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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

How Do Attach and Equip Differ?

Q: I'm a fairly new Magic player so maybe this is a stupid question but... I was looking at some previews for Fifth Dawn and I noticed some cards said Attach to target creature. Is there a difference between "attach" and "equip"?

-Mike K.

A: The only real difference is when they can be played. You attach equipment to a creature as part of the equip ability. As the Fifth Dawn FAQ says regarding these cards ...

"These abilities work just like the equip ability, except that they can be played any time their controller could play an instant."


Q: Helm of Kaldra


Equipped creature has first strike, trample, and haste.

{1}: If you control equipment named Helm of Kaldra, Sword of Kaldra, and Shield of Kaldra, put a 4/4 colorless Avatar Legend creature token named Kaldra into play and attach those Equipment to it.

Equip {2}

Can you use Artificial Evolution to get more copies of a 4/4 token by changing the creature types?

-Ray C.

A: Yes. (Cast it on the Helm, changing Legend to anything else.)


Q: If my opponent plays a March Of The Machines, and I have Great Furnace (artifact-land) does it become a 0/0 creature and die? or since there is no mana cost to play it, does it stay a non-creature?

-Donald P.

A: 203.1. ...Tokens and lands have a mana cost of {0}....

So it would die.


Q: Player A has a River Boa and pays G to put a regeneration shield on it. Then player B uses a Soul Sculptor to change it into an enchantment. Then Tranquility is cast. Will the River Boa regenerate?

A: Yes. Once the regeneration shield is played, the form of the permanent doesn't matter. (As long as the regeneration shield has resolved) The permanent will regenerate, no matter what type it is.


Q: A player has a Goblin Welder and a Myr Retriever in play and an Arcbound Worker in their graveyard. If they use the Welder to get the Worker, will the timing of everything allow you to get the Retriever with its own ability?

A: No. RTFC.

Myr Retriever


Artifact Creature -- Myr


When Myr Retriever is put into a graveyard from play, return another target artifact card from your graveyard to your hand.


Q: If you have a Goblin Welder and an Arcbound Stinger in play and an Arcbound Worker in your graveyard, if you swap them with the Goblin Welder, will the Worker get the modular counter from the Stinger?


A: Yes. The Modular on the Stinger will trigger as they are swapped, but you won't put the Modular on the stack until the Welder's ability has finished resolving. By that time, the Worker is in play, and thus is a legal target for the Stinger's modular.


Q: After reading your protection mantra, and seeing the Damage portion. Does this mean that a Wail of the Nim (using the 1 point of damage portion) will not deal damage to a protection from black creature?

-Chad B.

A: Correct. (The game has always been this way, at least as long as I've played [since Alliances].)


Q: My opponent attacks with a 6/6 Scion of Darkness. I block with a 0/4 Vine Trellis. Does the Vine Trellis get destroyed, and then it goes to the grave, and then I get damaged by the trample, thus making the Scion's effect trigger so that he can take that very Vine Trellis and put it into play under his control?

A: Correct. The triggered ability doesn't go on the stack until all state based effects have been taken care of. Vine Trellis is in the grave by the time you play Scion's ability.


Q: If, let's say, I have a normal 4/4 creature out. If my opponent shocks it for 2, does its toughness actually become 2, so that it is a 4/2 for the remainder of the turn? Or is it still a 4/4?

A: It is still a 4/4, with 2 damage on it.


Q: So if I have a 4/4 Platinum Angel enchanted with Creature Bond, and it gets Shocked twice, how much damage do I take?

A: You take 4 damage.


Q: My opponent has a Darksteel Colossus out, and it is my turn. Can I entwine Grab the Reins, in which case I take the Colossus, attack my opponent for 11, and then fling it at him for the win? Or do I have to fling it immediately after I play Grab the Reins entwined?

-Kyle F.

A: You have to sacrifice the creature immediately for Grab the Reins. (You don't have to sacrifice the Colossus, but it'll go back to your opponent at the end of turn if you don't.)

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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