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Pojo's Dragonball - What If?

What if Yajirobe didn't cut off Vegita's tail when he was Oozaru?-Submitted by The Dawg
Vegita would have killed Gokou, which would have left Gohan and Kuririn to do the fighting, because Yajirobe obviously wouldn't want to get injured. Unless Kuririn managed to cut off Vegita's tail, they would have been killed quite easily under Vegita's heavy power.

What if Bulma never existed? Submitted
Goku would never know anything about the dragonballs. He would stay weak since he would never meet Master Roshi. Raditz would come and kill Goku on the spot for not finishing his duty. Raditz would then kill all the Z fighters. Later on, Master Roshi may use his Mafubo Jar techinique encasing Raditz in a jar forever but he gets killed in the process. Pilaf in the meantime would collect the dragonballs to rule the world. Freeza would never know about the dragonballs along with Vegeta, Nappa, etc. Dr. Gero may bring out the androids to destroy the world. Buu would be later released and kill the androids. Then Buu would rule the world. And to think Bulma could do all that.

What if Gohan never existed? Submitted
Goku would get killed by Raditz because no one was there to distract and weaken Raditz. In fact, Raditz would have killed Goku and gone away since Gohan wasn't there to kidnap. A minor note would be there would be no 1st Dragonball Z movie (title "Return My Gohan!"). Let's just say that somehow Piccolo still manages to kill Raditz and Goku makes it back to help fight Nappa and Vegeta. Goku would probably have lost that battle too because Gohan had helped a lot in that battle as well. Once again, let's say Goku and the gang STILL somehow win. Then they would all go to Namek to get the Namek dragonballs to wish everyone back. Since Gohan doesn't exist, Frieza would probably have killed Krillin when he tries to rescue Dende from him all alone. Goku would come and have no anger to go SSJ causing him to die yet again. Well let's say that somehow AGAIN Goku survives and escapes. Metal Frieza and King Kold would come and kill him later when they get to Earth. But just for the heck of it, let's say that everyone still manages to beat the 2 of them. Well then come the androids which would probably go along the same way...EXCEPT that Trunks would have been killed in the future by the Androids because Gohan isn't there to show Trunks the art of fighting! So the Z gang would be completely unprepared for the androids and probably all die. Here we go again, let's say they STILL manage to survive. Then there's no SSJ2 Gohan to defeat Cell when he arrives. Of course Goku would still be able to do the Instanteous Movement but Cell would survive and kill everyone...again. If we STILL move on the Z gang would face Buu but for once they may probably win since Buu wouldn't be able to absorb Gohan making him much weaker. So without Gohan, the Z gang would get killed again and again and again and again...

What if Krillin didn't exist? -Submitted by
Goku wouldn't have anyone to rival him in Dragonball causing him to not be as strong as he could have been. When Raditz comes, Goku would have a harder time with beating him. Everything else may go pretty much the same except on Namek. If Krillin didn't exist, he would never have gotten the #1 star dragonball which means that Vegeta would never have seen Krillin and never have found out about Gohan and Bulma. One BIG change would be that Goku goes SSJ when he sees Krillin destroyed. If Krillin hadn't been there he never would have. Sure, Gohan might have made Goku go SSJ, but something about Krillin really meant something to Goku. To see his old-time rival and friend blown away is what got him. So without Krillin, Goku wouldn't have gone SSJ and Freeza would have killed them all resuming his life of destroying planets.

-NEW-What if Mirai Trunks (Future Trunks) would have come back during the World Martial Arts Tournament? :Trenks

If Trunks would have come back in time during the World Martial Arts Tournament he would have competed and Mighty Mask probably wouldn’t have been in the finalists which means that Trunks and Goten wouldn't have been able to compete in the adult competition. Once Goku and the others met up with Kaioshin and Kibit they would learn about Babidi and Buu. While Videl and Suppovich were fighting Suppovich would try to kill Videl which causes Gohan to go SSJ. When Yam tries to steal Gohan’s energy Trunks would step in and fire a Finish Buster to save Gohan. Kaioshin would then have the Z Fighters follow the two Majins to Babidi's ship.

After the fight of Majin Vegeta and Goku, Gohan and Future Trunks would go to Kaioshin's planet to retrieve the Zed Sword while Piccolo and Goku took Goten and Chibi Trunks to Dende's Look Out. Goku would teach Trunks and Goten and Trunks the Fusion Technique and return to the after life as normal.

When Goku realizes that Gohan and Future Trunks aren't dead he would go to Kaioshin's Planet. After Trunks and Gohan break the Zed Sword by training (Trunks probably would have the sword since he has more experience with sword wielding) Goku would arrive and show SSJ 3 to Trunks and Gohan. While training Goku and Gohan would learn that Trunks was able to go SSJ 2. With both Gohan and Trunks at SSJ 2 Goku would teach them the Fusion Dance which would create Trunkhan. After training for a few days Trunkhan would be able to go SSJ 3. Now with SSJ 3 Trunkhan able to fight Buu, after his separation into Thin Buu and Fat Buu then transforming into Super Buu, the Earth would still have a hope after Gotenks goofs off while fighting Buu in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. When Trunkhan arrives at Dende's Look-Out and finds that Buu is killing his friends and family Trunkhan would attack Buu at full force. Eventually Buu would escape and the Fusion would wear off. Gohan, Mirai Trunks, Goten and Chibi Trunks would train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a day and become extremely strong. With both Super Sayian 3 Gotenks and Super Sayian 3 Trunkhan fighting Buu it would seem that Buu would be finished. Once again Gotenks would be showing off and Buu would absorb him. Now the fate of the universe would lie on Trunkhan. After a long and heated battle Trunkhan would come close to defeating Buu. While firing a Kamehameha the fusion would ware off. Buu, angered from almost defeat, would attack the weakened Trunks and Gohan.

Goku would see this and Dai Kaioshin would give his life so that Goku could return to fight Buu. Also this is when King Enma allows Vegeta to return to Earth to fight Buu. Goku and Vegeta would fuse with the Potarra Earrings to become Veggetto. With Both Super Sayian 2 Veggetto and SSJ 3 Trunkhan to fight Buu would be destroyed easily. Since Goku was fused with Vegeta he would be unable to wish Buu into Uub.

After the Dragonballs restored everything Veggetto would be wished back into Goku and Vegeta, since the Potarra are a permanent fusion. Mirai Trunks would have Bulma build a Time Machine for Gohan so that when Mirai Trunks is needed Gohan could travel in time to get him.

Mirai Trunks would return to his time until Bebi would arrive on Earth. Goku would still be an adult because he wouldn’t be at Dende's Look Out when Pilaf wished with the Black Star Dragonballs. Once again he would be needed. During the SSJ 4 Goku -- Bebi Vegeta fight he would arrive to once again fuse with Gohan. With SSJ 3 Trunkhan to fight Bulma would use the brute ray to cause Trunkhan to become Super Sayian 4. After Bebi is destroyed the Super 17 Saga would be easily fought with Goku, Vegeta, and the Fused Warrior Trunkhan at Super Sayian 4 level. During the Evil Shenron Saga Goku and Vegeta would fuse to become SSJ 4 Gogeta. Along with SSJ 4 Trunkhan they would defeat Il Shenron and restore the Dragonballs. At the end Goku would stay with his family instead of fusing with the Dragonballs because he would still be and adult. This would conclude DBGT and possibly leave room for another series. What if when training for the fight with the androids, Goku and Gohan used the room of spirit and time?-Submitted by Trevor Martell
Well, because Goku + Gohon(GG) did'nt know how strong the Androids are, they would probably train twice.
On the first round of training, they would probably train like they did in the normal Cell saga- Gohon would go SS-J+ each would be very strong... BUT because it is the first round of training(meaning they didn't have a normal android training round first, instesd of just training in the room of spirit and time) They would'nt be as strong as they would be when they came out of the room the normal way. And because of the Vegeta out training, The guys would go back in. After 2 days or years, they would relax. But because Goku was a SS-J naturaly, he would probably get the virus the second he left for the battle. So that would make Gohon the man.So it would play along right, but instead of Gohon getting yajarobie(don't know how to spell it) probably krillin would. When Yamcha got hurt, Tien would take him to Bulma and Trunks. At the island gohn would beat 19 and beat 20. Vegeta would come and wonder what happend, Gohon would say he was a SS-J and beat 19 & 20. Vegeta would transform trying to impress gohon, but Gohon would stay cool. trunks would meet up with him and they would go home. But while talking,Cell would surface. gohon would sence it and leave. He would find Cell and beat the @$#@ out of him. Meanwhile, Goku would awaken. Vegeta would ask how he got so strong? Goku would tell and Vegeta and Trunks would fly off. Goku would train. Meanwhile Gohn, like his Dad would let Cell go. Cell would go to Gero's Lab and Adzorb 17, I guess. Gohon would sence the transformation and go back. Cell would ammedietly adzorb 18. And would be Perfectooo!!!!! Gohon would arive and he and Cell would fight. Cell would beat Gohon, but bearly. Everything would be learned. The games would be anounced. Gohon would tell about the games and him and Goku Would train until they learned to stay at MAX power without powering up. And when they DO power up, they would go SS-J 2. in the games, Goku would face cell and go SS-J 2. Goku would keep on beating Cell up until the 2 would KAMAHAMEHA battle. Goku would Fry cell. And so Goku and and Gohon would train, have fun. And by the time the Buu saga comes by, one of the 2 would be able 2 go SS-J 3

-New-What if Android 16's bomb was never removed? By:TrUnKzu420

Well, android 16 would not kill Goku, because he chose not to do it, not because the bomb was programming him to kill Goku. The Cell Games would go on as normal, and when it came time for Gohan to get squeezed by Cell, 16 would intervene and blow himself up, destroying himself and Cell. Everyone would think Cell is dead, but soon enough, Cell would survive, since the explosion still left Cell with his core cell to regenerate. Watching Gohan get angrier, Cell then proceeds to kill Goku. Cell beats the living crap out of Goku, pounding him to within an inch of his life. Gohan, seeing his father being tortured, explodes in anger, causing him to go SSJ2. This time, since Cell was massively strong after regenerating, SSJ2 Gohan would not be toying around with Cell as he would be doing. Soon enough, Cell would power up a huge Kamehameha blast, as well as Gohan. Soon enough the fight would be at a stalemate, with both Cell's and Gohan's Kamehamehas going back and forth. Vegeta, angry at seeing how Goku's son was even more powerful than him, hitss Cell from above, causing Cell tobe distracted. Goku would yell out, telling Gohan that this is his chance. Gohan would completely overwhelm Cell, destroying him.

What if Majin Boo had more good than bad in him By:VegetaSsj42k

What if Majin Boo had more good than bad in him (Fat Form) then when he split in two Good Boo would be stronger than Evil Boo and Evil Boo probably couldn't have blown away the candy attack and then Good Boo would just eaten the chocolate bar and then he would still be good,because when Evil Boo eats Good Boo he becomes Super Boo who is still evil and no more good, so the Z warriors would have another member.Also there would be no Oob which goes in to Dbgt (DragonBall Grand Tour) which is a whole other story.

What if Cell didn't go back in time? By:Vincy-K
In my opinion, almost nothing in dbz would have happened because Cell arrived so early in dbz that the timeline changed completely. Maybe there shouldn't have been the journey to namek, the frieza fight, and majin-buu if Cell didn't arrived. however i think the androids 13-15 and 19-20 would have existed because Dr. Gero was working on them before dbz started.

What if Kaio-sama would have thought Goku the Instantaneous movement when Goku first trained with him? By:Vincy-K
I've been thinking this thoroughly. First, in the saiyajin saga, piccolo wouldn't die because goku would have teleported to earth in an instant without Kami-sama's help. Second, learning that technique requires you to train a lot, so goku would have been more than a match for the two saiyans, even Oozaru Vegeta. I think Tien, Chaos and Yamcha's fate couldn't change because Goku had not been revived at the moment they were killed. Maybe in the fight, Goku forgives Vegeta and tell him to train more, after beating the $%!!!!* out of him. Maybe then would they revive Yamcha, then learn about the original dragonballs on Namek and Piccolo, Yamcha, Gohan, Goku, Krillin and Bulma would all head to Namek in an instant thanks to Goku's technique. The Z fighters would easilly kicked Frieza's junkies asses. Get all the dragonballs, kill all the members of the Ginyu Force, then Piccolo would probably fuse with a couple of the Fighter-type of Nameks {including Nail who will be in perfect condition and not trashed out like in the series}, after that, Vegeta would arrive at Namek with the same power-level as in the series, but more obsessed with fighting goku. He would then notice Piccolo and Goku's power and become so enraged that he would take a shot at goku, even at such low power level, only to get trashed again to the point that he would be almost dead. Then Goku would give him a hermit seed and Vegeta's power tripled. Vegeta would then say that no matter how strong he gets, he's never able to destroy kakarotto. Then after all that, they get their three wishes and wish Chaos and Tien back (they learned the kaio-ken very quickly}, and then Goku would tell dende to make Vegeta as powerful as him so they can fight evenly. At this point, Goku has the same power as in Super Saiyan but he's not a S.S yet. Then Goku and Vegeta travel to another planet where there's no people so they can fight and Goku didn't had to worry about other people getting hurt { there Goku tells Vegeta that He has a new power that he wants to show him and then turns SSJ, Vegeta would then fight Goku with such rage that he'd too turned SSJ}. The Garlic Jr. saga would all be as the original, except Piccolo would be more than a match for Garlic and his possy.Everyting else would go as normal except for some slight changes in the trama, for example Goku and Vegeta would become very close friend after the fight.

Submitted by: William Brendel

What if Goku had used the full day in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train Gohan more and teach him how to use Instant Transmission?

First of all, Gohan’s power level would be even higher than before because of the additional two months in the time chamber. Fast forward to the Cell Games. After Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2, and kicks Cell so hard he threw up Android 18, Cell would have done the whole self-destruction thing. Even though Gohan knew how to do Instant Transmission, he’d never been anywhere else but the original Planet Namek, and it doesn’t exist anymore. Goku would have transported the giant Cell to King Kai’s planet and self-destructed like normal, then somehow come back Perfect just like in the series. Enraged by the death of his father, Gohan would have brought out more of his sleeping powers and eventually defeated Cell with the Kamehameha. (Don’t worry, this is going somewhere.)

Then there’d be the seven years of peace, during which Goku learns the Natamoru Fusion Dance in Heaven, Goten is born and eventually becomes a Super Saiyan, as would Trunks under Vegeta’s training. Gohan would do all his studying and become the Great Saiyaman, and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Finally, we’d get to the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. Tien and Chaozu would show up, but Chaozu wouldn’t fight like Yamcha, because he’s so weak. (Tien would have taken the place of Jewel in the standings.)

1. Krillin VS Punta: Krillin would face Punta in the first round, and kick his butt like normal.

2. Tien VS East Kaioshin: Tien would take on East Kaioshin in round two, but wouldn’t back down like Piccolo did. This would be a great fight, because we’d learn whether or not East Kaioshin is really a wimp like they make him out to be in the real show. East Kaioshin would play around with Tien a little bit, but knowing he has work to do, would finish the fight somewhat quickly with a KO.

3. Videl VS Spopovitch: Videl would fight Spopovitch and lose like normal.

4. The Great Saiyaman VS Hercule: Saiyaman would fight in the next round, but not against Kibito because I want the tournament to last longer. Hercule would be the one to face Saiyaman, and Gohan, being the nice guy that he is, would let Hercule win for a while, but would eventually throw him out of the ring.

5. Goku VS Vegeta: Vegeta finally gets his rematch with Goku in round 5, but in order to conceal their identities and keep people from recognizing them from the Cell Games, wouldn’t become Super Saiyans. This would still be a great fight though, with both warriors using their best moves. Goku would win in the end though, using a Kao Ken to knock Vegeta into the wall that separates the ring from the stands, causing a Ring Out.

6. Mighty Mask (Trunks and Goten) VS Piccolo: Piccolo would fight “Mighty Mask” for a while, but would figure out it was Trunks and Goten when he started glowing yellow with Super Saiyan energy. He would use a ki blast to burn off their costume and expose them, and Trunks and Goten would be disqualified. Then, Piccolo would take the two to Chi Chi and Bulma.

7. Yamu VS Android 18: The two would fight evenly for a while until Yamu decided to stop wasting time and knocks 18 unconscious, surprising all the Z Warriors.

8. Killer VS Kibito: Not wanting to waste time, Kibito Ring Outs Killer.

9. Krillin VS East Kaioshin: East Kaioshin intimidates Krillin because he beat Tien. Krillin is scared throughout the whole fight and eventually gives up when East Kaioshin cancels out Krillin’s Kamehameha Wave.

10. Spopovitch VS The Great Saiyaman: Gohan is already angry with Spopovitch for hurting Videl, (who is now revived thanks to the senzu bean,) so he is ready to fight. After figuring out that Spopovitch can take it without being killed, Gohan fires Masenkos and Kamehamehas left and right, but Spopovitch keeps coming back for more. Angry that he can’t seem to beat Spopovitch, Gohan would lose control and transform into a Super Saiyan, somewhere between Ultimate Super Saiyan 1 and Super Saiyan 2. Yamu would jump on him and poke him with the Majin energy jar while Spopovitch holds him. Meanwhile, East Kaioshin and Kibito keep Goku and the others from going out to try and help him. After Spopovitch and Yamu have the energy they came for, they leave quickly.

East Kaioshin, Goku, Krillin, Tien, 18, Vegeta, and Piccolo would follow Spopovitch and Yamu with Gohan’s stolen energy. Meanwhile, Kibito stays behind to revive Gohan, and once that is accomplished, Kibito, Gohan, Videl, Trunks, and Goten follow the others. Videl eventually leaves the group after hearing the story about Majin Buu because she can’t keep up, and Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Kibito catch up to the other group.

East Kaioshin, Kibito, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Tien, Krillin, 18, and Piccolo follow Spopovitch and Yamu to Babidi’s ship and hide in the mountains. They see Spopovitch and Yamu talking to Babidi, Dabura, and Pui Pui. After Babidi kills Spopovitch and Yamu, he and Pui Pui go inside the ship while Dabura remains outside. Of course, being too stupid to realize the villains are on to them, the Z Warriors are caught off guard. Dabura kills Kibito, and turns Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, Android 18, Trunks, and Goten to stone.

Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan follow Dabura into Babidi’s ship and East Kaioshin reluctantly follows, knowing the dangers. Pui Pui pops up and explains the concept of the ship’s levels. Vegeta fights and kills Pui Pui with ease.

On level 2, Goku has to fight Yakkon. After Babidi turns the terrain to the dark planet, Goku goes Super Saiyan and Yakkon sucks up the light energy Goku is emitting until he explodes.

On level 3, Gohan has to fight the powered-up Dabura. He fights Dabura well, until forced to go Super Saiyan. Because of his extra time in the Time Chamber, Dabura is being beaten so badly, Vegeta has no reason to mock Gohan, so Babidi doesn’t know he used to be evil. Instead of recalling Dabura and turning Vegeta Majin, Babidi has Dabura go after East Kaioshin. East Kaioshin is no match for Dabura, so Dabura can beat him around to gain energy for Buu. No matter how much Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan try to stop him, Dabura won’t stop going after East Kaioshin. After a little while, the egg containing Majin Buu has enough energy to hatch. Babidi recalls a worn out Dabura, and Goku takes East Kaioshin to the Lookout to be healed via Instant Transmission.

Vegeta and Gohan travel deeper into the ship. On level 4, they encounter Babidi’s grunts. Vegeta kills the whole group with a Big Bang, and they proceed. Finally reaching the bottom level, Gohan starts fighting with Dabura again, while Vegeta starts charging a Final Flash to take out Buu’s egg. Babidi transports all of them but Vegeta outside, so he can’t hit the egg with Final Flash. Gohan knocks Dabura unconscious, and starts charging a Kamehameha Wave to blast the egg. By this time, Vegeta has used the Final Flash he was charging to blow up the ship, and starts charging another one for the egg.

Just as they are about to fire, Buu’s egg erupts open and the pink cloud starts hovering. Thinking something went wrong, and being in the egg so long somehow destroyed Buu, Vegeta and Gohan reabsorb the energy they were going to use.

Goku shows up again, and the three start to advance on Babidi. Babidi starts whimpering and begging for mercy, but abruptly stops and looks over their shoulders. Gohan, Vegeta, and Goku turn around to see the cloud start to take shape, and Fat Buu materializes.

Babidi starts his idiotic rejoicing, saying how it’s all over now that he has Buu. Vegeta is unimpressed by Fat Buu, and goes on the offensive. He starts beating on Buu, with enough force to kill a normal man a hundred times at least. He finishes his onslaught with a vicious Gallic Gun. (By this time, Dabura has regained consciousness and has been watching the fight.) Buu has a hole in his stomach from the Gallic Gun, but just giggles and regenerates. He gives Vegeta a hard hit to the gut, another to the chin and smashes him to the ground. Buu imitates Vegeta’s Gallic Gun and destroys him.

Dabura sees how powerful Fat Buu is and knows Babidi can’t possibly control him long. Dabura staggers to his feet and shoots Buu through the stomach with a spear. While Buu is distracted, he uses a Mouth Beam and blows off Buu’s head. Babidi screams at Dabura for killing his new minion, but Buu simply regenerates his head and kills Dabura. This reverses the stone spell Dabura used on Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, 18, Trunks, and Goten. They see Goku and Gohan standing in front of Buu with the craters smoldering where Vegeta and Dabura were killed. They hurry down to help Goku and Gohan.

Krillin and 18 use Destructo Disks to cut Buu into four quarters. Piccolo uses Mouth Beam and Tien uses a Tri-Beam to turn those quarters into piles of Buu sludge. Goku and Goten use Kamehameha Waves on two piles of pink goo, Gohan uses a Masenko on another, and Trunks uses a primitive version of Burning Attack on the last one. But, even after all that, Buu still pulls himself together. Steam starts billowing out his head and arms, and he charges a pink energy attack.

Goku and Gohan quickly have the others touch whichever of them they are closest to, and Instant Transmission everyone to the Lookout. Not wanting them to get hurt, Gohan would go pickup Chi Chi, Bulma, Ox King, Oolong, Master Roshi, etcetera, and Bulma would remind Gohan to grab the Dragonball radar from her house.

Once there, Goku starts explaining the Natamoru Fusion Dance technique to everyone. Trunks, Goten, Gohan, and Goku would start practicing immediately. In the meantime, Buu would get sick of Babidi and kill him, and Hercule would befriend Buu. Gohan and Goku would master the Fusion technique first, and become Gokhan. Still being in the normal mode, Gokhan wouldn’t go fight Buu, because he doesn’t know how to transform inside the fusion yet. Gokhan would be able to restrain Gotenks when he fused, so he wouldn’t run off and fight Buu so soon. After all that training, Chi Chi and Bulma would make Trunks and Goten go rest. Goku, Gohan, and East Kaioshin would sense Buu off on another of his killing sprees, and Instant Transmission to his location.

They would stop Buu dead in his tracks in their normal modes, because they caught him off guard. Goku and Gohan would both go Super Saiyan 2. (Goku wouldn’t go Super Saiyan 3 because you have to be almost the exact same power levels to do Natamoru Fusion.) Goku and Gohan would fuse to Gokhan, and start to pummel Buu. East Kaioshin would charge energy blasts and fire when he had a clear shot. These would distract Buu, and East Kaioshin would confuse him with Instantaneous Movement. Meanwhile, Gokhan would charge his special “fusion move”, the Kamenko Wave. (Kamenko is charged exactly like a Kamehameha, but is gold like Masenko with white electricity around it.) East Kaioshin would get Buu in range of the Kamenko Wave, and Gokhan would fire. The attack would completely obliterate Buu, but he of course would regenerate. Gokhan would continue fighting Buu with hand-to-hand combat, using Super Kao Ken to keep one step ahead. Of course, Buu is really still in control of the fight, and not receiving any real damage. The fusion would eventually break, and Goku would tell East Kaioshin and Gohan to retreat. They would Instant Transmission back to the Lookout, while Goku fights Buu as a Super Saiyan 3. Everyone would be watching from the Lookout, and Gohan would realize that they could have won as Gokhan if he was stronger because then Gokhan would be a Super Saiyan 3.

Of course, being in Super Saiyan 3 mode would extinguish Goku’s power and remaining time. When he started to weaken, Goku would Instant Transmission back to the Lookout, and Baba would show up and tell him he had to come back to Heaven. Gohan would start whining about how if he were stronger, Gokhan would have been able to win. That’s when East Kaioshin would bring up the Z Sword, saying if Gohan mastered it, he would be powerful enough to defeat Buu. Goku would tell Trunks and Goten to train in the Time Travel Room where Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Chaozu trained before the Saiyan Saga, and he, East Kaioshin, and Gohan would all go to the Kai planet in Heaven.

Once on the Kai planet, East Kaioshin would give Gohan the Kai training gi, since he was still wearing his torn up Saiyaman bodysuit. Then they would go and see if Gohan could pull out the Z Sword. Gohan would muster up all his strength and go Super Saiyan 2, and finally yank out the sword. Gohan would break the Z Sword after a few hours, though, releasing Old Kai. Old Kai would offer the awakening of Gohan’s sleeping powers and start the ritual.

The next day, back on Earth, Fat Buu would separate from Bad Buu. They would fight and Bad Buu would win, and absorb Fat Buu and become Majin Buu. Then he would kill the sniper who shot Bee and Hercule, and then his assistant. Majin Buu would see Hercule and Bee, but stop just as he was about to kill them, and fly off to the Lookout because he could sense Gotenks in the Time Travel Room.

At the Lookout, Piccolo would feel Majin Buu coming, and tell Mr. Popo to take Trunks and Goten to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train. After using the Human Extinction Attack, Buu would demand to fight Gotenks, thinking it was Gokhan and wanting a rematch. Piccolo would convince Buu to wait an hour so Gotenks would be ready to fight.

Buu would wait half an hour and get impatient. He tells Piccolo that he wants to fight now. Before Piccolo can start taking Buu on that long walk around the Lookout, Tien and Krillin try their hand at the Fusion Dance, and somehow pull it off. Krien would challenge Buu to a fight, even though he knew he couldn’t possibly win, but he could hold his own against Buu. Krien would convince Buu to fly off to the other side of the planet to fight, so the Lookout wouldn’t get all torn up. Krien would be able to hold off Buu, by using Multi Form and Destructo Delta. (Fusion of Tri Beam and Destructo Disk, Destructo Delta is essentially a triangular Destructo Disk, but works like a boomerang, and can self-destruct. It has the same power as Tri-Beam.) Majin Buu would turn Krien to chocolate and eat him. Krien managed to buy an extra ten minutes for Goten and Trunks in the time chamber, which translates to a couple extra days.

Buu flies back to the Lookout, saying how tasty Krien was, which would upset Marron so much that she would start crying and Buu would eat her, too. Then Android 18 would have her turn with Buu, but wouldn’t give a rip about the Lookout. She would ultimately gain another two or three minutes for Goten and Trunks, before Buu ate her. Piccolo would finally agree to take Buu to the Time Chamber.

Of course he would take the long way around the Lookout, buying Trunks and Goten another good ten minutes or so. Piccolo would contact the boys just like normal, and tell them Buu was on his way to them.

When they reach the Time Chamber, Trunks and Goten would go into their little corny speech and fuse to normal Gotenks. The fight would take place exactly like it did in the show, until Piccolo blows up the door when Gotenks starts acting like he can’t fight anymore. Buu blows the hole through the dimensions, and escapes the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

When he gets outside, he eats everybody else except for Dende, who escapes. Back inside the Time Chamber, a good hour and a half has passed, when Gotenks finally decides to reveal his special move and goes Super Saiyan 3. He’d blow the hole through the dimensions, and he and Piccolo would escape the Time Chamber. Buu would say how tasty the others were, and Gotenks would get all upset and start to fight with Buu again.

This fight would go just like in the series, too, until Gotenks fusion finally wears off. Back on the Kai planet, Gohan’s power rising would have been complete for a while now, but Goku and Gohan would have seen Gotenks transform inside his fusion, and want to try it. When Gotenks fusion wore off, East Kaioshin would use his powers to force Gokhan’s fusion to end, since Goku isn’t allowed to go back to Earth now that he’s used his twenty-four hour pass.

East Kaioshin would take Gohan back to Earth, (remember, Kibito is still dead,) and change his gi to a copy of Goku’s gi. Gohan would go Mystic, and Instant Transmission to fight with Buu. When he gets to battleground, Gohan would start to kick Buu’s butt like normal, and Buu would fake a Self-Destruction blast and leave.

Then Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks, and Goten would find Hercule and Bee, and then Dende. They’d chat for an hour, and Buu would show up again and want to fight with Gotenks. Buu would absorb Gotenks and Piccolo, and become Super Buu. Mystic Gohan is no match for Super Buu, and would be badly beaten.

Back on the Kai planet, East Kaioshin, Old Kai, and Goku would be watching Gohan’s losing fight, and Old Kai would give Goku his life so he could go back to Earth and fuse with Gohan. Old Kai would give Goku the Potara Earrings, but tell Goku not to use them unless Gokhan failed. In the meantime, King Yemma has summoned the deceased Vegeta to his office.

Goku would Instant Transmission back to Earth, and go Super Saiyan 3. Gohan would go Mystic, and they’d do the Fusion Dance. The result would be some kind of Mystic Super Saiyan 3 Gokhan, with Goku’s SSJ3 hair with some black mixed in.

MSSJ3 Gokhan would easily be a match for Super Buu. His Kamenko Wave would now be several times stronger, and is now able to do Mystic Kao Ken and Mystic Spirit Bomb, since they are Kai techniques and Gohan’s Mystic power is from a Kai. Gokhan wouldn’t use Mystic Spirit Bomb, since it takes so long to charge a powerful one, so this fight would go a lot like Vegito’s fight with Super Buu in the series. Then Vegeta would show up from King Yemma’s, and Buu would sense him and fly off to his location so he could absorb him.

Gokhan would Instant Transmission to Vegeta, and tell him that Buu was coming to absorb him. Vegeta would ask who Gokhan was, and Gokhan would tell him that he was a fusion of Goku and Gohan. Vegeta would tell Gokhan to prove it, because he doesn’t know about fusion, and wouldn’t believe it. Buu would show up and Vegeta would go Super Saiyan 2, not knowing how much stronger Buu is now. He’d start fighting with Buu, and be losing badly. While Buu was distracted, Gokhan would start charging a Mystic Spirit Bomb. Buu would throw Vegeta to the ground, not quite dead, but almost. That’s when Gokhan would hit Buu with the Mystic Spirit Bomb. Vegeta would see the bomb, and know that only Goku can use the Spirit Bomb. Now Vegeta believes that Gokhan is who he says he is.

Unfortunately, Vegeta didn’t buy Gokhan quite enough time to charge the Mystic Spirit Bomb properly, so Super Buu is still alive. Gotenks fusion would wear off inside Buu, and Gokhan would start to fight him again. Buu is now much weaker than Gokhan, and would be losing badly. Buu would activate one of his fallen limbs that are lying around and use it to absorb Vegeta. His power would go up enough so he is above his power after he absorbed Gotenks, but his Piccolo cape wouldn’t turn into the Saiyan bodysuit. Inside Buu, the events after Vegito was absorbed would take place, just without Goku being there.

At this point, Gokhan’s fusion would wear off, and Buu would be the strongest one again. Goku and Gohan would try to fight him separately, but it wouldn’t go to well. After a little fighting, Goku would take out the Potara Earrings, and tell Gohan to put it on. The pair would fuse into a being with almost as much power in his normal mode as Gokhan had as a MSSJ3. He would sit there and try to decide what his name should be, since he was most decidedly not Gokhan. He would turn towards Buu and declare himself Gohaku, and start giving Buu the beating of his life.

Gohaku would transform into a Super Saiyan 1, and get ready to kill Buu. All of a sudden, Vegeta pops out, carrying Trunks, Goten, and Piccolo’s pods. They’d pop back to normal size, and Buu would start having his little seizures. Vegeta and Gohaku would comment on how powerful Buu was becoming. Gohaku would try to kill Buu with a Super Kamenko, but it has no effect with Buu powering up so much. He’s now even more powerful than Gohaku at SSJ1, in his bulky, muscley form. Vegeta would go Super Saiyan and try a Final Flash, but this of course, wouldn’t work either. The bulky Buu would emit a huge cloud of steam, and when it cleared, you’d see Kid Buu.

Vegeta and Gohaku would try to fight Kid Buu together, but it wouldn’t go very well. Kid Buu would finally start charging his Planet Destruction Bomb, and Gohaku and Vegeta would run for it. Gohaku would grab Hercule and Dende, but East Kaioshin would pop up and Instantaneous Movement them to the Kai planet before he could grab Trunks, Goten, and Piccolo.

Gohaku and Vegeta would be watching in the crystal ball as Kid Buu destroyed planet after planet. Buu would suddenly stop and Instant Transmission to the Grand Kai’s planet. There, Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Chaozu would try to fight with Kid Buu, as would Pikkon and Olibu. Nobody would be able stop Buu, though.

Buu would start to charge his planet destruction bomb again, and Vegeta and Gohaku would try to call Buu to them by raising their power levels. Buu would sense them, and Instant Transmission to the Kai Planet.

Forgetting about Hercule and Bee, East Kaioshin would Instantaneous Movement himself, Old Kai, and Dende to the grassy planet, and the fight would ensue. Gohaku would win the Rock Paper Scissors contest, and start to fight. The fight would go a lot like Goku’s fight with Buu is the series. Eventually, Gohaku would tire out, and Kid Buu would kill him. This would break Gohaku’s fusion, and Goku and Gohan would lie there, exhausted.

Vegeta would try to fight Buu, but would start to lose quickly. Seeing everyone getting beaten, Hercule would step up and try to fight Buu. Kid Buu would try to kill Hercule, but couldn’t do it because Fat Buu was still inside him. Kid Buu would start to have his seizures, and Vegeta would formulate his plan about the Spirit Bomb.

The rest of the fight would go normally, just with Gohan being on the Kai planet, and Kibito being on Earth with Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten.

The main changes:

· Gohan was strong enough for Vegeta to not mock him, so he never transformed into Majin Vegeta.

· Gohan learned the Fusion Dance.

· Vegeta never used the Potara Earrings.

· Neither did Kibito or East Kaioshin.

East Kaioshin was actually shown to be a decent fighter







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