New Magic: The Gathering® expansion introduces Storm mechanic, dragons galore and a whole lot more

May 12, 2003 (Renton, Wash.) - Wizards of the Coast Inc., a division of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS), announced today that Scourge(tm), the exciting third set in the Magic: The Gathering® Onslaught(tm) block, is on track for a May 26, 2003 worldwide release. With it comes a slew of dragons and other big creatures, the new Storm mechanic and a twist on the Cycling mechanic. In addition, Scourge marks the introduction of the first player-made card, Forgotten Ancient.

Scourge's new Storm mechanic delivers a powerful amplifying effect. Each spell played makes the Storm cards better and better. Meanwhile, with a twist on Cycling called Landcycling players get to discard a card and search through their deck for a Land card - rather than just drawing a card at random. "We created the Landcycling ability to make Scourge's Dragons easier and more fun to play with," explained Randy Buehler, Director of Magic: The Gathering R&D.

As a result of last summer's "You Make the Card" promotion on magicthegathering.com, fans will get to play with a card they helped design. Forgotten Ancient, a green elemental creature, is a deceivingly small card. It has enough toughness to survive early attacks and it grows in power as you and your opponent cast spells, making Forgotten Ancient one of the most powerful cards in Scourge. The card was illustrated by Mark Tedin.

"There was such an overwhelmingly positive response from players to the You Make the Card promotion that we've decided to do it again," said Buehler. Players can participate in the creation of a second card by visiting magicthegathering.com.

Scourge pre-release tournaments will take place the weekend of May 17-18. Registration information is available at many hobby and game retailers. Participants will receive a special commemorative Scourge card while supplies last. Scourge is available in randomly assorted 15-card booster packs, four different 60-card theme decks, and the Scourge Fat Pack, which includes six boosters, one premium land card, one random premium card, the Scourge novel and a player's guide. Scourge will go live for Magic Online next month.

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