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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Kyorge ex

Crystal Guardians


Date Reviewed: 08.23.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2
Modified: 2
Limited: 3.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

My reviews are ratings are for Modified only.

Kyogre ex CG

Modified (DX-on): 1/5 - Okay for casual play, but not for serious play. Again 3 Energy Attack with 2 Energy discard is almost certainly too slow. And if you have Energy Acclerators such as Flygon d, then you can combine better that with much better Pokemon than Kyogre ex CG.

Survivor Today we look at Kyogre EX from Crystal Guardians.

The Card: Kyogre EX has 100 HP. Most Basic EX Pokemons have 100-110 HP. So Kyogre's HP is good, but maybe 110 HP would been better. Kyogre EX got 2 retreat cost. It's not good, but most EX Pokemons have 2 retreat cost. No Resistance is not good, but you can live without it. Overall the card got good HP retreat cost.

The Attacks: First let's look at Kyogre's PokeBody, Flotation. Flotation allows each of your Kyogre EX have a 0 retreat cost if you have one energy or less attached to it. This thing could help you if you have an active Kyogre EX and an energyless benched one. It would let your active Kyogre EX has o retreat cost. Not a bad PokeBody.

The other thing we have to look at is Kyogre's EX attack, Hydro Shot. It takes a WWC and discarding two energies attached to Kyogre to do 70 damage to one of your opponent's Pokemon. It's a good snipping attack, but unless you have a way to supply Kyogre EX with energies fast, this attack is not worth it. There are oter ways to attack your opponent's benched Pokemons.
Pokemons with Split Bomb can do the job without discarding any energy.

Uses of the Card: For modified (DX-on), I think Meganium EX would help this

card. With Meganium EX PokePower and Holon's Castform, Kyogre EX may see some play. I don't know much about Unlimited so I can't say anything.

Modified (DX-on): This card is not that good in this format, but with Meganium EX, some people may try it. 3/5

Like my reviews? Hate them ? Contact me at yaseryousif@hotmail.com
Computer Guy Kyorge ex from Crystal Guardians.

The Kyorge ex by itself isn't too good, however I do see a couple of combos. The main one is use it with Blastoise ex to get energy on it fast. The second one is UFO Vaporeon, just use its first attack to attach a second energy to Kyorge ex.


Unlimited: 4/5
Modified: 3/5
Limited: 3/5
DarkJake Kyogre ex

The beast of the sea. This guy will only be legal in the next format, DX-on. This format ex will be graded differently. Now Desert Ruins doesn't exist, and having 100 or less HP means Holon Mentor can get you out of the deck, which is excellent. Kyogre is exactly at 100, very good HP, being obtainable via Mentor is a huge plus. His attack is nothing special… 70 to anything for [W][W][C] has 3 problems with it…1 is discarding two energies, 2 is it only does 70 damage, and 3 it requires 2 colored energies to execute. Although the 2 W required can be achieved via Holon's Castoform/Magneton/Electrode. So this guy goes pretty well in the 'new' (yeah right) LBS, which has Meganium ex instead of Blastoise. Pretty simple, have 2 Megs out, attach grass, play the castform, and discard the castform to do 70 to anyone. Steelix ex does this better, requiring another energy, but doing 100 to anyone you desire. The body is pretty neat, after you did the attack, you get free retreat because you have just one energy attached.

Unlimited: Uhh….requiring 2 colored energies to do anything is bad news in this format. 1/5

Modified: I guess he has a promise in that Meganium ex deck, but being beaten by Rayquaza * with one attack isn't anything to brag about. 2/5

Limited: VERY good, the only card (besides Igglybuff) that technically has free retreat in this format, and an awesome attack in this format too, do 70 to ANYONE, then retreat for free, rinse and repeat…NICE. 4.5/5

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