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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Title: Band This
Questions: 13
Well, as official previews for Betrayers of Kamigawa start next week on magicthegathering.com, I expect to receive a question about a card in that set any day now.
So, once again, here are my rules for answering questions about cards prior to the prerelease (which is on the 22nd:)
1) You must provide me with the full rules text of the card. I will answer the question based on the rules text you give me. If the rules text you give me turns out to be different that the actual rules text, then it may change the ruling.
2) I will not answer questions that deal with a block or set mechanic until the FAQ for the set has been released, unless the mechanic has been seen in another set previously, in which case I will rule based on what we currently know about the mechanic.
Also, a clarification from my last column:
>>>Q: A few turns later he put out a 9/9 creature that if it deals combat damage to me I lose the game and he banded it to a sliver to make it have protection from green, give it flying, and to get it stronger and he attacks with it because it is the second turn that it has been out of the field.<<<
Bill.....I think you should also let this guy know that the banded creature does not receive all those bonuses and CAN be blocked by a simple elf.
-Michael K.
Moving on,
Q: Can a creature with haste just attack, or does haste make it not have summoning sickness?
-Viabhav S.
A: Haste allows a creature to ignore the effects of summoning sickness. (It still has summoning sickness.)
(So you can play Vulshok Sorcerer and tap him to do one damage to something on the turn he comes into play.)
Q: I'm playing a land destruction deck against my friends zombie deck. It is his turn and I have an Earthblighter in play. He taps all four of his mana to put in a Soulless One but as an instant I use the Earthblighter's ability to destroy one of his lands. Does the Soulless One go into the graveyard or back to his hand?
A: Neither. Once your friend says he is going to play the Soulless One, you can't do anything until he's played it. After he's played it, he's already got the mana he needs from his lands, so if you destroy one of the lands he tapped, it won't do anything to the mana he already spent from it.
So the Soulless One will resolve and come into play.
Q: I have Mana Echoes, Goblin Warrens, and 3 goblins out. If I Sacrifice 2 goblins to the Warrens. From Mana Echoes do I get 12 Mana or 3 Mana.
-Mike K.
A: You sacrifice 2 goblins, leaving you 1. The Warrens ability resolves, making 3 goblins. The Mana Echoes will trigger 3 times, once for each goblin that came into play.
Assuming nothing happens before the Mana Echoes ability resolves, each goblin will give you 4 mana, and 4*3=12, so you will get 12 mana total (assuming you choose to get all of the mana. You can also choose to get 0, 4, 8, or 12 mana total).
Q: First, when sacrificing a creature (through a High Market, for example), can players respond and remove any enchantments on the creature (such as Pattern of Rebirth) before the sacrifice takes effect or do onboard sacrifice effects not allow for response?  (Yes I read Mantra 1, but am unsure if it necessarily applies here.)
A: No. the game will put the enchantment into the graveyard as a state-based effect before you get priority after the spell is played.
Q: Next up is a more specific scenario:  Player A has a 5/5 Magnivore in play.  Player B casts Goblin Grenade and targets the Magnivore, doing 5 points of damage.  Does the Goblin Grenade card count toward assessing the power/toughness of the creature or does the sorcery not go into the graveyard until after lethal damage has been dealt?  Player A asserts that the spell is successfully cast and should thus count (making his creature a 6/6) before determining whether the damage is lethal or not, while Player B counters that damage from the spell goes off before the card hits the graveyard.  Who is right? 
-Confused in Arizona
A: This one was a little tricky for me, so I'll walk you through it.
-There are 5 sorceries in the graveyard, so Magnivore is 5/5.
-Player B plays Goblin Grenade. To keep things simple, no one has a response, and it resolves.
-Magnivore takes 5 damage.
-Goblin Grenade has finished resolving, so it is put into the graveyard.
-Now, we check state based effects, since someone is about to receive priority. There are now 6 sorceries in the graveyard, so Magnivore is a 6/6. It only has 5 damage on it, so it lives.
Q: I'm pretty certain I'm right but abilities that creatures get as they come into play (such as the Phyrexian card that makes the opponent discard their entire hand)...
A: I can't find the card you are referring to on Gatherer. For purposes of this question, I am going to go with a very similar card, Ravenous Rats.
Ravenous Rats
Creature — Rat  
When Ravenous Rats comes into play, target opponent discards a card. 
Q: ... do not actually happen if the creature spell is countered, as the creature never comes into play.
A: Correct. If the Ravenous Rats never makes it into play, it didn't come into play, so the opponent of the controller of Ravenous Rats will never discard a card.
Q: My opponent is trying to say if he plays that card I can't counter it because I have to discard my hand. (Bill's note: or, in my substitute case, the only card in your hand, assuming you have just one card.)
A: Wrong. Your card, or, in my case, Ravenous Rats, goes on the stack and has to resolve before it can actually come into play.
Q: Do counterspells counter any spell (i.e. instant, creature, or any others).
A: Counterspells can counter any spell as its being cast (unless the card says otherwise ... see Obliterate).
The rules define a spell this way ..
213.1. Every nonland card is a spell while it’s being played (see rule 409, “Playing Spells and Activated Abilities”) and while it’s on the stack. Once it’s played, a card remains a spell until it resolves, is countered, or otherwise leaves the stack. For more information, see rule 401, “Spells on the Stack.”
Q: I know playing a land is not a spell, correct?
-Jesse M.
A: Correct.
Q: Will March of the Machines kill Artifact Lands (on account of the no cost) like it kills 0 cost artifacts, or does it not affect them due to no printed cost?
-Dallas S.
Q: I play Buried Alive and put 2 Twisted Abominations and 1 Soulless One into my graveyard. I had 2 mana left over so I used them to regenerate my Twisted Abomination....
-Chris C.
A: Say what? Question 4.
Q: I was just wondering what would happen if I had a Deathgazer with Lure attached and attacked an opponent with a Royal Assassin to defend? what would trigger first, Lure, or the Assassin's activated ability?
-Chris S.
A: As detailed in Mantra 10, after you attack, your opponent can play spells or abilities before he has to block (defend). So before he has to block, your opponent can play Royal Assassin's ability, killing the Deathgazer. Then, since the Deathgazer isn't around any more, the Assassin won't have to block it.
(Besides, even if the Assassin did block the Deathgazer, it wouldn't die. Deathgazer's ability only kills nonblack creatures.)
Creature — Lizard  
Whenever Deathgazer blocks or becomes blocked by a nonblack creature, destroy that creature at end of combat. 
See you Friday.
Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

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