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Pokémon Gold/Silver Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How do I passed Psudowoodo? 
A: After getting the Normal Badge, enter a house east of the GYM and a girl in red will give you some water to spary on Psudowoodo. 

Q: How do I catch Lugia/Ho-Oh? 
A: I tell you... I used 35 ultraballs on Lugia! I paralyzed Lugia and used plenty of flash to lower its accuracy. After a loooong while, Lugia ran out of  moves (especially recover.) I recommend to throw the balls now that the bird can’t hit you. Follow the same procedure for Ho-Oh. 

Q: Why didn’t Clair give me the Rising Badge?! 
A: After beating the leader, surf North of the GYM. Enter a cave, find a whirlpool. Get rid of the whirlpool and keep surfing until you reach an item 
ball. Pick it up and Clair will come and give you the Rising Badge! 

Q: I need to get through the cave, but it is too dark, is there any pokemon that can learn FLASH early on? 
A: Try catching a Bellsprout, HootHoot, or Mareep. These pokemon can learn Flash (Bellsprout because it can learn CUT too, which will also come in handy) 

Q: Where is the Ho-Oh Puzzle? 
A: Go inside Union Cave you took to get to Azalea. Walk around until you see a boy dressed in blue. Go down the ladder nearby and SURF. You’ll fight some Hikers. Once you exit the cave, you’ll find a trainer that will use Girafrig. You’ll see some grass and another cave. Enter the other cave to find the Ho-Oh puzzle (let me tell you, that puzzle can take a while to solve.) In the grass near the cave, you’ll find Natu and some Smeargle. 

Q: How do you pronounce Lugia/Ho-Oh? 
A: I know this is not a gameplay question, but lots of people want to know how to pronounce Lugia/Ho-Oh. Lugia is Rugia in Japan, pronounce it: L-oo-gia (pronounce the “G” as in gate.) As for Ho-Oh, pronounce it like it is spelled. 

Q: Which pokemon can learn WATERFALL? 
A: Well... Gyarados and Feraligatr can learn waterfall. Lugia and Suicune can learn waterfall too. But I would not teach Waterfall to Lugia/Suicune... 

Q: Where do I get evolution stones? 
A: Go to the Sea Cottage (Bill lived there in Red/Blue). The stone you get depends on the Pokémon you are carrying; 
Vulpix: Fire Stone 
Staryu: Water Stone 
Pichu: Thunder Stone 
Oddish: Leaf Stone 
Lickitung: Sun Stone. 

Q: Where do I find Celebi, Mew, Mewtwo, the 3 Legendary Birds? 
A: People, I BEG you! PLEASE stop asking for these Pokémon, they can not be found in Gold/Silver. I have heard lots of Celebi rumors. I tried them out and none work. To get Mew, Mewtwo, and the Legendary Birds, you have to trade with a Blue/Red/Yellow version. See the question on the Time Capsule for more info. 

Q: Where can I find Slowking? 
A: To get Slowking, equip Slowpoke with the King’s Rock and trade it to another Gold/Silver version. 

Q: Where do I find the “King’s Rock?” 
A: In Slowpoke Well, you should see a boulder, use strength to move it. Surf and explore the cave until you see a guy with glasses. Talk to him and he will give you the King’s Rock.

Q: Where do I find the legendary cats?
A: After you wake the cats, they will randomly appear in the grasses.  Keep checking your Pokedex for their Area!

Q: Where do I find xxx?
A: Check out the Pokedex

Q: Where is the Pokémon league?
A: The Pocket Monsters League can be reached by surfing east of New Bark City. You’ll need Surf and Waterfall to get through a small cave. Keep going east. You’ll find some trainers, eventually, you’ll make it to Victory Road. Your rival is waiting for you, so “Be afraid, be VERY afraid.”

Q: How do I get the Radio Card?
A: Ahem do not worry. Lugia has the answer! (Cheers.) To get the Radio Card, you must have done all of the things listed below:
1.Get 13 badges.
2.Go to Cerulean GYM and find a machine part (you’ll need this later.)
3.Fight and beat the TR member on Bridge.
4.Go to the Power Plant and talk to the fat guy, he’ll give you TM 07.
5.Go to Lavender Town to get your uppgrade in the tower.

Q: How do I get the MONORAIL TICKET?
A: To get the monorail ticket, you MUST have the radio upgrade. After getting the upgrade, go to Vermilion City Pokemon Fan Club. Talk to the Clefairy, then to its owner. He will give you a Clefairy Doll. Now go to Copycat and she’ll give you the TICKET!

Q: Where do I find Ash?
A: Once you get 16 badges, go to the pokemon league. Do you remember 2 black belts blocking 2 exits? Well, take the left exit and keep going left until you see a pokemon center. Heal your Pokemon, enter a cave nearby, and get through it with flash. Find Ash, and Bonne Chance!

 Q: Where do I get HMxx? 
A:  Check out our HM/TM Page too!

Q:  Is Ash beatable? 
A:  Yes. Even though he is hard to beat, he is beatable. First, make sure your pokemon are around 
level 65. If not; make sure you have plenty of revives and hyper potions. Also, you should have a balanced team. I would suggest one that looks like this; ground, fire, water, psychic, fighting, evil or ghost (not from the Gastly family, Muuma works better.) 

Q:  Where the heck is Celebi?! 
A:  Celebi will be given away as a promotion like Mew in the US. In the GameBoy cartdridges. 

Q:  Who’s stronger, Lugia or Ho-Oh? 
A:  Let’s take a closer look at both pokemon. Lugia: I used to think Lugia was water/flying until I read the stats. Lugia has got good defense, special, and speed, but as all psychic pokemon, it lacks good attack power. Now Ho-Oh: Ho-Oh’s got high attack and special backed up by good speed, but not an excellent defense... Lugia is psychic/flying and Ho-Oh is fire/flying. I’d say that they are equal!! But, who really rules? Just pick either one and defend your opinion! 

Q:  Can I catch Mew or Mewtwo in pokemon gold? 
A:  No. The Unknown Dungeon just doesn’t exist in Pokemon Gold/Silver. That means no Mewtwo, unless he’s hiding somewhere else. Second, no diploma in Gold/Silver. You’ll need a gameshark for Mew... again!

Q: Why can’t I trade with a Red/Blue/Yellow version?
A: You can! However, you have to learn to use the Time Capsule. To use the Time Capsule, you must make sure that none of the Pokemon in your current team are above number 151 (Mew ), none of them can be carrying Gold/Silver items, and none of them can have any moves (like HM Waterfall) specific to Gold/Silver.

Q: Do Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard evolve?
A: Those pokemon do NOT evolve any further in Gold/Silver. What causes this confusion is that SOME of the old pokemon evolve into new ones (like Onix into Steelix) and all of the rumors revolving around fictitious Pokemon like Venustoise.The pokemon that have been proven to evolve into something new are the following: Chansey, Scyther, Slowbro, Onix, Porygon and Seadra .

Q: Which Hitmon should I get?
A: H-I-T-M-O-N-L-E-E. Along with Machamp, Hitmonlee is simply the best fighting pokemon. As in R/B/Y, Hitmonchan gets beaten up easily, and can’t use his special moves effectively.  Now you might be wondering..what about Hitmontop? He has good stats when compared to Hitmonchan. The only problem with Hitmontop is that its move set is not the best one in the world, and its TM/HM compatibility is very poor. Now.. why Hitmonlee? 1. Good stats 2. Good moves 3.Good overall

Q: Which Pokemon is the most powerful?
A: Some think it’s Mewtwo.. some think it’s Lugia.. some Mew.. but the truth is..none is (at least in G/S, because in R/BY Mewtwo rules the world with iron grip).  Any Pokemon can beat any other Pokemon if they are of high enough level.  

Q: When does the Togepi egg hatch?
A: After a good amount of walking.

Q: Who’s better, Lugia or Ho-Oh? 
A: Just pick the one you like. 

Q.  Are Mewtwo, Zapdos & Articuno found in the wild in Gold & Silver?
A.  No.  They are only found in Red, Blue & Yellow.  

Q: Where do the legendary dogs appear?
Here's how it works:

After you awaken them in the burned tower in Ecruteak City, they appear randomly in Grass (not caves or water). Every time you go from one area to another, say leaving a town or going from one route to another, they move to a new random location. The first time you find them is completely random, but once you do you can track it in your Pokedex. Since they move, you can't go "to them". The easiest way is to just check your pokedex every time you enter a new area until you get lucky and find one.

Once you're both in the same place walk around in the grass until you find it. The best way to catch it IMO is to put it to sleep with a fairly accurate attack like Lovely Kiss or Spore (I used Jynx). Then hit it with a strong attack it's weak to with a Pokemon around lv. 40 (such as Ampharos's Thunderpunch on Suicune). That should take its HP to the red area if you don't kill it, and then you're free to toss Great, Ultra, or Speed balls at it. You can use the Master ball if you want, I saved it for ,v 70 Lugia (much easier way to catch Lugia ) - Souper

Q.  How do I catch Marril?
Talk Hiker Parry on Route 45. Get his phone number. He will call you when there are Marril in Mt.Mortar.  After he calls you, it will be very easy to catch Marill. - SSGoku

Q.  I appear to have put the Kabuto puzzle together right, but nothing is happening?  Why not?
A.  It probably isn’t together right.  Try flip-flopping some tiles.  Try the two near the bottom first.   - RangeRover

Q.  Where do I get the Radio?

A.  In the Radio station in Kogane.  There is someone at the counter who has a quiz for you.  Get the answers right, and you’ll get a radio - MommasBoy

Q.  When does Eevee evolve?
A.  Well Eevee evolves by happiness. To make him happy have him in your team of 6 pokemon. Battle with him constantly. Use stat upping items like protein and iron. And walk around. Every 256 steps he gets a "happy" point. Let Eevee hold an item and don't let him faint much. This goes for any other pokemon that evolves by happiness. – TeamRocketSux

Q. What are Shiny Pokemon and where do I get them?
A. -Shiny Pokemon are normal Pokemon that are just colored and have 'beefed' up stats. To find these Shiny Pokemon, just walk around in grassy areas, caves, ETC. They're extremely hard to find, though. – Stegy

Q: Where do you find Lugia?!
A: Once you have HM06, HM05, HM03 and the and the silver feather, enter the upper-right island of the four east of Cianwood. From there, go down/up the ladders and you will eventually find it in a small pool of water in one of the caves. - Ultimate_Gamer

Q: How can I catch the Legendary Dogs?(Suikun, Raikou, Entei)
A: Walk around in grassy areas after waking them up in the burned tower. If you have Fast Balls,(Used for catching Pokemon likely to run away) throws them right away. If you don't have any use a Pokemon with 'Mean Look'.(i.e. Gastly, Haunter, Gengar)After that use Ultra Balls, Great Balls, or just Pokeballs. - Ashman971

Q. I want to evolve my Seadra into Kingdra, but I don't know how.

A. Give Seadra the dragonscale found in Mt. Mortar which is on route 42. then give it to seadra and trade. - GeorgeBushJr

Q. Where do you get Experience Share? I'm going to trade to get a Pokemon to beat the Cianwood Gym and I want my other Pokemon to get Exp. from it.

A. You get the Red Scale from Lake of Rage, take it to Mr. Pokémon, get Exp. Share!- - Bizzy Bone

Q. Where is Ho-oh?

A. He is in Ecruteak City. enter the north east building and yo will pass through a couple rooms and evetually reach the tallest and second of the two towers. a guy will ask for the rainbow wing and you can go in. Good luck - uss-pikapi

Q. I was wondering if someone could give me the exact locations of all the Eevee's in the game????

1. Bill will give one to you after he talks to you in Ecruteek city. You will have to go back to his house in Goldenrod and talk to him. It is by the southern entrance to the Underground path. It is at level 20 and you will need an extra space in your lineup to pick it up.

2. You can win unlimited ones by coins from the Celadon city game mart, if you can afford one.  - Dragonite

Q. Where can I find Smeargle?
A. Look in the patch of grass outside one of the entrances to the Ruins of Alph.  – GumbyLover

Q. Where do I find Celebi, Mew, Mewtwo, the 3 Legendary Birds?

    You are still required to trade with each version if you want to "Catch 'em All." That includes the old R/B/Y versions If you want to get your hands on the old starters, kabuto/kabutops, omaynite/omaystare, and the 3 legendary birds and Mewtwo. C'mon, you must own one of the old versions, right? Just borrow you friends gameboy a cable a trade your old Lv. 100 Mewtwo and starter to G/S. As for Mew and Celebi, same as always, find it in a promotion or use a cheating device (I heard that Celebi can be found in the crystal version though. Wait and see.)

Q:  Who’s stronger, Lugia or Ho-Oh? 

    ::sigh:: Isn't it obvious?-.- Whoever is stronger overall depends on whether your playing the Gold or Silver version.  As you know, The earlier you catch it, the better, right ( a Lv. 50 Golem that you raised from Lv. 3 Geodude will be stronger than another Lv. 50 Golem you raised from a Lv. 32 Graverlar)?  In the Silver version, Lugia is at a lower level. So by the time you take him Lv. 70, he should be able to kick the crap out of that Lugia your friend with the Gold version just caught, yet he should have a little more trouble with the G. version Ho-oh that friend raised from Lv. 40. Same goes for Ho-oh. Not only that, but their strongest techniques: Aeroblast and Sacred Fire, are only available if caught at Lv. 40. So here's a simple equation for those who like math (assuming that there all the same level):

S.  Lugia > G. Lugia        S. Lugia > S. Ho-oh

G. Ho-oh > G. Lugia        G. Ho-oh > S. Ho-oh

G. Ho-oh = S. Lugia        G. Lugia = S. Ho-oh

Q. How do I make ::insert happiness pkmn here:: evolve?

    The easiest way to make a pokemon happy is simple: Max out it stats with vitamins.  "But their so expensive." !_!  Quit whining, so you have a little work raising the money for it that's all, but its still easy.  To raise the money, take one Lv. 60+ (who you were training anyway in preparation for Stadium 2) that can kick the crap out of the elite four blindfolded and equip it with amulet coin (found in Goldenrod underground). With amulet coin, each member should be giving you more or less enough money to by one vitamin.  So each time you beat the game should earn you enough to by 5 vitamins.

- David Morris


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