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Pojo's Dragonball - What If?

What if Piccolo hadn't been such a blabber-mouth and not mentioned the Dragon Balls to Raditsu?- Submitted by Saiyan141
The entire Vegeta/Nappa and Freezer Sagas would disappear, the Androids would later kill everyone, since they didn't have any need to train, and nobody would ever become a Super Saiya-jin!!!

What if Cell could absorb Android #16? By:Slade the Dude with tude
Cell woulnd destroy 16 in the cell Games hes absorb him and then Gohan would go SSJ2 over 16 being absorbed.As for Cell hed become Super Perfect Cell and his form would change and he would be like 20 times stronger than he was before.Then seeing Gohans power was no match for his power he would destroy the Earth seeing he no equal.Goku would then try to stop him going SSJ3 which would have no effect what so ever and the everything the Z Warriors did to stop Cell would help at all and Cell would destroy the Earth with a giant Kamahame Wave and disapear into space looking for planets to destoy and what ever life was out there.Cell would be the only person in the Universe Alive and sooner or later he get lonly and destroy himself cause there was no one to fight and no one left to destroy.

What if Bulma looked for the Four- Star Dragon Ball last? By: Spiderman Daredevil

If Bulma had looked for the 4 star ball last than Bulma would have been
killed by Pilaf. Pilaf would have sent Chou and Mai to Goku’s house and
they would have died. Then Pilaf would get more men to try and kill him they
would all fail. Pilaf would then try to go to Goku’s himself and would die.
Goku would have continued living in his house and never meet any of his
gang. Piccolo Diamo wouldn’t have been released. And then the Red Ribbon
Army will come. Due to Goku’s lack of training from Roshi Goku wouldn’t
stand a chance against General Blue or Tao Pai Pai. The end result is that
black will rule the world

What if Goku and Gohan went in the hyperbolic time chamber twice in the Cell saga?
Goku would probably acheive Super Saiyain 2.When battling Cell Goku would go SS2 and whoop Cell's butt. Goku would get tired and Cell would blow up the ring.Cell would Kill 16 and Krillin maybe causing Gohan and Goku to go SS3.Goku and Gohan would simply blast and Kill Cell.Buu would be killed by goku and Gohan. Eventally They would discover SS5 and SS4 and SS6 and be the most powerful fighters that ever existed.Vegeta would always be one step behind and The Majin Vegeta saga would end rather quickly.

What if Kami never split with Piccolo but became gaurdian of Earth? Submitted
Krillin and Chaotzuwould not die.Goku would have never battled Piccolo and Goku would die from Raditz.Gohan would get mad and kill Raditz.They'd train to fight the sayians.Gohan would be trained by Roshi. would train Gohan so Gohan learned Kamehameha sooner.Krillin,Gohan and the other fighters would battle the Saiyains.The saibemen would be killed by Krillin.Then Nappa would kill Tein,Chaotzu,and Yamcha.Goku would come and it would be like it was the regular saeson.Goku trained under King kai.They'd go off looking for Dragon balls.When it was wish time Tein would probably be wshed back.Tein would replace Piccolo against Freiza.It would pretty much be the same.After Trunks came Krillin would probablt train with Goku and Gohan.When battleing 20 Vegeta would probably not let enyone but himself battle 20.Tein would fight Cell instead of Piccolo.They'll have all of the hyperbolic time chamber stuff.They'd build that remote.Cell would come when Tein the one who is replacing Piccolo is battleing 17.Tein and 17 would get beat up.16 would fight Cell.In the Cell battle Cell would have no regeneration Cell's so 16 would probably kill him.Not much would change in the Buu saga.

What if Cell had to absorb Andriod 16-20 to become complete?
Cell would go into the past ,battle Piccolo and learn 19 and 20 were killed. Trunks would arive with the others so Cell would use solar flare find Trunk's time machine and go a little earlier.Cell would arrive just when Vegeta went super saiyain.Cell would tell everyone about him and 20 would willingly be absorbed.19 being loyal to Dr.Gero would be next.Gohan would try to stop Cell from absorbing 19.19 would fly off to awaken 17,18,and 16.Gohan wolud lose and 19 would wake up the andriods.17 would convince 19 too forget about Dr.Gero and hang out with 17,18, and 16.19 would join them.Cell would be looking for them while the Z-warriors fight 17,18 and 19.Krillin would try to make them stop but they wouldn't.19 would ask if he could absorb some of 17's ki so he could be as powerful s 16(17 and 18 didn't know how strong 16 was)so 19 would now be super strong.They would stael the car and have those road adventtures when looking for Goku.Piccolo would fuse with Kami and Vegeta and Trunks would go in the hyperbolic time chamber. Cell would arrive when Piccolo and 17 are fighting.17 and 16 would be absorbed.19 would try but also get absorbed.Then 18.It would pretty much be the same Dbz from there.Except now 19 will be a Z-fighter helping out against Buu.

What if Piccolo had sacrificed his life in the fight against Raditz rather
than Goku? By: Spunky Monkey

Firstly, Goku would want to train Gohan but because he wouldn't treat him
so harshly as Piccolo did he wouldn't develop as well. Piccolo wouldn't
make a friend and his heart would remain evil. While Piccolo travelled to
King Kai's, the others would train. However Goku wouldn't develop either
into being as good as he was.

Along Snake Way Piccolo would advance quicker than Goku did as he is more
sensible and he would never of fallen off into HFIL or been tricked by
Princess Snake. Therefore he would have got to King Kai's place a few
months earlier. However this wouldn't have mattered as King Kai would
refuse to train Piccolo as he couldn't make him laugh. Piccolo being the
serious type would have got angry at King Kai's childish antics and started
a fight. But not used to the gravity on the planet he would have easily
been defeated by the Kai and forever sent to the HFIL.

Meanwhile back on Earth, the Saiyans would arrive and easily defeat the Z
fighters despite them putting up a brave fight. The evil warriors having
succeeded in their mission to defeat or recruit Goku (remember Piccolo's
gone and therefore Kami too so there are no Dragonballs for them) and so
proceed to destroy the planet.

Next Vegeta and Nappa would seek out the Namek Dragonballs, but without the
help of the now dead Krillin, Gohan, Goku and Piccolo they would fail and
Frieza would get his wish for immortality. He would destroy the remaining
Saiyans and continue as ruler of the Universe having killed all the Naameks.

Cell would never be created, but Babidi would probably find some way to
ressurect Majinn Buu. Buu would go on a rampage throughout the Universe
until he came into contact with Frieza and his men(Buu would still be under
the control of Babidi since Goku was dead and couldn't point out the
obvious flaw in their relationship). Buu would easily overwhelm Freiza,
eating Zarbon, Dodoria and the Ginyu force along the way, but would be
unable to finish of the evil dictator as he is now immortal. Babidi would
take over Freiza's corrupt heart, similar to Dabora's, making him another
evil henchmen known as Majinn-Frieza.

Buu's rampage would continue throughout the stars until he eventually got
sick of taking orders and destroyed Babidi. Dabura would probably attack in
retaliation as would Frieza as the are both Majinn, but Buu would kill the
demon lord and silence Frieza. The 2 would form an uneasy alliance as
neither can destroy the other. Their destruction would continue across
galaxies until they met up with Bebi. He would takeover Buu's body and
Majinn Frieza would attack. Bebi Buu would absorb Freiza and they would
become Bebi Frieza Majinn Buu the ultimate bad guy. He would be out of
control and destroy the Universe.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Kai would train Other World's mightiest warrior-
Pikkon to take on the evil beast and all our old DBZ buddies would train
too under King Kai. A huge battle would ensue between an army all the dead
warriors, the Kai's led by the now mighty Pikkon and Bebi Frieza Majinn
Buu. The Monster would easily win being able to regenerate any attack not
to mention being immortal. He would either kill, eat or absorb his enemies
and destroy Other World as well. Alll exsistence would have ended. There
would only be Bebi Frieza Majinn Buu sitting alone in darkness. And all
because one Namek died instead of a Saiyan!!!!


What if Vegeta never existed? By: Steven P.

After the battle with Raditz, Raditz would send the information about the
Dragon Balls to Nappa. Nappa would come to Earth alone and kill all the Z
fighters except Gohan. The only reason Krillin survived in the real series
was that Vegeta called a 3 hour truce to wait for Goku. Nappa of course
would keep fighting non-stop. Gohan would have one of his power surges
after seeing Krillin die and hold out until Goku arrived. Goku, of course,
would defeat Nappa but allow him to leave Earth. Goku, Gohan, and Bulma
would go to Namek, as would Nappa, to search for the Dragon Balls there.
Nappa wouldn't last long, because he would be stupid enough to go straight
to Frieza to grab the Dragon Balls. Nappa might be strong enough to beat
Dodoria, but Zarbon and Frieza would easily annihilate him. Meanwhile, Goku
and Gohan would rescue Dende from Frieza. Goku would realize that he and
Gohan would have to get stronger to challenge Frieza. Bulma would build a
Graviton chamber using the remains of Kami's spaceship while Goku and Gohan
went to visit Guru. Goku and Gohan would get power-ups and the Dragon Ball
from Guru. Meanwhile, Frieza would have gathered the six other Dragon Balls
and tracked down the seventh by the time Goku and Gohan returned to Bulma.
Frieza would send Zarbon to get this Dragon Ball, but Goku and Gohan would
easily defeat him. Either Zarbon would die in the fight, or more likely,
Frieza would kill Zarbon when Zarbon returned to the base. Goku and Gohan
would spend the next few days training under high gravity while Frieza sent
for the Ginyu Force. The Ginyu Force would come for the Dragon Ball, but
again Goku and Gohan would have no trouble defeating them. Goku and Gohan
would train some more until Frieza decided to come for the Dragon Ball
Goku and Gohan would fight Frieza but start having trouble when Frieza
powered up. Goku would decide that he needs some help and would tell Gohan
to find the other Dragon Balls to wish the other Z Fighters back. Gohan and
Dende would find the other Dragon Balls with the Dragon Radar and use them
to wish Piccolo back and bring him to Namek. Guru would still die before
the third wish was uttered. Piccolo would fuse with Nail,and Piccolo, Gohan
and Dende would go back to the battlefield. Eventually Dende would be
killed and Piccolo critically injured by Frieza. Gohan would think Piccolo
was dead and go Super Saiyan. Gohan would keep up with Frieza at first but
would eventually begin to struggle. Goku, passionate about Gohan's
situation, would go Super Saiyan too, and Frieza wouldn't have a chance.
Goku would try to spare Frieza at first, but Gohan would kill Frieza when
Frieza tries his last sneak attack. Frieza would still destroy Namek, and
Dende would have to rush to make the last wish on the Namek Dragon Balls to
wish everybody off the planet before it blew up. Of course, the wish on the
Earth's Dragon Balls would have to have been made to bring all of Frieza's
victims back to life first. Back on Earth, Krillin and Yamcha would be
brought to life again with the Namek Dragon Balls. A little later, Tien and
Chiaotzu would be wished back, and the Nameks would depart for their new
Garlic Jr. would present little or no challenge to Goku and Gohan. Neither
would King Kold, who would come to avenge Frieza. Bulma and Yamcha would
get married, and Trunks, of course, wouldn't come to warn about the
Androids. Nevertheless, Bulma and Yamcha would probably have a son who
would come to warn about the Androids, and Goku and Gohan would prepare for
them. They'd quickly destroy 19 and go after 20, who would awaken 17 and 18
just before Goku and Gohan caught up with him. Goku and Gohan would
probably heed the advice of Bulma and Yamcha's son and train in the
Hyperbolic Time Chamber before challenging the Androids. Goku and Gohan
would finish training and catch up to Cell before Cell caught up with the
other Androids. Cell would try to buy himself some time by using a pitch
like this:
"Truly you are warriors worthy to fight along side of me! I apologize for
destroying the lives of so many innocents, but it was the only way for me to
gather enough strength to fight the true enemy. As you might know, the
other Androids were made to destroy you. And they will continue from there
to conquer the whole planet. I was sent back in time to defeat the
Androids. I wasn't sure if I could do it at first, but now that you two are
here, I'm sure we will succeed!"
Gohan would doubt Cell's intentions, but Goku would eventually agree to
Cell's proposal. They'd track down the three Androids and defeat them
easily. Before Goku and Gohan could react, though, Cell would spring his
plot and quickly absorb 17 and 18, evolving to his perfect form. Goku and
Gohan would have a significant challenge on their hands but would still have
the upper hand against Cell. Finally, Cell would detonate. Goku wouldn't
be able to teleport Cell away (he was never on Yardrat to learn
teleportation), so Goku, Gohan, and the Earth would be destroyed. Cell
would regenerate, provided he was able to fight Piccolo and take on some of
his cells, and look for challengers on other planets. King Kai would
contact the Nameks and tell them to use the Dragon Balls to wish the Earth
and Cell's victims back. Goku and Gohan would find an uninhabited planet to
fight on and raise their power levels so that Cell would come looking for
them. This time, they would destroy Cell without a trace before he could
detonate again.
Goku and Gohan would return to Earth and have peace for 7 years. Goten
would be born, and I'd bet that Goku and Chi Chi would have a third kid,
perhaps a daughter. Little Sister would eventually become almost as strong
as Goku, Gohan, and Goten and become the only female Super Saiyan.
Eventually, Babidi would come and start gathering energy to awaken Majin
Buu. Babidi would mind control Piccolo (awakening Piccolo's old nature when
he consdered Goku his bitterest rival at the end of Dragon Ball) and set him
to fight Goku as a final energy surge for Majin Buu. Eventually, Kami's
nature would win out in Majin Piccolo and break Babidi's spell, but Majin
Buu would have awakened by this time. Goku and Gohan would fight Buu first
but lose, both being left for dead. The Supreme Kai would heal them and
take them to his planet to train. In the meantime, Piccolo would teach
Goten and Little Sister the Namekian fusion technique (yeah, I know, a
hermaphrodite Z fighter sounds REALLY weird, but I'd bet something like that
could come out of anime someday).
Buu would devastate most of the Earth before Goten and Little Sister would
master the fusion and then train some more. By that time, Buu would have
tracked them down. From this point, the series would go much like the real
series up until Goku and Gohan returned from the Supreme Kai Planet, with
the Goten/Little Sister fusion taking the place of Gotenks. They would stay
fused permanently, though, and give Buu a good fight until Goku and Gohan
arrived. Buu would see that Gohan, especially, would be too strong for him,
so he would absorb Goten/Little Sister and Piccolo to even the odds. The
Old Kai would then give Goku and Gohan the earrings to fuse into Gokan.
Without too much trouble, Gokan would annihilate Buu.
Gokan then would plead with the Supreme Kai to take him to New Namek to use
the Dragon Balls. First, all of Buu's victims and the earth would be wished
back. Next, Gokan and Goten/Little Sister would be separated again (I
certain Chi Chi would have a conniption fit if they stayed fused!).
Finally, Goku would wish Buu back as a good person.
Dragon Ball GT wouldn't be too much different except that Trunks wouldn't be
along in the search for the Black Star Dragon Balls. Also, Goku wouldn't be
able to fuse with Vegeta at the end, so he'd somehow fuse with Gohan again
to defeat Ii Shenron.
All in all, the world may have been a little better without Vegeta around,
but not much.

What if Mr. PoPo discovered the truth about the Dark Star Dragonballs before GT Possible Consequence 1? -Submitted by
Goku would destroy them before a wish could be made. 9 months later, Bebi would come to Earth and possess everyone ending the series

What if Gohan had listened to Goku and killed Cell when he told him to? -Submitted by
Gohan would be the winner of the Cell Games. He would become known as the person who saved earth from Cell. The whole Other World Tournament saga would not take place because Goku and King Kai would still be alive. Krillin would eventually marry 18 and have a daughter named Marron. Goku would eat a senzu bean to restore his power and would have the ability to go Super Saiyan 2. Goku would be alive to see Goten born. Chi Chi wouldn't let Gohan or Goten ever stop studying because her attitude about that would not change because Goku hadn't died. Goku would train and find a way to go Super Saiyan 3. The rest of DBZ would turn out the same.

What If Goku didn't know Instant Transmission? -Submitted by
First of all, Goku would not be able to bring Dende to Earth. There would be no dragonballs on Earth, so no one Cell killed could be brought back. The Cell Games would still be the same except for the fact that Goku wouldn't be able to teleport Cell to King Kai's planet once Cell blew himself up. He would explode and take the Earth and everything on it with him. Cell would regenerate himself and conquer every planet in the universe.

What if Krillin had married Marron? -Submitted by
Marron would want to go everywhere Krillin would go. She would annoy the heck out of Chi Chi and Bulma. She would want to learn how to fly. Krillin would teach her. She wouldn't want Krillin to train for three years to battle the Androids, but he would tell her she could train with him. She would allow him to train. By the end of the three years, Krillin would be a dad. The battle with 19 and 20 would still be the same except for Marron being there and annoying 20. The battle with 17 and 18 would be the same except for the fact that Krillin wouldn't get kissed by 18. The whole Imperfect to Near-Perfect Cell thing would be the same except for the fact that Krillin would have no problem whatsoever pushing the button Bulma created to shut down 18. Krillin would blast her into smithereens before 16 could find out where he was as soon as he deactivated her. Cell would now be stuck in his Near-Perfect form. Vegeta or Trunks (Most likely Trunks) would kill cell. Trunks would return to his time and kill the Androids and Cell there. Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo would all train over the next seven years, but first Dende would be brought to Earth to be the new Guardian. Gohan would figure out a way to release his hidden power and then go Super Saiyan 2. Goku would make it to Super Saiyan 2 and 3. The whole Other World Tournament Saga wouldn't exist. The rest of the series would be the same.

What if there was no Bulma? -Submitted by
Goku would have never started his search for the dragonballs. Shao and Mai would come for the four-star dragonball. Goku would defeat them and take their dragonballs. Goku would lose to Yamcha in the desert because there would be no Bulma to scare him away. Yamcha would steal his dragonballs and stay evil. Goku would eventually meet Master Roshi and train under him with Krillin. The rest of Dragonball would pretty much stay the same. In Dragonball Z, Goku would die from the heart virus because Trunks would never come to give him the cure because Bulma would never create the time machine or give birth to Trunks because she wouldn't exist.

What if Kaio didn't give his life for Goku but still trained Gohan? -Submitted by
Gohan would come in his Ultimate form and kill Vegeta. Gohan would realize that he would never see Goku again. Something would snap. Gohan would go Super Saiyan 3. He would power up all the way and go to battle Boo. He would kill Boo right away. Years would pass, and Pilaf would show up at Kami's place. Gohan would stop him from using the Dark Star dragonballs and kill him. The rest of GT would be the same except for the fact that Goku would be dead, and Gohan would have to do what his father did in the series.

What if Goku had held onto Raditz's tail? -Submitted by
Piccolo would have killed Raditz. Vegeta and Nappa wouldn't have come to avenge him because they would have given a crap. The Namek and Frieza sagas wouldn't exist. The Garlic Jr. saga would still come and go. The Androids would wipe out all the Z Warriors even if Trunks warned them about them because they would have been taking it easy.

What if Gohan also went Super Saiyan when Frieza killed Krillin? -Submitted by
Goku's strength alone could finish, but he would probably let Gohan help kill Frieza. Then again, Gohan could be more ticked off than Goku after seeing his mentor and best friend both hurt by Frieza. Gohan could kill Frieza in one blast. All the Nameks and Vegeta could be wished back with the help of the Earth's dragonballs and King Kai. The Namekian dragon would return with Guru alive. The Nameks would wish for their planet to be restored. Dende would heal Piccolo. The Z Fighters and Vegeta would stay on Namek until the dragonballs had power again. Krillin would be wished back. Yamcha and Tien would also be wished back. The Nameks would promise that they would wish Chiaotzu back, and the Z Warriors and Vegeta would return to Earth. They would face Garlic Jr. together. Vegeta, thinking he could kill him, would give it everything he had. Vegeta would realize he wasn't strong enough and get ticked off. He would go Super Saiyan. Garlic Jr. would open the Dead Zone to suck Vegeta in, but Vegeta would blast Garlic into the Dead Zone easily. Chiaotzu would be wished back by the Nameks. King Kold would go to Namek and find out who killed his son. He would take Cooler with him to Earth. Goku and Gohan would kick some Frieza family ass. King Kold and Cooler would be dead within a few minutes. Trunks would show up from the future and inform every one of the Androids. The Z Warriors would train for three years. In that time, Goku would get the heart virus and use the medicine Trunks gave him to cure it. He would heal and be just fine. He and Gohan would train with Piccolo and go Super Saiyan 2. Vegeta would be furious. He would train until he could go Super Saiyan 2, too. He would find that he just wouldn't be able to do it. The three years of training would end. The Z Warriors would go to fight the Androids. They would wait with Bulma and Chibi Trunks on the island 9 miles southwest of South City. The Androids would show up. They would still be 19 and 20. 19 would easily be destroyed. 20 would run away. The Z Warriors would follow him back to his lab. They would kill him before he had the chance to awaken Android 16, 17, and 18. Goku and Gohan would kill these three easily. Cell would appear a few days later. Piccolo would fuse with Kami to become stronger. Goku wouldn't be able to go get Dende to make new dragonballs to bring back everyone Cell killed because he wouldn't know Instant Transmission since he didn't go to Planet Yardvek to learn it. Cell would tell Piccolo his origin during their battle. Piccolo would tell Cell that the Androids had already been destroyed. Cell would try his best to kill Piccolo but would eventually get killed. Goku would ask King Kai if there was a quicker way to get to Namek than taking a ship. King Kai would use Instant Transmission to get to Goku and would teach it to him. Dende would create new dragonballs, and Goku would gather them up. The dragon would be summoned. The first wish would be to bring back all those killed by Cell. The wish would be granted. Krillin would ask Goku if he could wish back Androids 16, 17, and 18. Trunks and Goku would think he was nuts. Krillin would explain that they didn't do anything wrong. He would also say that 18 is kind of cute. Everyone would laugh at him but let him make the wish. Krillin would go to Dr. Gero's lab and wake up the Androids. He would tell them that they had been wished back with the dragonballs but would be killed again if they did anything wrong. Krillin would tell them that he had suggested that they be wished back. The Androids would thank him. They would tell him that they were going to kill Goku. Krillin would tell them that they don't have a chance. The Androids would scan for Goku's power. They would find it to be superior to theirs. The Androids would forget about killing Goku and live peacefully on Earth. Krillin and 18 would eventually marry and have a daughter named Marron. Gohan would study until Chi Chi would allow him breaks. He would then train with his dad. Goku and Gohan would find a way to tap deeper into their powers and go Super Saiyan 3. Goku would have sex with Chi Chi and have a son named Goten. Goten would grow to be as strong as Gohan was at age 5. Goku would train Goten and help him go Super Saiyan. Vegeta would make Chibi Trunks go Super Saiyan as soon as he learned to crawl. Meanwhile, in the future, Trunks would have destroyed the Androids and Cell. He would have had King Kai bring Dende to Earth. He would have had Dende make new dragonballs. Trunks would wish back everyone killed by Cell, the Androids, and the heart virus. Unfortunatly, Babidi would come to Earth looking for Boo. The Z Warriors would kill Babidi and Dabura. The rest of the future would be peaceful. Back in the present, the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament would take place. Every Z Warrior would enter. Gohan would win the Junior Division with his Super Saiyan 3 form. Vegeta would go Super Saiyan 2 and battle Super Saiyan 3 Goku in the finals. Goku would win. Hercule would be at the tournament and call all the kai attacks magic tricks. Babidi and Dabura would show up and release Boo. Goku would fight Boo and run out of power. Boo would beat the crap out of Goku. Gohan would battle Boo but would also be defeated. Boo would threaten to kill Gohan. This would make Goku mad. Goku would automatically go Super Saiyan4 skipping the Golden Oozaru stage. Goku would kick Boo's ass. Goku would kill Babidi, Boo, and Dabura. Everything would be peaceful on earth once again. The dragon would bring back anyone killed by Boo. Vegeta would mumble a wish that he would be as strong as Goku. Vegeta would go Super Saiyan 3 then 4. Vegeta would suggest that he and Goku spar. Goku and Vegeta's powers would be equal. While they were battling, Pilaf would be plotting against Goku. He would find out about the Dark Star dragonballs much sooner than he should have and head to Kami's Lookout. He would find the balls but would be stopped from making a wish by Gohan. Mr. PoPo would tell Gohan to destroy the balls. Gohan would power up to Super Saiyan 3. He would try to destroy them with a Kamehameha. The balls would be able to take it since a young Kami who would have had Piccolo inside him and would have been a lot stronger young than old made them. Meaning Kami would have been stronger than a Super Saiyan at stage 3 and would somehow have found a way to keep them from disappearing if he disappeared. Gohan would think of what would happen if he didn't destroy the balls and go Super Saiyan 4. He would destroy the balls with his Kamehameha wave. The sparring match between Goku and Vegeta would be a tie. Bebi would arrive nine months later. Gohan would kill him before he could possess anyone. There would be no Super 17 saga. There would be no evil Shenlong saga. Goku would live out the rest of his life in peace, except for the occasional argument with Chi Chi. Gohan would marry Videl and have a daughter named Pan. The whole Z gang would live happy lives.

What if Mr. PoPo discovered the truth about the Dark Star Dragonballs before GT Possible Consequence 1? -Submitted by
Goku would destroy them before a wish could be made. 9 months later, Bebi would come to Earth and possess everyone ending the series


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