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Pojo's Dragonball - What If?

-MEW- What if Vegeta went with the Z fighters to the lookout after the Cell Games? -Submitted by Steelcan93
After 18 was healed and Gohan discovered Krillin's secret, Vegeta would immeadiatly critisize him. She would remember his strengh and run away. Vegeta would demand to resurrect Trunks so the first wish would be to revive all killed by Cell. The next wish would be for his (Vegeta's) immortality. So later on he cannot die when fighting Majin Boo. What if Goku had given the heart virus to Gohan? ? -Submitted by
Goku and Gohan would die. Trunks would be the only Z Fighter left after the androids killed Piccolo, Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Vegeta. When he grew older, he would discover what had happened and be so ticked that he would go Super Saiyan. He would battle the Androids and be defeated many times. The Androids would get fed up with him interfering and would threaten to kill everyone on the planet. Trunks would get ticked and go Super Saiyan 2. He would easily kill the Androids. He would go back in time as soon as Bulma finished the Time Machine. He would kill Frieza and King Kold. He would tell Goku about the androids and give him two bottles of antidote for the virus: one for Goku, one for Gohan. He would go back to the future. He would loom for Dr. Gero's lab just in case any more Androids would show up.

He would eventually find it and destroy everything, including the hidden bunker containing the larvae cell. He would train for three years. He would go back to help the Z Fighters. He would kill the androids there with ease. Cell might still show up but would be easily killed by Trunks. Trunks would return to the future. He would live in peace fore the rest of his life.

What if Future Gohan survived his fight with the Androids? ? -Submitted by
He would be extremely wounded. He would fl with Trunks to Korin's to get more senzu beans. Korin would give them the beans and tell them to train in the Room of Time and Spirit (Hyperbolic Time Chamber) to boost their power levels. Trunks and Gohan would go up to Kami's and train there for a day in the R.O.T.A.S. (Room of Time and Spirit). While in there, Trunks would go Super Saiyan. Gohan would tap into his hidden power and go Super Saiyan 2. Both he and Trunks would go back in time and warn Goku about the Androids.

Trunks and Future Gohan would kill the Androids in the future and go to the present and help the Z Fighters kill the Androids and Cell. They would return to the future and kill Cell when he showed up. The rest of the future would be peaceful.

What if Goku had married Bulma? -Submitted by
There would be no Gohan, but Goku would still have a strong son. This son would do what Gohan did and get mad at Raditz for hurting Goku. However, because Goku married Bulma instead of Chi Chi, who is stronger, this son would be weaker than Gohan. When he head butted Raditz, nothing would really happen. Raditz would kill everyone and blow up Earth.

What if Pikkon was wished back by the Nameks during the 25th World Tournament? -Submitted by
Pikkon would get another chance to fight Goku. He would have improved a lot since the Other World Tournament. Goku would still win the battle with his Super Saiyan 3 form. Babidi, Boo, and Dabura would show up. Pikkon would regain his strength with a senzu bean. He, Goku, and Gohan would start to fight the three villains. Gohan would easily defeat and kill Dabura. Babidi would be dead within seconds against Pikkon. Goku would be a lot stronger than Boo after the battle with Pikkon. He would easily finish off Boo. Goku would return to Other World. Gohan would have Dende contact his fellow Nameks and have them wish Goku back. Piccolo and Pikkon would live on Dende's Lookout. When Pilaf would come to wish on the Dark Star Dragonballs, Pikkon would stop him and destroy the balls. He and Piccolo would continue to train. Bebi would arrive. Pikkon would battle Bebi and easily kill him. Super 17 would show up later. Pikkon would battle him. Pikkon would manage to severely injure Super 17 but nothing more. Pikkon would be left for dead. Piccolo would come and feed him a senzu bean. Goku would arrive in Super Saiyan 3 form and fight Super 17. He would not be strong enough to beat him. 17 would kill people just out of spite for Goku. Goku would be enraged and change into a Golden Ozarru. Pikkon and Piccolo would be stunned. Goku would stomp around and have to be calmed down by Piccolo and Pikkon. Goku would calm down and go Super Saiyan 4. He would easily kill Super 17. The evil Shenlong saga would never take place. Goku would stay alive.

What if Bardock escaped the blast? -Submitted by
Bardock would have snuck aboard Frieza's ship. He would have stolen a pod and flown to a planet with a regeneration chamber. He would have healed. He would have gone to different planets and stopped Frieza's men from conquering them. He would have done this for years. He would have overheard Raditz's transmission to Vegeta and Nappa about the dragonballs. He would have traveled to Earth and met his grandson Gohan. He would have trained with Piccolo and Gohan to battle Nappa and Vegeta. He would have gotten stronger than Vegeta over the years. Vegeta and Nappa would arrive on Earth. Goku would be wished back. Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu would be killed by Nappa. Goku would arrive to see Bardock fighting Nappa. Nappa would be humiliated. Bardock would kill Nappa. Goku would ask who Bardock is. Bardock would reveal that he is Goku's father. Father and son would fight Vegeta. Vegeta would feel that he would need a distraction to escape, so he would kill Piccolo. Vegeta would escape. Bulma, Krillin, Goku, Gohan, and Bardock would all go to Namek. On the way there, Goku and Bardock would train at 100X normal gravity. Vegeta would heal and go to Namek. The things he would do on Namek would not change except for the fact that he would not be able to steal Krillin's dragonball with Goku and Bardock around. All of Frieza's henchmen would be dead. The Ginyu Force would easily be taken care of. Picolo would be wished back and wished to Namek. Guru would die. Frieza would show up. The battle for Namek would begin. Bardock would be so enraged by seeing Frieza again, he would charge into battle and start beating Frieza. Frieza would try to transform. For a distraction, Frieza would shoot a beam of energy toward Krillin, lift him upm and kill him. Goku would be really mad. He would go Super Saiyan and kill Frieza. Everyone, including Piccolo and Vegeta, would return to Earth. The dragonballs there would be used to bring back all the Nameks killed by Frieza and his henchmen. The Nameks would wish Krillin back with the remaining wish. 133 days would pass, and Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu would be wished back. Another 133 days would pass, and Krillin would be wished to Earth. Garlic Jr. would show up but would eventually end up back in the Dead Zone. King Kold would come to Earth to get revenge for Frieza's death. Goku would easily kill him. Trunks would come from the future, tell Goku about the Androids, and go home. The Z Warriors would train for three years. During that time, Bardock's youth would be restored with the dragonballs. Chi Chi would force Goku, Piccolo, and Bardock to take the driving test. Bardock and Vegeta would learn how to go Super Saiyan. The day would come when the Androids would appear. Goku would kill Android 19. Android 20 would run away and go to his lab. Vegeta would kill 20. 16 would try to kill Goku but would be blasted to pieces by Bardock. 17 and 18 would awaken and gang up on Goku. Bardock and Vegeta would try to stop the Androids but would fail. Seeing his grandfather and father hurt, Gohan would go Super Saiyan. The Androids would continue to beat on Goku. Gohan would become enraged and go Super Saiyan 2. Before he could make a move, however, the other Z Warriors would try to take out the Androids. They would easily be defeated. Both Goku and Gohan would be mad.

Goku would go Super Saiyan 2, and Gohan would go Super Saiyan 3. The Androids would easily be destroyed. Cell would show up. Piccolo would fuse with Kami to fight Cell. He would go and kill Cell. Goku would go to train in the hyperbolic time chamber for a normal Earth day to try and become as strong as Gohan. He would come out able to go Super Saiyan 3. The 25th World Tournament would still take place. It would come down to Chibi Trunks in first and Goten in second in the Junior Division. Bardock would fight Vegeta in a battle that would give them enough power to go Super Saiyan 2. The fight would go on for a long time. Bardock would get angry because of how long it was taking to beat Vegeta. He would go Super Saiyan 3. Vegeta would lose the match. Gohan would fight his grandfather in Super Saiyan 3 but would lose because of Bardock's superior tactics. Goku and Bardock would fight. Goku would beat Bardock because of his knowledge of kai attacks, his ability to create mirror images of himself, and his determination. Babidi, Boo, and Dabura would show up. All the Saiyans would attack at once and overcome them. Babidi, Boo, and Dabura would easily be killed. King Kai would congratulate Goku and ask if Earth needed a new guardian. Goku would say yes, and King kai would go and get Dende. New dragonballs would be made.

Pilaf would gather the new dragonballs and try to wish for world domination. Dende would have made the balls so they would only be able to grant a wish if he spoke it. All of Pilaf's hard work would have been in vain. Bebi would come to Earth and be defeated by all the Super Saiyans. The universe would be a peaceful place from now on.

What if Frieza killed Piccolo, then Krillin? -Submitted by
Killing Piccolo would be enough to make Goku and Gohan go Super Saiyan. Frieza killing Krillin would make them go Super Saiyan 2. They would kill Frieza and go home. There would be no dragonballs to wish the Nameks back with. Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, all the Nameks, and Vegeta would be dead forever. The Androids would show up and be defeated by Goku and Gohan. Cell would also easily be killed. Goku and Gohan would train. They would find a way to go Super Saiyan 3. Boo would be released by Babidi and Dabura. If Goku and Gohan attacked together in Super Saiyan 3 form or fused, Boo, Babidi, and Dabura would all easily be killed. Bebi would come to Earth, though, and possess Goku or Gohan. Bebi would kill the one not possessed and destroy Earth.


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