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PoJo's Pokémon Gold & Silver

Pokémon Breeding
by Blueoval_uk

(There are some Fan Breeding Tips at the Bottom of this page!)

In Gold and Silver Pokémon have genders so they can be Male and Female Poké’ critters, but if you take them to the Day-care Centre (on Route 34 south of Goldenrod city) they might… well have a little baby.

How do you get a Poké’ baby?

First of all you need to catch two Pokémon a Male and a Female Pokémon.

( = Female and = Male)

Then go to the day care centre and give the day-care Man the Male Pokémon and then give the Female Pokémon to the day-care Lady.

Day-care Man and Lady

Go out into the garden (the door that you didn’t come through) and talk to one of the Pokémon in the Garden.
You will get one of five messages if you get ‘It’s brimming with energy’ or ‘It has no interest the other Pokémon’ there is no chance of a baby.
But if you get ‘It shows interest in the other Pokémon’, ‘It appears to care for the other Pokémon’ or ‘It is friendly with the other Pokémon’ a Poké’ baby is on the way!
Then wait an hour or so then go back to the Day-care centre but you’ll find the day-care Man’s out in the garden, talk to him and he will give you an egg! (If you want the two Pokémon you left at the day-care centre back just talk to the day-care Man and then the day-car Lady, inside the day-care centre).

Day-care man in gardenEgg

Keep the egg in your team of six and then go off on your Poké quest. Sometime when your just walking around you’ll stop still, and at the bottom of the screen a text box will appear and read ‘Huh?’ then the screen will go white with a egg in the middle of the screen. You’ll see the egg hatching then a little baby Pokémon will jump out! CONGRATULATIONS! You have a cute little baby Pokémon!


Can’t Breed Won’t Breed

Some Pokémon like Jynx or Tauros can only have one gender so for them to have a baby you must follow these steps

First of all catch a Ditto, secondly go to the breeding centre and give e.g. Give a Jynx (which can only be Female) to the day-care Lady, then give the Ditto (no gender) to the day-care Man.

You can do the same with Tauros, (which can only be male) just give the Ditto to the day-care lady and the Tauros to the day-care Man.

Some Pokémon can’t breed these include; Articuno, Cleffa, Elekid, Entei, Ho-oh, Igglybuff, Lugia, Magby, Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres, Pichu, Raikou, Smoochum, Suicune, Togepi, Tyrogue, Unown and Zapdos.

Special Moves

If there is a move that both the two parent Pokémon have both learned the baby Pokémon will know that move as soon as it hatches. E.g. say a lv.70 male Pikachu and a lv.70 Female Pikachu both know Thunder and they have a baby Pichu that Pichu will know Thunder. Even though it shouldn’t learn Thunder until it’s a high level Pikachu!


Poké’ babies

To get Pichu, Elekid, Magby, Tyrogue, Smoochum, Cleffa and Igglybuff you’ll have to breed certain Pokémon here’s the list.


Male Pikachu / Raichu with a Female Pikachu / Raichu or a Male / Female Pikachu / Raichu with a Ditto = Pichu



Male Electabuzz with a Female Electabuzz or a Male / Female Electabuzz with a Ditto = Elekid


Male Magmar with a Female Magmar or a Male / Female Magmar with a Ditto = Magby



Male Hitmonchan / Hitmonlee / Hitmontop with a Ditto = Tyrogue



Female Jynx with a Ditto = Smoochum


Male Clefairy / Clefable with a Female Clefairy / Clefable or a Male / Female Clefairy / Clefable with a Ditto = Cleffa


Male Jigglypuff / Wigglytuff with a Female Jigglypuff / Wigglytuff or a Male / Female Jigglypuff / Wigglytuff with a Ditto = Igglybuff


Follow these tips and you’ll be amazed how many Pokémon you can hatch!


More Breeding Tips from Fans

I just read the new Article about Pokémon Breeding in your Gold & Silver section.  You wrote that you’ll get a Cleffa by breeding two Clefairy or a Clefairy and a Ditto.  That’s only half of the truth, there are many other combinations to get Cleffa.

You can breed a female Clefairy with a male Snubbull for example.

The real rule to get a baby Pokémon is:

Female Pikachu + any male Pokémon that likes Pikachu = Pichu

Female Magmar + any male Pokémon that likes Magmar = Magby

Female Jigglypuff + any male Pokémon that likes Jigglypuff = Igglybuff

Female Electabuzz + any male Pokémon that likes Electabuzz = Elekid

Female Clefairy + any male Pokémon that likes Clefairy = Cleffa

Female Jynx + any male Pokémon that likes Jynx = Smoochum

Male Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee/Hitmontop + any female Pokémon that likes Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee/Hitmontop = Tyrogue

Hope this clears things up.

Of course this rule is for all Pokémon. A baby will always be of its mother’s type and have (some of) its father’s attacks.

Here are some highlights of the great attacks that you can get through breeding:

Male Pokémon with Baton Pass + Female Scyther = Scyther with Baton Pass

Male Pokémon with Crunch + Female Feraligatr = Totodile with Crunch

Male Pokémon with Safeguard + Female Scyther = Scyther with Safeguard

Male Pokémon with Rock Slide + Female Feraligatr = Totodile with Rock Slide

Male Pokémon with Haze + Female Blastoise = Squirtle with Haze

Male Pokémon with Haze + Female Dragonite = Dratini with Haze

On the Pokémon above (and many other Pokémon), breeding is the ONLY way to get these very special attacks called “Egg Moves”. You can’t teach them by TM, HM or leveling up.

You can learn more about Egg Moves in Pokémon Stadium 2’s “Earl’s Pokémon Academy”.

- Eskil O. Vestre


More Breeding Tips:

Hey I just thought you might want to know how you can breed Eevee with

out a ditto

1.   You need both gold and silver or a friend with the opposite you have.

2.   A game link or two colour Game Boys ok now in the gold version you can get Eevee from Bill but it’s female, and in the gold version it is male. now just common sense trade one of the eevees to one game and when your done switch them to the other game!  That way you can get pure eevees. NOTE: in the gold version it you breed witha ditto theres a chance the baby will have transform!

·        Moon Eyes 


Here is a tip for helping you breed Pokemon of the gender you want in G&S.

If you want to breed a Pokemon and you really want it to be a boy or a girl,
try this:
First you need 2 Pokemon (duh!)...I usually opt for Ditto+the Pokemon I want
to hatch. Lets say you want to hatch a female Scyther. Put your Ditto in the
Daycare. Then, to hatch a FEMALE Scyther, you must bring a MALE
Scyther/Scizor to the Daycare. Then when your egg hatches you will have a
female Scyther!!
Note: This works about 80% of the time, sometimes even if you leave a male
Pokemon at the Daycare you will end up with a male from the egg. Also you
can’t hatch a female Pokemon from a Pokemon that is always male or
vice-versa. This doesn’t work with Lugia, Ho-oh, or any other genderless
Pokemon. - Auroramisty


Ok.  I've been reading what people have to say about the level of the Pokemon having to do with the time it takes for the egg to hatch.  i have info here which took a LONG time to gather (trust me, roughly 230 breeds later...)  and here it is:

The time for eggs to hatch is dependent of the species of egg.  please note: the species mentioned in here are the LOWEST EVOLUTION, like magby, and cleffa, or weedle, dratini, ect.

If the egg is a Magikarp, it takes 1,280 steps to hatch.

If the egg is a Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, or Togepi, it takes 2,560 steps to hatch.

If the egg is a Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Zubat, Geodude, Sentret, Hoothoot, Ledyba, or Spinarak, it takes 3,840 steps to hatch.

If the egg is a Onix, Mr. Mime, Scyther, Pinsir, Misdreavus, Heracross, Mantine, Skarmory, Tyrouge, Smoochum, Elekid, or Magby, it takes 6,400 steps to hatch.

If the egg is an Omanyte or Kabuto, it takes 7,680 steps to hatch.

If the egg is an Eevee or Aerodactyl, it takes 8,960 steps to hatch.

If the egg is a Chansey, Lapras, Snorlax, Dratini, or Larvitar, it takes 10,240 steps to hatch.

If the egg is anything else, it takes 5,120 steps to hatch.

And also, i have noticed that the message that it gives when you breed 2 pokemon is different and that it has to do with the ammount of time in needed for the two pokemon to lay an egg.

If it says “It appears to care for (the other

Pokemon).”  that is the fastest one to lay an egg.  this one is said when the two pokemon are different species and have identical trainer numbers.

If it says “It’s friendly with (the other Pokemon).”, that is the second fastest.  this message appears when they are the same species and have identical trainer numbers or when they are two different species and have different trainer numbers.

If it says “It shows interest in (the other pokemon).”, that is the longest.  this message appears when they are the same species and have different trainer numbers.

hope this helps the younger pokemon trainers out there.

  • SinR


I was reading your breeding section and you guys forgot to add the most basic rules to get a baby, 1) the two parents must have the same symbol in your pokemon lineup, and 2) the baby will be whatever the female parent is, unless you are breeding with ditto. for example, i got an eevee when i bred my female eevee with mt cyndaquil. that's just how it works out, i hope this can help other gamers. - Studmaster


In Pokemon gold and silver pokemon can be mix breed with other pokemon. Pokemon are set out into 15 different classes, several of whom overlap into a second class. Both pokemon must be opf the same group and the male must know the move that you wish the bred pokemon to know, this works also for TM's and HM's. This argueably is the best was to breed pokemon since mix bred pokemon are hatched knowing tricks that they would other wise not learn.

    A Nidoran (M)  that knows double kick that mates with a female Ponyta

will pass on that move.

    A Hitmonlee can pass on the move rolling kick to either an elekid or

machop through a female elctrabuzz or machop.
    Mix breeding does work! I have a Blastiose that knows Confusion ( via Golduck), a vulpix that knows hypnosis (via Stantler), A psyduck with psybeam (via Remoraid), and a totodile that knows crunch, rockslide, and thrash (via Tyranitar). - babysticks




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