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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Banette ex

EX Legend Maker


Date Reviewed: 10.30.06

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 4
Limited: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2006 World
Banette ex:

Banette ex was a playable card in the last format, and has now gained more strength in modified due to the release of the Ascension Shuppet. Ascension allows you to create a consistent and fast Banette deck - the strongest way to run Banette ex.

What's unique about Banette ex is that is has multiple ways to turn downsides of cards into good ones. For example, Shadow Chant was made for the Holon Engine - that is, every Holon supporter, as the discard effect now becomes a benefit, allowing you to discard supporters to do more damage with Shadow Chant. Rainbow Energy's one damage counter can immediately be transferred to one of your opponent's Pokemon. Also, other seemingly useless cards, like Sableye (CG) can help get supporters in the discard pile.

While the new modified does not seem to have nearly as many popular ex-based decks as the 05-06 format, having Banette (CG) as an option with Banette ex is another plus.


In unlimited, there are faster Stage1's - and even basics (that don't give up two prizes) that can hit for similar damage even faster.

Being a stage1 with a common basic, Banette ex may seem good. Unfortunately, supporters are so difficult to come by in the limited format (you usually end up with 1 or 2), Shadow Chant actually becomes a very weak attack.

"Chuck" Brosseau
5th place Worlds 2006 (Also current "best looking player")
Banette ex

Banette ex is one of the fastest cards in Modified right now, and one of my personal favorites. It gained a lot of power when the Ascension Shuppet was released. Also, the rotation of almost every Dark Pokemon is a huge factor in its recent popularity. Shadow Chant is an amazing attack, maxing out at 90 damage for only two energy! Shady Move isn’t the best of Poke-Powers, but it gets the job done in certain situations where you need to deal 100 damage.

Unlimited: Bad, REALLY bad. You’re just begging to give Sneasel 2 free prizes. Also, supporters aren’t very useful in Unlimited when you have things like Oak and Comp. Search around, so the attacks going to be quite bad. 1/5

Modified: Banette/Houndoom is definitely one of the top decks in Modified at the moment. There is some vulnerability to Scramble Energy, but Crystal Beach helps with that, somewhat. Banette should be quite popular at cities. 4/5

Limited: Decent I guess. Not many supporters to build the attack, but Shady move is nice against things that deal low damage. I’d play it. 4/5

Muk Man
Today’s Card Of The Day is…Banette ex from Legend Maker.

If you don’t know who this guy is, then “get familiar”! Banette ex is one of the biggest Psychic threats in the game right now I’d put him third behind only Mew EX, from the same set, and Flygon d Ex from Dragon Frontiers. Although he only has 1 attack, look at the specs of the entire card. His poke power lets you move 1 damage counter anywhere in the game, and his attack does a max of 90. That’s 100 damage for only 1 psychic and 1 colorless. Just 1 retreat cost, and a fighting resistance means he is very fast and reliable. His darkness weakness, keeps him from being broken, like Flygon d ex.

Combos: His non-ex Counterpart from CG is just as troublesome as he is.

Modified: 4/5 His low attack cost, and low retreat cost is very rare, with such a powerful attack.
Limited: 2/5 The lack of supporter cards in this format, means he wont do much damage, plus misdreveus is the queen here!

Current ebay Value: $20 (Plus or minus $2 dollars)

~Muk Man~

For questions or comments, send an email to treluv3@excite.com


My name is Banette
Adding up 70 is what I can’t
But I can add up 60
With my Shadow Chant

Unlimited: Weak to Darkness will make it a snack for Sneasel.

And being an Ex with only 90 HP is terrible here.

Rating : 1/5

Modified: This thing is a GOOD I mean it can do 90 on T2.

And it’s ability to move damage around makes it very playable with Rainbow energy.

It’s basic form has a Ascension attack and his non-ex counterpart can’t be damaged by ex’s.

Even though this card seems overrated there are still things it has it’s problems with, namely Raichu d this thing can Metallic Thunder you for the K.O. (We all know that Raichu is a very popular card right now). But overall this card is good in Modified.

Rating : 3.5/5

Limited: You won’t have that many Supporters here so it wouldn’t deal that much damage.

Rating : 1/5

Computer Guy
Banette ex from Ex Legend Maker

Banette ex is one of my favorite ex's in the Modified format right now. The stats are very good with a resistance to fighting and only one retreat cost. The Poke-Power is great. The ability to move damage counters around is what makes this card so good. If more than one Banette ex is out, all of their powers can be used. The attack works great if there are a lot of Supporters in the discard pile. Using the Holon Engine is a good way to get Supporters in the discard pile quickly.

A few combos with Banette ex are, Banette ex/Delcatty ex, Banette ex/Cacturne, and T2 Banette ex.

Unlimited: 2/5
Modified: 5/5
Limited: 4.9/5
Toon Master Unlimited 1/5
Umm this card gets killed by Sneasel's evil claws. AND it is an ex. AND it only has 90 HP.
Sorry but this doesn't cut it.

Modified 4.5/5
AWESOME HERE!!!!! I love this card and it should be a major contender at cities. It is just so fast that not many decks can take the beatdown so early in the game. Not to mention it is combined with BF and Crystal Beach to make it even more deadly. AND we also now have a Shuppet with Ascension. The stats on the card are overall mediocre. 90 HP stinks but it's retreat cost is pretty good, for only 1. Fighting resistance is very nice, especially w/ the growing popularity of Exeggutor d. Now the real power comes from its Poke-Power and attack. Shady Move is definitely one of the better Poke-Powers out right now. It is almost the equivelant to a free strength charm each turn. It's attack is simply OFF DA CHAIN. I mean fo reals y'all. For 2 energy it can do a possible 90 DAMAGE! SNAP! 90 for 2 and Shady Move puts it at 100 A TURN. FOR 2 ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is pretty amazing. I may be a little biased but I love this card.
If you don't know how to beat it, you better learn. CAUSE it should be a major contender at Cities. I will try to play it.

Limited 3/5
OK here. It's stats kinda stink in this format, but not horrible. It's a stage 1 and should be easy to pull a Shuppet. BUT pulling supporters is the tricky part. On a lucky day you may get 3 supporters, so it isn't as great here.

Peace Out y'all
Espeon Banette ex:

Unlimited: 1/5
A 90 hp ex is 2 free prizes, dark weakness is Sneasel bait, if you play supporters here, you lose anyways. Is there any point to playing this?

Modified: 4/5
For quite a while, this card was synonymous with the world "potential". 2 for up to 90 and a pretty good power seems way too good to pass, even on a 90 hp ex. The Banette SD at worlds may have flopped for the most part but this season, it returns as an early favorite to take a few cities. The addition of Banette CG adds another weapon to the deck as well as Sableye CG. We'll see if its potential can be realized now.

Limited: 4/5
Even without that many supporters, 2 for 40-50 is still a good deal in Limited and the power could keep it alive while setting up kills. 90 hp is low for a stage 1 ex but it can usually kill more than 2 before it bites the dust.

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