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Judge's Corner

Tapped Equipment

Short Answer:

-This is nearly mantra 10: There is a space, after blockers are declared, where both players can play spells and abilities before damage is put on the stack.


Q: I have a Lodestone Myr in play, along with a Bonesplitter that is equipping a Myr Enforcer. Can I tap the Bonesplitter to pump the Lodestone Myr?

A: Yes.


Q: Does this decrease the Myr Enforcer's power while Bonesplitter is tapped?

A: No. Tapping a piece of equipment has no noticeable effect on the game.


Q: Can I attack with the Myr Enforcer and still get the +2/+0 benefit?

A: Yes.


Q: In the same scenario, could I tap the Bonesplitter to pump Lodestone, then tap Enforcer to pump Lodestone a second time?

-Ben W.

A: Yes. They are 2 separate artifacts, and so each can be tapped in two separate activations of Lodestone Myr.


Q: I have an Illusionary Mask in play, and I play a Phyrexian Dreadnought face down. My opponent then terrors the face down Dreadnought. what happens?


A: Unless you turn the Dreadnaught over before the Terror resolves, the Dreadnaught will be destroyed, as it isn't black, and it isn't an artifact while it is face down.


Q: If I put March of the Machines into play, do my artifact lands, seat of the synod etc., become 0/0 creatures and thus be destroyed?


A: They are destroyed, because they have a mana cost of 0.


Q: My friend has a Sun Droplet out and I have a Smoldering Tar out. At my upkeep does he lose a life, or does it put a counter on Sun Droplet?


A: He will lose a life for the Smoldering Tar, but will not put a counter on the Sun Droplet. Loss of life is not damage.


Q: With Furnace of Rath, does this mean that I have to put this enchantment on a certain source or do I just play it and choose what source I want this to happen to? And if it is the latter of the two, can I choose more than one source to do double damage in one turn?


A: Furnace of Rath



If a source would deal damage to a creature or player, it deals double that damage to that creature or player instead.

Furnace of Rath is a global enchantment. This means you simply put it on the table when it resolves. Then, each time something deals damage, it is doubled. You have no choice in the matter. If Furnace of Rath is out, damage dealt to creatures or players is doubled.


Q: If I have a Decree of Silence out, and I play a spell that isn't counterable (for example, Kavu Chameleon), does my Decree get a counter, but the ability "fizzles"? Or does it ignore spells it cant counter?

-Aaron W.

A: Decree of Silence will do as much as it can. It will try to counter the Chameleon, but fail (since the Chameleon isn't counterable). A counter will then be put on the Decree of Silence, since the ability of Decree of Silence wasn't countered.


Q: If I control no artifacts, and my opponent controls two artifacts, and he plays Viridian Shaman, is he required to destroy one of his own artifacts?

A: Yes. When Viridian Shaman comes into play, if there is at least one artifact in play, the caster of Viridian Shaman must choose to destroy one of the artifacts in play.


Q: If I control a Scrubland and a Tainted Field, can the Tainted Field tap for white or black, because the Scrubland is a Swamp and a Plains?


A: Yes. Scrubland has the subtype Swamp, so it is a Swamp, and you will be able to play the second ability of Tainted Field.


Land -- Plains Swamp


Q: I have an Isochron Scepter in play with Shrapnel Blast imprinted on it and my opponent plays Decree of Silence. Do the Shrapnel Blast copies created by my Scepter count as spells and are therefore countered, or are they simply put on the stack like storm spells?


A: Isochron Scepter



Imprint -- When Isochron Scepter comes into play, you may remove an instant card with converted mana cost 2 or less in your hand from the game. (The removed card is imprinted on this artifact.)

{2}, {T}: You may copy the imprinted instant card and play the copy without paying its mana cost.

Note the wording on Isochron Scepter. You ARE playing the copies, so Decree of Silence will trigger (and counter the copy).


Q: What's a Charge Counter? (From Power Conduit)


A: A charge counter is a counter, put on a permanent, with the name "Charge Counter."


Q: Can you activate Zur's Weirding multiple times for the same drawn card?


A: No. Zur's Wierding can only replace a given card draw once. Then the card draw is no longer there to replace.


Tournament Report - FNM - Diamond Bar, CA

I gave you my deck list last Tuesday, but for those of you who weren't paying attention, here it is again ...

1 Akroma's Vengeance

4 Circular Logic

4 Compulsion

4 Concentrate

2 Decree of Justice

2 Decree of Silence

2 Future Sight

4 Mana Leak

3 Reminisce

3 Stifle

2 Wipe Clean

4 Wrath of God

4 Coastal Tower

11 Island

7 Plains

4 Temple of the False God


4 Sacred Ground

4 Sphere of Law

4 Stabilizer

3 Steamclaw

Round 1 - Greg C. - Goblins (no bidding)

Game 1 - He wins the roll, and chooses to draw first. I get to 4 lands, but only have 1 white source, and one of the lands is a Temple, so I can't even Concentrate. I have a Stifle to stop the first Piledriver trigger, but he plays another, and I don't draw a Plains in my fifth turn, so I die.

Sideboard: In: 4 Sphere of Law. Out: 2 Wipe Clean, Akroma's Vengeance, 1 Future Sight.

Game 2 - Is all about turns 4 and 5 Sphere of Law. I just have to wait to set up the Decree of Justice from there.

Game 3 - I take some early beats, but after my initial Wrath, he has no creatures, so it gives me time to set up into a couple of Sphere of Law, and again wait for the Angel maker.

Games: 2-1, Matches: 1-0

Round 2 - Harrison B. - Goblin Bidding

Game 1 - He wins the roll, but takes 2 mulligans. I Wrath his team, and then cycle Decree of Justice in the next end step for 7 soldiers. I counter any goblins that attempt to make an appearance, and the soldiers finish him off.

Sideboard: In: 4 Sphere of Law, 3 Steamclaw. Out: 2 Wipe Clean, 1 Decree of Justice, 1 Compulsion, Akroma's Vengeance, 1 Reminisce, 1 Future Sight.

As we are bantering, he guesses the Spheres are coming in, but can't figure out the Steamclaws. I tell him that it's a card that hasn't seen play in most constructed decks, and a card that has a superior version in Mirrodin (Scrabbling Claws). He still can't figure it out, and we go into game 2.

Game 2 - We each take a mulligan before we start. I Wrath his early board, and he has nothing else come at me. I drop Steamclaw a couple of turns after I Wrath, and just wait on the Silence/Justice combination to finish out the match.

Games: 4-1, Matches: 2-0

Round 3 - Ben H. - W/G

Game 1 - He takes a mulligan before playing first. I have 3 Wraths to get rid of his Brushhopper, and take control of the game. I play 2 Concentrates, and then decide to play my third Concentrate before Reminiscing. That was a mistake, as a land glut appears on top, and he plays a Mongrel to take me out.

Sideboard: Nothing.

Game 2 - This was a much quicker game. I don't have the turn 4 Wrath, and he correctly asks me, "Stifle or no?", pitching his hand to his Mongrel for exactly lethal damage. I show him my hand, and shake his.

Games: 4-3, Matches: 2-1

Round 4 - Adam S. - Slide

Game 1 - I keep a questionable hand of 3 land, 2 Wipe Clean, Wrath, and another card. At least, I thought it was marginal before he plays turn 2 Lightning Rift, which was Wiped Clean, along with his turn 3 Rift. Marginal turns into amazing, as I Wrath and Stifle the Slid-out Angel. A third Rift hits the board, but I Reminisce and find a Wipe Clean again to take care of it. I set up the Silence/Justice combination for 7 Angels, and it's all over.

Sideboard: In: 4 Stabilizer. Out: 2 Wrath of God, 1 Akroma's Vengeance, 1 Future Sight.

Game 2 - I take 2 mulligans (a no land hand into a Island/Temple hand into a hand with 3 Islands, Temple, and Wrath). I play out Islands in each of my first 4 turns, and after I tap out to Compulsion at the end of his turn, he Boils. I just scoop it up right there.

Game 3 - I take a mulligan (a 5 land hand) before playing first. I play turn 2 Stabilizer, turn 3 Stabilizer, turn 4 Compulsion. He attempts an Akroma's Vengeance turn 6, but I Compulsion into ... a Mana Leak. Better lucky than good, I guess. After that, it is just a matter of time before I set up the Angels.

Games: 6-4, Matches: 3-1

Round 5 - Lu C. - Goblin Bidding

Before the pairings are announced, I take a look at the standings and paired people's points. Tables 1-7 have the following point total matchups:

1: 12-12

2: 9-9

3: 9-9 (Lu and I)

4: 9-9

5: 9-9

6: 9-7

7: 6-6

Remembering the following cut criteria: The cut is to the minimum power of 2 that will allow all people within 3 match points of being perfect (in tonight's case, 12 points) to make top X. If X is greater than 8, play another round instead.

What do you do?

The results on tables 1 and 5 are irrelevant, as table 1 will have both people make to X, and table 5 will have a maximum of one person. So that leaves 4 tables fighting for 5 slots.

So Lu and I take the one available Intentional draw, but pretend to play a match.

He wins the first, I win the second, and he wins a close third game, all unsideboarded.

Games: 6-4, Matches: 3-1-1

The only way we could not make top X is if X=4, and both the 7 point player wins and one of the other matches (on tables 2, 4, or 5) draw. Fortunately for us, there are no other draws in the first 6 tables, and we both make top 8. The 7 point person won and dropped, so a 3-2 made top 8, and Lu and I were the 6th and 7th seeds.

One person doesn't want to split (Lu), so we play a top 8.

Top 8 - Jonathan D. - WW/u

Game 1 - He mulligans once before playing first. He taps low after making a Master Decoy and Silver Knight, and I am able to Wrath. He gets no other pressure out, and I have time to set up into 4 Angels over 2 attacks.

Sideboard: Nothing.

Game 2 - I build up to 6 mana before I Wrath. Good thing I did, as he has an Envelop for my Wrath, but I had a Leak when he had only 2 more mana available. I play another land the next turn, and when no creatures come out in either turn, I cycle a Decree of Justice for 4 soldiers. Surprisingly, the soldiers go all the way.

Games: 8-4, Matches: 4-1-1

We get into a discussion about a split again, and after I point out that if we play, only the winner will get more packs than if we split right now (there were 24 packs, and the non-split distribution was 12-6-3-3), a split is negotiated.

Jonathan opens his 2 packs, and pulls a Chrome Mox out of one of them, so it's good times for him also.

See you Friday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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