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William Hung's Underground Card Laboratory
Will's Top 10 Favorite Cards in Fall '06
October 31, 2006

Hi folks,
Although I am unlikely to make any Prereleases yet this year, I did acquire a lot of information about EX: Dragon Frontiers.  I highly recommend you stop by pokebeach.com as they already have all the scans of this new set, along with a brand new Apprentice patch to sharpen your skills, in preparation for City Championships.
Please note this isn't a Power Rating article (not ready to discuss that yet), it is simply what I believe is cool - such as cool Poke-Powers, Poke-Bodies, Artwork, etc.
#10: Nidoqueen delta - On the surface, its attack Vengeance seems difficult to maximize its potential, but I think with its Poke-Power and Holon trainers, it is a viable choice for deck building.  And Metal type Nidoqueen simply feels cool, along with ways to take advantage of Scramble Energies and Boost Energies.
#9: Dewgong delta - Splashable and annoying for the opponent.  Combine this with cards like Shedinja, Fossils, and Pokemon with Safeguard Poke-Bodies for some serious fun.
#8: Hariyama ex - I am a big fan of strong, powerful Fighting Pokemon.  Hariyama ex is indeed one of the best Fighting Pokemon available.  I love its Poke-Body and Stadium combinations.  Crystal Beach and Battle Frontier are both great Stadiums to lock your opponent out.  Unfortunately, there is a VERY scary ghost roaming around...
#7: Milotic delta - Its usefulness will need to be tested, but I really like this card in the early going.  It can create a significant advantage in the early going.  Imagine your opponent play Holon Mentor or something similar to set up early on, and you get a turn 2 Milotic delta.  I can play my Holon Mentor, and then use my opponent's Celio's Network or Prof. Elm's Training Method to set up even faster.
#6: Ampharos delta - It has a solid attack, but its Poke-Body is no joke.  It makes cards like Fearow delta, Pelipper delta, Holon Adventurer, and anything that gives advantage to Delta Pokemon more powerful.
#5: Latias ex - I just love its Poke-Power Fellow Boost.  I am well aware there's a nasty ghost dying to rip it apart, but I feel so righteous whenever I play this card.  It is like Lord of the Rings and the good guys versus the bad guys with evil powers.
#4: Kyogre ex CG - The one from Crystal Guardians.  I love this Pokemon in Pokemon Coliseum, and finally there is a decent, tough version of it in the Pokemon TCG.  Although this card needs an Energy Accelerator (that means quite

 a bit of setup in the Pokemon army), 70 damage to any Pokemon is quite powerful.  Combine this with a bigger attacker, such as Groudon ex CG (of course with an Energy Accelerator), and you have a serious deck.

#3: Flygon delta - With so many delta Pokemon, it is only appropriate to include a strong Energy Accelerator.  Flygon delta will do just that - it allows you to attach an extra Basic Energy card or d Rainbow Energy card each turn.  It is also cumulative too.
#2: Feraligatr delta - I think a Lightning Gator that can rip opponents apart is simply cool.  Combine this with Gyarados delta and Holon Stadiums, and you're going to One-Hit KO lots of Pokemon.
#1: Banette ex - Not only because it is one of the best Pokemon in the new Modified format, but this card has strong synergy with the Holon trainer system in general.  It is simple and effective, and a Banette ex deck is certainly more fun to play than old decks such as Metanite, Flariados, or decks that work with Energy Accelerators like Flygon delta.  Those kind of decks get old and boring pretty quickly.
I really wanted to take a break from deck articles, and simply continue to explore the cards in the new Modified format, and have fun doing it.  Happy Halloween!
William Hung

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