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Monday, 06.23.03 Today's Card of the Day  is a Scourge rare that has already hit the restricted list for Type 1 play, Mind's Desire.  Just how broken *is* this card?  Find out today from our CotD team members, Chris, Judge Bill, Scott Sager and Andy Van Zandt.

And we also start off each Monday looking to our Rules Guru, Judge Bill  as he imparts wisdom and peace among us. Okay, well maybe just wisdom.  Let him enlighten you today!

Friday, 06.20.03  

Thursday, 06.19.03  It's COMING!!!  One week from today, hundreds of people from all walks of life will be sitting at tournament tables in an attempt to grind in to one of the biggest Magic events in the country, the US Nationals, being held  June 26 - 29 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA.  Winners will represent the USA at the Worlds Championships this year in Berlin, Germany. There will also be some great side events going on all weekend, so there's something to do for everyone! We'll have several Pojo members there at the grinders, including myself and Judge Bill.  Scott Gerhardt is already qualified on rating, and will be playing in the main event. Flag us down and be sure to say "hi!" and let us know you saw us on to see you all there!!   ~ Christine Gerhardt

Judge Bill is back, faithful to the core!  Intent on keeping us from going astray, Bill once again addresses your rules and rulings questions. Challenge yourself and see if you can answer the rules questions correctly before reading Judge Bill's answers.

It been about 3 weeks since we updated the MTG Strategy Guide Section.  We posted more than 30 Tips, Rants, Strategies and Deck Ideas from fans today. Thanks to everyone that took the time out to write the ones we posted today!

Here's a few Tourney Reports we've received over the last couple of weeks:

For Card of the Day today, we review the forestcycler, Wirewood Guardian, a 6/6 Elf Mutant.  If you want a fat elf for your Elf deck, maybe this is your guy? Check out what our CotD crew thinks. And again, help me welcome our newest crew member, Craig Brye!

Wednesday, 06.18.03  Today's Card of the Day is Chartooth Cougar, the red mountaincycler from Scourge.  Check out what our crew has to say about it, and welcome our newest Card of the Day Team member, Craig Brye!

Tuesday, 06.17.03  Andy Van Zandt is here at The Argothian Treehouse.  If you're into cartoons, you really need to read his article, Magic: The Saturday Morning Cartoon.  Come muse with Andy and take a ride with him down animation lane.

Today's Card of the Day deals with another land cycler, Shoreline Ranger. We examine whether the land cycling ability is viable in and of itself, and can take an otherwise nothing card and make it playable. Read our reviews and judge for yourself...what, if anything, will the legalization of Scourge mean to Type 2 and block play, specifically, what role if any will landcycling take?

Wizards of the Coast sent us a Press Release about the Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game National Championship
To Be Held in San Diego June 26-29. Our own Scott Gerhardt has been invited to play at Nationals, and will be attending.

Monday, 06.16.03 It's Monday, and time to start a new week. We hope you had a great weekend!  Scott and I had a great time in Las Vegas last week, playing the non-magical cards. Thanks to the Pojosama himself for filling in for my editor duties here on the Magic site while we were gone!  ~ Christine Gerhardt

Judge Bill... Now here's a guy that will never give up on us!  He wants ALL of us to know what the rules are in every situation so he can stop answering our emails!  But, until that is accomplished, he'll be back twice a week, week after week, to get us to that point. Now if Wizards would just stop coming up with new cards and concepts to complicate things...

Eternal Dragon is today's Card of the Day  It's a 5/5 flying dragon that refuses death easily and often.  See if it's the ghost of decks present and future in the opinions of the CotD crew, including Scott Gerhardt, Christine, Andy, Danny and Judge Bill.

And Jason Chapman is back again today with another Peasant Magic Article.  Today Jason discusses Scourge and The Best of the Rest (Part 2) in Peasant Magic.  Check out Through the Portal

Friday, 06.13.03   Judge Bill is back to satisfy your inquiring and often confused minds.  Bill answers 14 more new questions from Pojo fans in his second Judge article this week!  Today's starts off with Shifting Sky and with a Shyft in play.

I didn't get around to posting the Card of the day yesterday.  Trying to get ready for a big bash at my house Saturday.  Sorry for that.  So today, we're making it up to you with two different Card Reviews: Forgotten Ancient & Dragon Wings!

Wednesday, 06.11.03  Today's Card of the day is Silver Knight, a white uncommon from Scourge.  Judge Bill, Christine, Andy & Jason have reviews for you today.

Also ... Judge Bill wanted me to tell all you guys that, as usual, already has a checklist of the cards that will be in 8th Edition on their Message Boards.  Judge Bill has collected this card list and sent them to us.  I color coordinated them for you.  The (S) stands for a card that will only be found in the Starter game (and not in booster packs). Those cards will still be legal in tournaments whenever 8th is legal, however.

Angel of Mercy
Angelic Page
Ardent Militia
Avatar of Hope
Aven Cloudchaser
Aven Flock
Blessed Reversal
Blinding Angel
Circle of Protection: Black
Circle of Protection: Blue
Circle of Protection: Green
Circle of Protection: Red
Circle of Protection: White
Crossbow Infantry
Diving Griffin
Eager Cadet (S)
Elite Archers
Elite Javelineer
Glorious Anthem
Glory Seeker
Healing Salve
Holy Day
Holy Strength
Honor Guard
Intrepid Hero
Ivory Mask
Master Decoy
Master Healer
Noble Purpose
Oracle's Attendants
Peach Garden Oath
Rain of Blades
Razorfoot Griffin
Rolling Stones
Sacred Ground
Sacred Nectar
Samite Healer
Savannah Lions
Seasoned Marshal
Serra Angel
Spirit Link
Standing Troops
Staunch Defenders
Story Circle
Suntail Hawk
Sword Dancer
Tundra Wolves
Venerable Monk
Vengeance (S)
Wall of Swords
Wrath of God
Air Elemental
Aven Fisher
Balance of Power
Coastal Hornclaw
Coastal Piracy
Coral Eel
Daring Apprentice
Fighting Drake
Flash Counter
Fleeting Image
Fugitive Wizard
Giant Octopus (S)
Horned Turtle
Intruder Alarm
Mahamoti Djinn
Mana Leak
Merchant of Secrets
Merchant Scroll
Mind Bend
Phantom Warrior
Remove Soul

Sage of Lat-Nam
Sage Owl
Sea Eagle (S)
Sea Monster
Shifting Sky
Sneaky Homunculus
Spiketail Hatchling
Steal Artifact
Storm Crow
Temporal Adept
Thieving Magpie
Tidal Kraken
Trade Routes
Treasure Trove
Vizzerdrix (S)
Wall of Air
Wind Drake
Wrath of Marit Lage
Zur's Weirding
Abyssal Specter
Ambition's Cost
Bog Imp
Bog Wraith
Carrion Wall
Dark Banishing
Death Pit Offering
Death Pits of Rath
Deepwood Ghoul
Diabolic Tutor
Drudge Skeletons
Dusk Imp
Eastern Paladin
Fallen Angel
Giant Cockroach
Gluttonous Zombie
Grave Pact
Looming Shade
Lord of the Undead
Maggot Carrier
Mind Rot
Mind Slash
Mind Sludge
Murderous Betrayal
Phyrexian Arena
Phyrexian Plaguelord
Plague Beetle
Plague Wind
Primeval Shambler
Raise Dead
Ravenous Rats
Royal Assassin
Scathe Zombies
Serpent Warrior
Sever Soul
Severed Legion
Soul Feast
Spineless Thug
Swarm of Rats
Underworld Dreams
Unholy Strength
Vampiric Spirit
Vicious Hunger
Warped Devotion
Western Paladin
Anaba Shaman
Balduvian Barbarians
Blood Moon
Bloodshot Cyclops
Canyon Wildcat
Cinder Wall
Dwarven Demolition Team
Furnace of Rath
Goblin Chariot
Goblin Glider
Goblin King
Goblin Raider
Guerrilla Tactics
Hammer of Bogardan
Hill Giant
Hulking Cyclops
Lava Axe
Lava Hounds
Lesser Gargadon
Lightning Blast
Lightning Elemental
Mana Clash
Mogg Sentry
Ogre Taskmaster
Orcish Artillery
Orcish Spy
Panic Attack

Raging Goblin
Relentless Assault
Ridgeline Rager
Rukh Egg
Sabretooth Tiger
Searing Wind
Seismic Assault
Shivan Dragon
Shock Troops
Stone Rain
Sudden Impact
Thieves' Auction
Two-Headed Dragon
Viashino Sandstalker
Volcanic Hammer
Wall of Stone
Birds of Paradise
Blanchwood Armor
Call of the Wild
Canopy Spider
Collective Unconscious
Craw Wurm
Creeping Mold
Elvish Champion
Elvish Lyrist
Elvish Pioneer
Elvish Piper
Elvish Scrapper
Emperor Crocodile
Enormous Baloth (S)
Fertile Ground
Fyndhorn Elder
Gaea's Herald
Giant Badger
Giant Growth
Giant Spider
Grizzly Bears
Horned Troll
Hunted Wumpus
Living Terrain
Llanowar Behemoth
Lone Wolf
Might of Oaks
Monstrous Growth
Moss Monster
Nantuko Disciple
Natural Affinity
Norwood Ranger
Plow Under
Primeval Force
Rampant Growth
Rushwood Dryad
Silverback Ape (S)
Spined Wurm
Spitting Spider
Spreading Algae
Stream of Life
Thorn Elemental
Trained Armodon
Verduran Enchantress
Vernal Bloom
Vine Trellis
Wing Snare
Wood Elves
Yavimaya Enchantress
Aladdin's Ring
Beast of Burden
Brass Herald
Coat of Arms
Crystal Rod
Defense Grid
Dingus Egg
Disrupting Scepter
Distorting Lens
Ensnaring Bridge
Flying Carpet
Fodder Cannon
Howling Mine
Iron Star
Ivory Cup
Jayemdae Tome
Patagia Golem
Phyrexian Colossus
Phyrexian Hulk
Planar Portal
Rod of Ruin
Skull of Orm
Star Compass
Teferi's Puzzle Box
Throne of Bone
Urza's Armor
Vexing Arcanix
Wall of Spears
Wooden Sphere
City of Brass
Coastal Tower
Elfhame Palace
Forest (4)
Island (4)
Mountain (4)
Plains (4)
Salt Marsh
Shivan Oasis
Swamp (4)
Urborg Volcano
Urza's Mine
Urza's Power Plant
Urza's Tower

Tuesday, 06.10.03  Today's Card of the day is Daru Warchief, a white uncommon from Scourge.  Judge Bill, Christine, Andy & Jason check in with reviews today. 

Monday, 06.09.03  Wizards of the Coast today announced that the new core set will include one never-before-reprinted card from every expansion since the Magic game was first published, in 1993.  The Full Press Release is right here.

We start off this week reviewing a card that Wizards endowed with an ability that has never been given to any card before. Our Card of the Day  is Upwelling, and when it's an enchantment on the board, it prevents mana pools from emptying. Essentially, that means that at the end of your opponent's turn, you can tap any untapped lands you have into your mana pool, and "save" it for later. You can do that each turn, and potentially build up large amounts of mana to use on large casting cost creatures, Blazing out your opponent, or (you fill in the blank). Sounds great, doesn't it... or does it...(**sound of doom**). See what our crew thinks!

And once again, the honorable Bill Guerin graces us with an appearance to enlighten and inform. Judge Bill has 6 new questions for us this week.

Friday, 06.06.03   Goblin Sligh gets a boost from Scourge with Goblin Warchief, a card that is causing a bit of a stir. We'll have to see if it lives up (or down) to it's expectations when the Scourge set becomes legal next month.  Check out our review on Card of the Day. 

Thursday, 06.05.03   Hey boys and girls!! Do you know what day it is??  It's... Day of the Dragons, here for your review enjoyment at today's Card of the Day.  It pretty much turns every creature you have on the board into a 5/5 Dragon. Stop in and see what the crew thinks of this Enchantment.

And once again, we ask that you all rise. Court is back in session! The honorable Judge Bill presides.... Mr. Bill has 11 new questions answered for the benefit of you, me and Socko.

Wednesday, 06.04.03  A 4/4 flyer for only 4 mana?? Yeah, it's a wall until it blocks.  More Scourge coming your way on Card of the Day  from the new set. Today we're reviewing Ageless Sentinels - Great in limited, but can it cut the mustard in constructed or block? .Check it out!

Tuesday, 06.03.03   Card of the Day today deals with the Fatal Mutation.  Is it worth considering, or does it have...a fatal flaw? See what the crew has to say on this one.

Andy Van Zandt is here at The Argothian Treehouse, with a look at why he isn't into Type 2....check it out!

Monday, 06.02.03  How does a 6/6 Flying, trampling, double-striking, fire-breathing dragon sound to you?  Our Card of the Day  from the new Scourge set is Dragon Tyrant, and he's all that... or is he?  See what the crew thinks.

Court is back in session! The honorable Judge Bill presides.... Bill has 8 new questions answered for the benefit of Pojo readers!

Friday, 05.30.03  MORE Scourge for our fans!  Check out today's Card of the Day Primitive Etchings, giving some card draw to Green. Our CotD team gives you everything you need to know on this new Scourge rare!

And Jason Chapman is back today with another Peasant Magic Article.  Today Jason discusses Scourge and The Best of the Rest in Peasant Magic.  Check out Through the Portal

Thursday, 05.29.03  Aven Liberator is today's Card of the Day  from the new Scourge set.  It's a flyer that can play some pretty nasty tricks on your opponent, to your advantage. See what the crew thinks about this 2/3 white flyer.

Court is back in session! The honorable Judge Bill presides.... Bill has 6 new questions answered for the benefit of Pojo readers!

Wednesday, 05.28.03  More Scourge coming your way on Card of the Day  from the new set. Today we're reviewing Sprouting Vines - it's mana acceleration and deck thinning using the storm mechanic. Check it out!

Tuesday, 05.27.03  This week introduces more new cards on Card of the Day  from the new Scourge set. We start off today reviewing a Land that can produce 2 mana when tapped. Come check out Temple of the False God and see if our team feels it's worthy of a spot in your deck!

Court is back in session! The honorable Judge Bill presides.... Take a challenge and see if you can answer the questions before peeking at Bill's answers!

Joel Lufgren sent us this interesting MTG Video Game news:


LOS ANGELES Atari has announced plans to take one of the most popular trading card games ever created to the Xbox videogame system from Microsoft with the release of Magic: the Gathering BattleGrounds. A PC CD-ROM version of the game was also announced. Currently in development by Secret Level, Magic: The Gathering Battlegrounds is filled with faithful translations of classic creatures, spells and enchantments from the premier trading card game in a visually stunning 3D game environment rife with real-time strategic fighting, devastating wizard arsenals and intense creature combat."

Atari's Press Release is here if you want to read the whole thing.  Gamespy has an article and screenshots here

WOTC sent us a Press Release last week about the upcoming World Championships in Berlin.  Here's the Press Release if you want to take a peek at it. 

Friday, 05.23.03  And we finish off the week with what is turning out to be a really popular card in the new Scourge set, Raven Guild Master.  It's ability, if you can get it going multiple times, could be very devastating.  Check out today's Card of the Day and see what the crew thinks of it.

Thursday, 05.22.03  Judge Bill is here again with 10 new questions answered for Pojo fans.  Be sure to be in the know... read his column!!!

MORE Scourge for our fans!  Check out today's Card of the Day Temporal Fissure, and the Storm mechanic. Our CotD team gives you the scoop on the poop.

And Jason Chapman is back today with another Peasant Magic Article.  Today Jason discusses Scourge in Peasant Magic.  Check out Through the Portal today. 

Wednesday, 05.21.03  It's a bird.. it's a plane... no, it's SUPERMAN!!!  And now, you too can build your own Superman with just a pair of pants!  Yes, it's the pants that make the man in today's world. So, continuing our look at more Scourge cards today, we give you... drum roll please.... Pemmin's Aura!!  Check out how it makes creatures Faster than a speeding bullet, Stronger than a locomotive, and Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound at today's Card of the Day.  And for all you Lex Luthers out there, find out where to buy Kryptonite for this guy...

Andy Van Zandt gives us a sneak peak at what's good, bad, and fun about the new Scourge set at The Argothian Treehouse, in his article: Formats That Don't Matter: Triple Scourge Drafting.

It had been nearly 2 months since I updated the MTG Strategy Guide Section.  Totally my fault.  I had been busy working on some new Pojo titles you'll see in stores this summer.  But now we're done, and back posting your Tips, Rants, Strategies and Deck Ideas.  Nearly 3 dozen tips were posted today. Thanks to everyone that took the time out to write the ones we posted today!

Five new Single Card Strategies from fans were added today.  There's a total of 260 SCS's you can look at now. 

We posted 3 new Peasant Magic Decklists from fans today.  There's about 200 Decks for you to peruse.  You can play this format at GenCon again this year. 

And to top it all off, we added two new Tournament Reports.  A draft article from Shayne Quinton and a Tourney Report from Africa.

Tuesday, 05.20.03  Another interesting Scourge Rare for today's Card of the Day, Faces of the Past.  Probably some combo potential here, but just how much? See what the crew has to say about it.

And, once again, for your viewing pleasure, Judge Bill strips... away all the secrecy behind rules and rulings for Pojo fans!

Monday, 05.19.03   We begin our week with more of Scourge reviews. We start today of with a 1/1 that has a casting cost of 7U.... What the heck could make a 1/1 worth 8 mana, you say? Check out today's Card of the Day article and find out!!

Friday, 05.16.03   We finish up our week of Scourge reviews with a look at one of the big Dragons of the set, Bladewing the Risen. Check out the team's reviews of this large lizard in today's Card of the Day article!

Thursday, 05.15.03   Jason Chapman is back today with another Peasant Magic Article.  Today Jason discusses an Important Rules Announcment.  Check out Through the Portal today. 

And we again continue bringing you the latest and greatest new Scourge cards for your perusal! Today's  is Zombie Cutthroat, a black creature that can be played with no black mana! See how in our Card of the Day review.

All Rise!  Court is back in session.  The honorable Judge Bill  presides and bestows more of his wisdom on our constituents!

SCOURGE IS HERE!!! The full spoiler for the newest Magic: The Gathering set is finally out in the open...unfortunately, the site that usually carries it has been down for over a day now.  In the meantime, we have a list you can view of the Scourge Rares (click on the name to view the card picture or the card description).  If you like big bad creatures, you'll absolutely love this set, as Dragons rule the landscape here!  There's even a huge 7/7 Sliver Overlord that can search your deck or steal other Slivers! Fun stuff!

Wednesday, 05.14.03   Today's  Card of the Day is Karona, False God.  She's a 5/5, five color Legend from the coming set, Scourge. In the story line, she's the result of the epic battle between Akroma, Angel of Wrath and Phage the Untouchable.  Here's how Karona got her five colors: Akroma was white and created by Ixidor, who was Blue. Phage was Black, but was once Red when she was Jeska. In the final battle, Kamahl had a hand in their demise (I won't give away the details... read the books!), and Kamahl at that point was Green (a Krosan). So those 5 colors culminated in the creation of Karona, False God. The story lines are actually quite interesting, and it's worth getting the books if you enjoy reading.  It will change the way you look at the cards. Anyhow, check out if our CotD reviewers feel that Karona is all the god-like. You may be surprised!

Tuesday, 05.13.03  We continue our countdown to the Scourge Pre-release with an card that uses the new ability in Scourge, Land-cycling. Today's Card of the Day is Noble Templar.  Come see what our crew feels if the land-cycling ability is worth considering for your decks.

Wizards of the Coast sent us a Press Release about the new Scourge expansion.  We posted it here if you wish to read it. 

Monday, 05.12.03   This coming weekend will be the official Pre-release tournaments for the newest Magic: The Gathering set, Scourge.  Pre-releases are really fun to play in, as you and everyone else are seeing the real cards up close for the first time.  And you get to be the first to own Scourge cards, even before the official release date!  Scott and I will personally be attending and dealing at the San Diego Pre-release event at the Convention Center. Stop in and say hi, and play a few games while you're at it!  Or, check out Wizards of the Coast's site for a pre-release tournament in your area. 

And, in honor of the new set, will be reviewing some of the new Scourge cards over the next couple weeks in our Card of the Day column. We start off today with Form of the Dragon, a really eye-popping enchantment. Be sure to check back each day this week to see what the new cards are and how the CotD team, including Scott & Christine Gerhardt, Jason Chapman, Judge Bill Guerin, Scott Sager and John Hornburg, rate each one!

And here with some rulings to satiate your curiosity is that master of Judgdom, Bill Guerin.  He answers 9 new questions, and relates 2 tournament reports for our perusal. Thanks to Judge Bill for sharing his wisdom with us once again!

The Decks to Beat section was updated late last night.  Sorry for slacking on that one.  - Pojo

Check out newest complete MTG Encyclopedia.  It's over 700 pages!  Over 7,000 cards in full color!  Save 30% at right now! 


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