electabuzz. The first one is probably the best. hit him with Pokemon food or a Pester Ball and he will hit the ground with his fist. Take a shot when you see the electricity coming out of his fists. The size is the only bad thing, so you just might want to take a big picture of the first Electabuzz in the level close up. Just get in front of him by using the dash engine and facing either to the left or right wall when the Electrode starts coming at you then hit Electabuzz with a Pester Ball. When he gets up snap him. Magnemite- Throw Pokemon food near one to make it eat it, while heís trying to reach the food he canít use itís "sonic wave" thing so you can take a clear picture Magneton- Lure all of the Magnemiteís together with Pokemon food to make them Magneton. Again throw the food (even though Magneton doesnít do the "sonic wave" thing) to get him facing you then get the Pokeball focus symbol in the middle of the zoom screen on the part of Magneton thatís on top, and try to get the other two parts fully in the screen for the best points. Level Note: When you see the Magnemite at the end of the level look to the right (right C button once) and you will see a lone Electrode. Hit it as soon as you can with food or a Pester Ball to reveal a secret exit.

Level 3: Volcano

Rapidash- After you see the first one run by you, you will see two more come on the right side. Throw Pokemon food at them and they will neigh for max pose points. Try to get both in the picture Vulpix- After you see the Rapidash, on the left you will see a lone Vulpix. Try to lure it in front of you so it meets up with the other two Vulpix you see right after it. Get them all in a group and make them happy with Pokemon food (also the way to group them up)

Charmander- I donít know what the best pose is (there is the one where he is roaring at you, roaring in the air, happy after you give food to it, or when you hit it with a Pester Ball), but I would think itís when you give him food. Anyway, the best place to get Charmander is where you see the Moltres egg. Let the egg stop you and look left. You will see two Charmander. Give each one Pokemon food and they will call two of there friends each for a total of six. Get them all grouped with Pokemon food and try to get them all in one shot.

Moltres- When it flies out of the Magma, and goes toward the Magmar and then Spread itís wings fully sort of shaking of embers. Magmar- See the two after the Moltres. Put Pokemon food between them and if it is in the right place they should both use their Flamethrower attack on each other. Donít forget to snap the one closer to you. Growlithe- After the two Magmar, if you look to the left you will see three holes with magma in them. Throw a Pester Ball into it, and there is a good chance a Growlith will come out. If you can get three Growlithe in a group it might get you more points then if you get a picture of one shaking off embers which would have given you the most pose points. Arcanine- As I stated above there is a good chance of a Growlithe, but the other chance (which is a little bit less) is that Arcanine comes out. Again the embers is the best pose, but it would be fun to try and get three Arcanine in one picture.

Charmeleon- The best Charmeleon you can get is the one circling the magma pool at the end of the level (the one you might want to knock in for Charizard). Give him food and he will probably start roaring for max pose points.

Charizard- Hit the Charmeleon in the Magma with Pokemon food or a Pester Ball. When Charizard emerges from the magma, hit him with Pokemon food (not a Pester Ball because he takes too long to recover), and then he should do his Flamethrower attack at you, for max pose points. The thing is Itís hard to get his whole body in the picture because he puts his wings up when he does the attack. It is said that you should wait until you are about to exit to take this picture but it never seem to work for me.

Level 4: River

Bulbasaur- The best Bulbasaur picture you can find is probably in the beginning of this level. You can get the first Bulbasaur out of his tree trunk with a Pester Ball, the second thatís in a log will need Pokemon food, and the third is exactly like the first one.

Poliwag- This one is sort of up to you. You can get all three out of there hiding places to the right of where you entered the level with Pester Balls. Hit the ground near where the first one is to scare it and make it run to another Poliwag (I recommend not hitting the Poliwag because it will take time to recover before it runs). After itís next to the other Poliwag, do the same thing, and the two will join a third one. Throw a final Pester Ball near them and they will dive into the water. This is were itís up to you. You can get a close up of them jumping in, but the pose points are when they are jumping in and out of the water after they originally jump in. Also you can get a lone Poliwag by chance if you throw Pokemon food or Pester Balls in the water (chance of Poliwag, Psyduck, and Magikarp).* Slowpoke- After the Poliwag and Bulbasaur, you can find Slowpoke to your right. The best pose points are given if it is dancing (use the Pokeflute), but if you do this he will face you and you wonít get the most size points. To get the most size points you will probably use Pokemon food to make it face about a forty-five degree angle from actually facing you, so you get the whole body. You will probably have to experiment with this. Slowbro- As soon as you see a Slowpoke, use Pokemon food to lure it over near the Shellder sign (it will take a while for it to turn around and stick itís tail in so do it right when heís visable). After about a second he will catch a Shellder which will latch on to his tail becoming a Slowbro. For max pos points, throw Pokemon food to have him face you, and snap when it looks like heís waving at you.

Vileplume- Instead of turning left to see Slowpoke, turn right to see Vileplume. Play song number three (itís up to you, but I think three gives more points) and it will start dancing. Try to get close because it itself is kind of far.

Shellder- Instead of looking left or right to see Slowpoke or Vileplume, just look strait and some Shellder will come out of the water (you might want to use the dash engin here to get close). I canít figure out what Professor Oak likes for pose (it seems to change), but I think itís when itís looking strait at you with itís tongue out. Try to get the other two in the background doing the pose that getís you more points too. Metapod- After the Slowpoke, Vileplum, and Shellder; you will will see Metapod hanging from the tree tops. Hit any of them with a Pester Ball and they will come down. Itís really a guessing game on the size (I still havenít gotten perfect size points), and the pose is probably when it looks like a crescent moon with an eye, a nose, and mouth. Psyduck- You can let one of the last Metapods stop you (by driving into it) so you can get a picture of a Psyduck that is circling some tree trunks to the left (if you hit a Psyduck that is floating on the water it will sink, and in a couple of seconds it will start hopping out of the water in different places. The last time he jumps out is usually the closest shot you will get. Also you can get a lone Psyduck by chance if you throw Pokemon food or Pester Balls in the water (chance of Poliwag, Psyduck, and Magikarp).* Porygon- There are two Porygon camouflaging in the area immediatly after the Metapod and to the right. You can sort of see them because their nose is sticking out of the place they camouflage. Hit the area with a Pester Ball, and a Porygon (which still has camouflage on) will come out. Hit the Porygon again, and it will lose the camouflage and return to itís normal look. To get the most pose points make it happy and get it facing you with Pokemon food when it has the camouflage off.

Cloyster- Take a picture of all the Shellder you see in the level, and near

the end of the level (about where the Porygons are) you will see more

Shellder. Take a picture of those Shellder and a Cloyster will come up

followed by another one. For the best pose points, take the picture when

itís facing you.

  • Note: At any time during the level you can throw Pokemon food or Pester Balls in the water, to by chance make a Poliwag, Psyduck, or Magikarp appear. Also if by chance the Poliwag, Psyduck, or Magikarp has a trail of sparks following it; that means that it will give you max pose points for that Pokemon Level Note: Near the end of the level after you see the two Porygon that I talked about keep looking right. You will come across an area with a red button. You can activate this button by hitting the Porygon that is hiding in the wall behind the button, making the Porygon jump on it. This will then reveal a secret exit.

Level 5: Cave

Grimer- At the beginning of the level, look to the right and take a picture of the far away two in the hole or tunnel, then turn completely around. Then when you pass into the second area, you will go over a Grimer which is close enough for a good picture. The pose is just looking at you I think. Muk- Do everything the same as you would to get Grimer (see above). Then when you see the Grimer immediately hit it with three Pester Balls (one after another) and it will turn into a Muk. The pose is again looking at you Ditto- See those Bulbasaur in the second room? Those are the ones you want. Hit them all with Pester Balls to get more than one in the picture, and then, lure them together with Pokemon food and take the picture. The pose is when Ditto stretches upwards, so make sure the one you focus on is doing that. Koffing- The first Koffing you see chasing a Jigglypuff is the one you want. Wait untill he makes his trip past you and back to you untill you have a close up of his face. Then take out the Pokeflute and play. When heís smiling is when you will get the most points.

Weepinbell- The only Weepinbell is in the third room circling a pool of water. Just have it close and facing you for your picture Victreebel- Hit the Weepinbell that was circling around the water in with Pokemon food or a Pester Ball. It will emerge as a Victreebel. For the best shot, take the picture as your about to go into the next room for size (because you need to get the whole body in), and when itís facing you. Jynx- For some reason, Professor Oak likes song threeís effect on Jynx the best. Switch fast to song three and then turn completely around (turning completely around makes you go slower) and wait until Jynx is in the picture. A good picture is when itís clapping but anytime during the dance is fine. Articuno- Play any song for Jynx (to make them crack the egg) and then turn completely around. Wait until you hear that Articuno broke free and quickly turn around for your picture. You have to be fast for this picture. It is sort of hard, so if you canít do it the way I explained, you might just want to go facing forward (facing forward will make you go at normal speed giving you less time for your picture).

Zubat- Take a picture of about any Zubat you see (make sure it says Zubat at the bottom of the screen each time), and then at the end of the level (a few seconds before you exit), you will see three Zubat flying in formation above you. Focus on the biggest one for the best picture, and the pose is when itís facing ou with itís mouth open.

Jigglypuff- Save all of the Jigglypuff by hitting all the Koffing with Pester Balls or Pokemon food (three Jigglypuff and three Koffing). The locations are:

1) Right in front of you, it will cross your path (donít use the dash engin)

2) After you hit the first Koffing (which should be as soon as you can) turn around and you should see another pair

3) Coming from under the Mewtwo sign (see Pokemon sign section). This

Koffing is the hardest to hit

After you save all of the Jigglypuff, at the end of the level look right and you will see Jigglypuff trio on stage for max pose points.

Level 6: Valley

Squirtle- At the beginning of the level there are at lest four Squirtle in the water with there shells showing. Hit the shells with Pester Balls in a direction so they land on the shore on the left. Get as many on shore as you can, and give them Pokemon food for the pose.

Sandshrew- At the beginning of the level after the Squirtle, youíll turn and on the wall to the right will be a clinging Geodude. Hit the Geodude and it will fall making a Sandshrew come out. Now, there are three Geodude and three Sandshrew, so you will have to pick which you want in a picture. I suggest the first one because it is closest, and for the pose get it when it just pops out of the ground.

Sandslash- Instead of looking right for Geodude, look strait and in the distance you will see a Sandslash. As you get closer it will dig back in the ground. To get it back hit the two Geodude on the wall with Pester Balls one right after the other and a Graveler will fall from the top making Sandslash come out. Again the best pose is just as it comes out of the ground (while it is spinning in the air).

Graveler- After the Sandslash you will fall down a waterfall, and come to a wall on the left where three Graveler are hanging on the wall. When you reach that place experiment with your Pokeflute to get them group dancing (all three songs make them dance, but they will do different dances respectfully) so you will have to find out how to get them in a good possession (one big one in the front that is facing you, and two on both sides of it).

Gyarados- At the beginning of the level, you will see a fish in the distance flopping around. When you reach that spot, pelt it with Pester Balls until a Magikarp comes out of the water and in the path of a Mankey, who will punch it in the distance. You wonít see it again until the Graveler group dance area, when at that time (whenever you think right because you wonít get the best shot of Gyarados the first time) hit it with a Pester Ball making it flop over in the waterfall where it will emerge as a Gyarados (it will be big if you do it early). Get a shot of it spitting if you can for pose points. Staryu- After you pass the Graveler group dance area, you will have three chances for Staryu. The pose is just facing you mostly, but the hard part is the size.

Starmie- Take a picture of at least one Staryu (it will start revolving around you) all three would be better though, and then head down to the whirlpool. All the Staryu that were revolving around you will jump in and evolve into Starmie one after another. Take a close picture of it, when it is facing you.

Dragonite- See the whirlpool near the end of the level? Throw three Pester Balls in the pool, and if it accepts them all (it will flash after each one if it does) a Dragonite will come out. Get a picture when it is roaring at you.

Mankey- That Mankey on the hill is far away, but two Squirtle almost hit it. If you can direct the third Squirtle with a Pester Ball so it hits the Mankey, the Mankey will get ready for a good picture. Once you hit it, on the other side of the hill, it will be jumping mad for a great picture. Dratini- You can get Dratini by chance with Pester Balls in the water (chance of Dratini, Magikarp, or Goldeen), and in the area next to the whirlpool.

Just get it facing you and in the center of the screen (which in fact is the

hardest part).*

Magikarp- This is another one that can be found by chance in the water with

Pester balls (chance of Dratini, Magikarp, or Goldeen), or you can use a dash

engine at the beginning of the level trying to get the one flopping around

near the Mankey (which isnít that easy). Try to get it doing a pose if you


Goldeen- The last one you can get by chance using a Pester Ball in the water

(chance of Dratini, Magikarp, or Goldeen), but it is found mostly at the

beginning and end of the level.*

  • Note: At any time during the level you can throw Pokemon food or Pester Balls in the water, to by chance make a Dratini, Magikarp, or Goldeen appear. Also if by chance the Dratini, Magikarp, or Goldeen has a trail of sparks following it; that means that it will give you max pose points for that Pokemon Level Note: When you get the Mankey off itís hill at the end of the level, hit it with a Pester Ball in the direction of the red button. This will trigger a secret exit, where Professor Oak will give yo a mission to find the six Pokemon signs (see Pokemon sign section)

Pokemon Signs

Level 1: Kinglear- After Pikachu and the surf board, look to the left and you will some trees and rocks that resemble a Kinglear. Level 2: Pinsir- Free Zapdos from his egg (see Zapdos), then in the third room of the tunnel (the one with two Electrabuzz, look to the right and you will see a Pinsir shadow.

Level 3: Koffing- Throw a Pester Ball in the volcano you see to the left at the beginning of level three.

Level 4: Cubone- In level four where Vileplume is (see Vileplume), behind it is a statue of Cubone. Once you wake Vileplume up with a song, the statue will be visible.

Level 5: Mewtwo- When you see Weepinbell (see Weepinbell), look to the left, and you will see some floating crystals. Snap on the biggest one, and when it develops it will be Mewtwo.

Level 6: Dugtrio- Right at the beginning of the level you will see a huge mountain. In fact, that is a sign of Dugtrio, so snap it when it is in focus.

Once you have found all of the signs, you will be able to access the secret

level "Rainbow Cloud"

Level 7: Rainbow Cloud

Mew- Mew has three stages it goes through. I will explain how to get past them, and how to get the best shot.

Phase 1: Mew is in a Green Sphere which protects him, and he is just looking to see what your doing. So answer him by throwing Pester Balls or Pokemon food at the sphere. You will have to do this three times, to move to the next phase.

Phase 2: Mew now lost itís outermost protection. Mew will now pass by you on the left or right in a diagonal line to evade you. Again throw Pester Balls or Pokemon food three times at the sphere to move to the next phase. Phase 3: You have broken through itís sphere and Mew is now chasing it. Mew will pass on your right or left after itís sphere. It will reach it when it gets to the end of the path unless you hit it with a Pester ball or Pokemon food while itís in itís chasing process. If you do hit it, it will spin around, look at you, and then teleport. To get even closer if you want, hit it again and again to your liking right when itís about to teleport away, so it does the spinning process again. When you get close enough, snap a picture when itís about to teleport for a perfect pose. The hardest thing is getting a thousand points on the size. Good luck, this will probably end up being your best shot no matter what because of the 2,500 pt. bonus just for getting Mew.

Iíve covered about the entire game, but if you feel I left something out, and have a question about it, feel free to send them to me. If you have any questions about Pokemon Snap or Pokemon in General (Excluding the TCG) please send them my way and I will do my best to answer any question you send.

Please send all questions to Rubn64@aol.com





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