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Fire Red / Leaf Green - HM's & TM's

Hidden Machines

Name Description Location
HM01 - Cut A basic attack. It can be used to cut down thin trees and grass. S.S. Anne
HM02 - Fly A 2-turn move that hits on the 2nd turn. Use it to fly to any known town. Route 16
HM03 - Surf A big wave crashes down on the foe. Can also be used for crossing water. Safari Zone
HM04 - Strength The foe is slugged at maximum power. Can also be used to move boulders. Fuschia City
HM05 - Flash A blast of light that cuts the foe's accuracy. It also illuminates caves. Route 2
HM06 - Rock Smash An attack that may also cut DEFENSE. It can also smash cracked boulders. Ember Spa
HM07 - Waterfall A powerful charge attack. It can also be used to climb a waterfall. Icefall Cave
HM08 - Dive The user dives underwater on the first turn and strikes next turn. Ruby/Sapphire Only

Technical Machines

Name Description Location
TM01 - Focus Punch An attack that is executed last. The user flinches if hit beforehand. Silph Company
TM02 - Dragon Claw Sharp, huge claws hook and slash the foe quickly and with great power. Victory Road
TM03 - Water Pulse An attack with a pulsing blast of water. It may also confuse the foe. Cerulean Gym
TM04 - Calm Mind The user focuses its mind to raise the SP. ATK and SP. DEF stats. Saffron Gym
TM05 - Roar The foe is made to switch out with an ally. In the wild, the battle ends. Route 4
TM06 - Toxic A move that badly poisons the foe. Its poison damage worsens every turn. Fuschia Gym
TM07 - Hail A hailstorm lasting five turns damages all POKEMON except the ICE-type. Victory Road
TM08 - Bulk Up The user bulks up its body to boast both its ATTACK and DEFENSE stats. Silph Company
TM09 - Bullet Seed The user shoots seeds at the foe. Two to five seeds are shot at once. Mt. Moon
TM10 - Hidden Power An attack that varies in type and intensity depending on the user. Pickup
TM11 - Sunny Day The sun blazes for five turns, powering up FIRE-type moves. Safari Zone
TM12 - Taunt The foe is taunted into a rage that allows it to use only attack moves. Rocket Hideout
TM13 - Ice Beam The foe is struck with an icy beam. It may freeze the foe solid. Celadon City
TM14 - Blizzard The foe is blasted with a blizzard. It may freeze the foe solid. Pokémon Mansion
TM15 - Hyper Beam A severely damaging attack that makes the user rest on the next turn. Celadon City
TM16 - Light Screen A wall of light cuts damage from SP. ATK attacks for five turns. Celadon City
TM17 - Protect Enables the user to evade all attacks. It may fail if used in succession. Power Plant
TM18 - Rain Dance A heavy rain falls for five turns, powering up WATER-type moves. Route 15
TM19 - Giga Drain A harsh attack that absorbs half the damage it inflicted to restore HP. Celadon Gym
TM20 - Safeguard It protects the user's party from all status problems for five turns. Celadon City
TM21 - Frustration This attack move grows more powerful the less the user likes its TRAINER. Rocket Hideout
TM22 - Solarbeam A 2-turn move that blasts the foe with absorbed energy in the 2nd turn. Pokémon Mansion
TM23 - Iron Tail An attack with a steel-hard tail. It may lower the foe's DEFENSE stat. Celadon City
TM24 - Thunderbolt A strong electrical attack that may also leave the foe paralyzed. Celadon City
TM25 - Thunder A brutal lightning attack that may also leave the foe paralyzed. Power Plant
TM26 - Earthquake An earthquake that strikes all POKEMON in battle excluding the user. Viridian Gym
TM27 - Return This attack move grows more powerful the more the user likes its TRAINER. Route 12
TM28 - Dig An attack that hits on the 2nd turn. Can also be used to exit dungeons. Cerulean City
TM29 - Psychic A strong telekinetic attack. It may also lower the foe's SP. DEF stat. Saffron City
TM30 - Shadow Ball A shadowy blob is hurled at the foe. May also lower the foe's SP. DEF. Celadon City
TM31 - Brick Beak An attack that also breaks any barrier like LIGHT SCREEN and REFLECT. S.S. Anne
TM32 - Double Team The user creates illusory copies of itself to raise its evasiveness. Safari Zone
TM33 - Reflect A wall of light cuts damage from physical attacks for five turns. Celadon City
TM34 - Shock Wave A rapid jolt of electricity strikes the foe. It can't be evaded. Vermillion Gym
TM35 - Flamethrower The foe is scorched with intense flames. The foe may suffer a burn. Celadon City
TM36 - Sludge Bomb Filthy sludge is hurled at the foe. It may poison the target. Rocket Warehouse
TM37 - Sandstorm A 5-turn sandstorm that damages all types except ROCK, GROUND, and STEEL. Victory Road
TM38 - Fire Blast The foe is hit with an intense flame. It may leave the target with a burn. Cinnibar Gym
TM39 - Rock Tomb Boulders are hurled at the foe. It also lowers the foe's SPEED if it hits. Pewter Gym
TM40 - Aerial Ace An extremely fast attack against one target. It can't be eveded. Route 9
TM41 - Torment It enrages the foe, making it incapable of using the same move successively. Silph Company
TM42 - Facade An attack that is boosted if user is burned, poisoned, or paralyzed. Memorial Pillar
TM43 - Secret Power An attack that may have an additional effect that varies with the terrain. Route 25
TM44 - Rest The user sleeps for two turns to fully restore HP and heal any status problem. S.S. Anne
TM45 - Attract If it is the other gender, the foe is made infatuated and unlikely to attack. Route 24
TM46 - Thief An attack that may take the foe's held item if the user isn't holding one. Mt. Moon
TM47 - Steel Wing The foe is hit with wings of steel. It may also raise the user's DEFENSE. Safari Zone
TM48 - Skill Swap The user employs its psychic power to swap abilities with the foe. Route 12
TM49 - Snatch Steals the effects of the foe's healing or status-changing move. Rocket Hideout
TM50 - Overheat An intense attack that also sharply reduces the user's SP. ATK stat. Victory Road


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