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Pojo's Dragonball - What If?

What if Napa had survied and left with Vegeta? By:jason liberty
Well Napa would leave and they would go to Nameck and try to find the dragonballs. Gohon, Krillin and Bulma would still go and fight the 2 henchmen. Napa and Vegeta would kill Dadoria. Vegeta would still be able to sense power levels but not Napa. They would encounter Zabon and be beaten up. Then Zarbon would bring them back and they would excape and throw the dragonballs and then they kill Zarbon like it hapen in the seris. They would encounter Gohon and Krillin. All the dragonballs would be gathered and the gynu Force would show up and recoome would really beat everyone up Goku would show up and save everyone. Vegeta would sense Goku was a super sayain and tell Napa. Everything would happen like so But Freeza would kill Vegetta and Napa. They would be sent to Earth and they serch for Goku. They would train to gether and become super sayains and would return to earth and when Freeza shows up they go because being arrogant because they were super saiyans would loose to freeza and Trunks would save them and tell Goku about the Androids and give the heart medicine. Napa would come down with the heart diases and Goku would give it to him. Trunks would come like usual and give Goku a spar aintodote and Vegeta and Napa would go into the r.o.s.t. Vegeta would be a little stronger in the cell games. Trunks wouldn't feel needed so he go back and fight androids for 2 more years. Napa would be killed by Cell and everything would go normaly but Vegetta is a bit stronger.

What if Dr. Gero took on Vegeta after he killed Android 19? By:Jimster22
Well, Vegeta would, of course start to finish him rather quickly. He would probably disable him from the arms like he did with 19, and seeing this, Gero would flee but Vegeta would probably be able to kill him. When Trunks arrives, Vegeta would brag about how easy the fights were, and Trunks, seeing the bodies (Or what is left of the bodies) would announce they were not the Androids of his period. Bulma would then show up, and tell everyone that 20 is actually Dr. Gero. After thought, they would come to the conclusion that the other Androids are probably in the laboratory. So Vegeta would get excited about testing his strength on a worthy adversary, as usual, and fly off. The others would try to get there first to stop him. Vegeta would most likely get there first, and blast the doors away. Trunks would arrive soon after, followed by the other Z Warriors. Vegeta would see the Androids, and try to think of a way to get them out. First, he would stumble on Android 16, which he would open, and take on. 16, wanting only to fight Goku, would not attack, and Vegeta would probably annihilate him. Trunks again tells him that that Android is not one from his time, and notices them. When he does, so does Vegeta. The other Warriors notice it too, and they all blast the chambers at the same time, which would blow the Androids up, considering they are not activated. Vegeta would get mad, and everyone else would go check on Goku. Goku would be able to stay at his house, since the Androids are not around. Soon, Bulma would call about Cell, and they would eventually find him. Since everyone is together, and Piccolo did not need to fuse with Kami, then Cell would be overmatched with everyone there. He would probably explain his life story, and they would announce the Androids are dead and blow Cell up. Goku would then quickly recover, and everything will be fine until the later series when no intense training would have happened for the Cell Games. Everyone would most likely be absorbed by Buu, and he would be an almighty ruler.

What If Trunks only gave the Z Warriors One Year to Train? By:Jimster22
Well, let's start at Trunks' arrival. When Frieza lands on earth with King Kold, the Z Warriors realize that Frieza is too strong. They would get ready to take him on, but he would send out his elites to battle them. Krillin and Gohan could easily take control of the field with Piccolo, and Tien would also give some help. Vegeta would say he won't waste his energy on such pathetic life forms, and he would wait to fight Frieza. Yamcha would still be afraid, since he didn't want to fight, and Bulma would get board and have Yamcha take her away. The henchman would be easily destroyed.

Meanwhile, in space, Goku would feel all of his friends energy, and figure he might as well lend a hand. So he would go Super Saiyan, and begin to charge a Kamehameha. He would then use Instant Transmission, much like he did against Cell later in the series.

Frieza would be toying with everyone, laughing and pushing them around. Vegeta would get mad and attack him. Frieza would take him, but realize Vegeta's power had risen since there last encounter. Frieza would jump up onto a cliff to charge a blast, and right before his eyes, Goku would appear with a huge beam in his palms. He would yell "HA!" to finish the blast, and Frieza would freak. He would yell out, and then explode. Everyone would stare in awe at Goku, and he would move right up to King Kold. Kold would be scared, now seeing the beater of his son in person. Goku would push him to a cliff edge, and blast his ship. Kold would go crazy, and begin to try an attack. Goku would then blast him, and Kold would be gone. Goku would explain how he escaped Namek, and trained on Yadrat.

Two years later, Trunks would seek out Goku at his house. He would tell him of the Androids. He would leave, and Goku would explain this to everyone. They would intensely train, and Vegeta would go to space.

On the day of destiny, so to speak, they would travel to the island, and face the Androids. Everyone would be worried about the amount of training time, but the series would go normally. Goku's only weakness was against nineteen, where he probably quickly lose. He would be killed, since Vegeta would not have had enough time to perfect his Super Saiyan self. Everyone would get scared, and eventually they would all be killed. Gohan may survive, but soon Gero would awaken 17 and 18 to destroy Goku's son. Gohan would die, and eventually, so would Trunks.

The entire Z Warriors would be destroyed, as would Kami, so the Dragon Balls would not be gathered. When Cell arrives, he would absorb the Androids, and take over the world, and finally complete Dr. Gero's life long dream.

What if Vegeta went SSJ2 when Trunks was killed? By:Justin Delle Donne
First, when Cell regenerates himself after self-destructing, he shots a laser blast at Trunks who dies. Vegeta feeling like he lose his son would feel the same rage that Goku felt when Krillin was killed by Frieza. He would become a SSJ2 and decide to take on Cell himself. After Fighting with Cell and probably beating him half to death he would than blast him with a massive Final Flash attack, and destroy Cell. Then after he defeated Cell, the D-balls would be used to revive all those killed by Cell. Now since there was peace on earth, Vegeta would continue to train with little Trunks to become stronger. When the next world Tournament came he would enter just as everyone else and when he faced Goku it would either be a tie or vegeta would comeout on top. Vegeta's strength would increase some much that he would go SSJ3 and so would Goku. When Buu came into the mix Vegeta and Goku would attack Buu either by themselves or by fusing together to become Vegetto.

What if Gohan Wouldn't have acted all macho and killed Cell when he had the chance?
This would have turned the rest of the series around Because Goku would have never died so he would have never went to king kais and blew up his planet.So therefore he would have never trained in Hell So he Wouldn"t have reached a higher level as soon as he did. The cameraman would have video taped gohan and would have shown the whole world Gohan Won so Mr.satan wouldnt have gotten all the hype andthen if goku would have stayed alive they all wouldnt ahve separted therefore focing at least one to two more sagas in the dbz series.

What if yamcha was trunks' father instead of vegeta?
The Saiyan saga, Frieza, and Garlic Jr. would be the same. In his time line the androids would kill everyone except trunks, so he would try to fight the androids and lose. He would then leave back in time to warn them about the androids. The android saga would go normally, but in the cell saga when he comes back after he self-destructed at king kai's, he would kill trunks, but since he was not vegeta's son he would not go attack cell causing him to defeat gohan. All the other fighters would go fight cell and lose, 18 would do some damage to cell but not defeat him. He would know that all the fighters are gone and would probably blow up the earth, ending the series. .

What if when Bulma hit Goku with her car in Dragonball#1 she killed him? By:Kay Mcinnis
Goku would be dead.Bulma would loot his house and steal the dragonball. Vegeta would come years later after Raditz. Vegeta,Nappa,and Raditz would use the dragoballs to wish back King Vegeta. They Would all then find the Hyperbolic time chamber(room of spirit and time)and all become Super Saiyans, beat the snot out of Frieza and rule the galaxy.

What if Goku never caught the heart virus? By:Keith
Well first of all he would beat up 19 and eventually destroy him. 20/Gero would be come scared and run to his lab. Since they can't sense his ki he would make it and 17 would kill him like in the series. Then Trunks and Goku would team up and try to blast the androids to pieces. They wouldn't be able to destroy them but they would badly damage them. Then they would release 16 and a big fight would ensue between Goku and 16 and would be beaten up very badly due to him using so much ki during the fight with 19. Just when 16 was about to kill him Vegeta would kick him and send him flying through a few mountains. Vegeta would then try to fight him and fail to kill him. Krillen would try to give Goku a senzu bean but 18 would kill him. Goku would see this and power up SSJ2 and kill 18 easily. 17 would become enraged and attack Goku but he would also be killed along with 16.

3 or 4 years later cell would emerge and begin to absorb people. Goku would fly off with Gohan, who would have become a super saiya-jin when Krillen was killed, and beat the snot out of Cell. Cell would become scared and try to run away but would be destroyed by Gohan.

The rest of the years would pass as usual only with Goku still alive and Krillen wished back with the Namekian dragon balls. Then the majin-buu saga would be the same.

What if the Dragonballs didn't exist By:Kid Mania22
There really wouldn't be any show because the idea of every villain is to get all the Dragonballs and wish for immortality. There would be cell and the androids because Dr. Gero wanted to destroy Goku not to get the Dragonballs but they wouldn't have met Vegeta and Trunks would be permanently dead. The real idea of the show is the Dragonballs not the villains because there would be no villains if there weren't for the dragonballs. But which came first the Dragonball or the villain because the villain comes for the Dragonball but the Dragonball Helps to get rid of the villain. You don't destroy what you create. hmmmmm?

-NEW-DBZ What If Story- Saiyan Saga By:LeonFelips
What If's in the story:
1)Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, & Chiaotzu trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to
prepare for Vegeta & Nappa.
2)Goku didn't fall of Snake Way.
3)King Kai taught Goku the Instant Transmission.
4)The Z Fighters knew the Fusion Dance.
5)Vegeta returned to Earth after getting healed up.

Since there is no What If for the Raditz battle in this story, lets go straight to Goku going on Snake Way. Goku just met up with Kami at the gate house of other world & he told Goku about King Kai, the great martial arts master. After Kami explained to King Yamma about how Goku needs to get King Kai's training to fight Vegeta & Nappa, Goku starts going down the million mile long Snake Way. After awhile running, Goku sees a street cleaner on Snake Way & asks the driver if he can hitch a ride to go to King Kai's planet. The driver says yes & Goku takes a rest. Back on Earth, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, & Chiaotzu are training with Kami to prepare for the battle. Kami tells the Z Fighters about the Hyperbolic Time Chamber & how they can get 1 years worth of training in a single day. They all agree to go in, so Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, & Chiaotzu train in there for a day. Mean while, the street sweeper stops & tells Goku, "This as far I will go." Goku now is around a half of the way there & he get to King Kai's planet in less than a week going at his max speed. Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, & Chiaotzu finished their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber & their power levels would be like this:

v Krillin-3,700

Kami would mention the Fusion Dance to them & the Z Fighters were eager to learn it. Tien & Yamcha decide they want to use it, so Kami taught them how to the dance correctly. In about a day, Tien & Yamcha mastered it. When they did the Fusion Dance infront of the others, Krillin, Chiaotzu, & Yajirobe(who decided not to got the Hyperbolic Time Chamber) were amazed how strong the fusion was, around 7,000. The fusion said his name was Tiencha. After a half-a-hour, the fusion wore off & the Z Fighters got back to training. Finally after a month, Goku gets to King Kai's planet. Goku meets King Kai & does all the training that he does in the series, which took him around 2 weeks to do, & now there is around 44 days left until Vegeta & Nappa arrvive. King Kai mentions to Goku a move that will allow him to get to Earth a lot faster than flying, the Instant Transmission, but Goku could only get it if he goes through intense training. Goku says yes & starts the training. The 44 days have passed & Vegeta & Nappa show up & destroy the city their space pods landed in like in the series. When the fighters on Kami's Lookout sense the Saiyans are here, they supress their power levels to around 1,000 each. Nappa sense 2 power levels, one 3,000, the other 2,000, which belong to Gohan & Piccolo. Thinking these are the strongest fighters on Earth, the Saiyans fly off towards them. Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, & Chiaotzu leave Kami's Lookout & go to Gohan & Piccolo. They get there at the same time the Saiyans do & the battle begins. Nappa releases 7 Saibaimen to attack everyone. Everyone easally takes care of them, but Gohan got scared & was badly hurt. before the Saibaiman was going to kill him, Piccolo knocked out the attacker. Krillin then fired a Kamehameha that split into 8 separate blast & killed all the Saibaimen & with the 8th blast attacked Vegeta & Nappa. The blast didnt seem to have effect on the Saiyan duo. Since the Z Fighters sensed the enormous energy coming from the Saiyans, Tien & Yamcha used the Fusion Dance & became Tiencha, who effortlessly beat Nappa. Tiencha started to attack Vegeta with all his strength, but go beat up badly. Tiencha decide to use his ultimate attack, the Tri-Bomb, which is powered up like Tien's Tri-Beam & has the same amount of power as the Tri-Beam + looks like Yamcha's Energy Bomb & can be controlled like it too. After its fired, the attack blows off all of Vegeta's armor, but knocks Tiencha out. Fearful for Tien, Chiaotzu use his Self-Destruct on Vegeta & it does minor damage. Vegeta finds that Tiencha is gone, who was taken out of the way by Piccolo. Krillin gives him a Senzu Bean & Krillin, Piccolo, & Tiencha use Multi-Form & the 9 fighters go attack Vegeta. The 3 Piccolo use Special Beam Cannon, the 3 Krillin use the Kamehameha, the 3 Tiencha use the Tri-Beam, & create a very large blast that Vegeta dodges with ease. Vegeta then sees Gohan, who's still scared to fight, & fires a energy blast at him, which makes Gohan freeze in fright. Just then Goku use the Instant Transmission to teleport from King Kai's planet to Gohan & deflects the blast just in time.Now there is a change, Goku's basic power level should be greater than Vegeta's after the training for the Instant Transmission. Vegeta's scouter senses this after it explodes for going over 25,000, which Goku's power is 40,000 . Vegeta tries to attack Goku, but Goku uses a Kaio-Ken x1 & Vegeta gets smashed around & Vegeta says he's going to uses his Galic Gun to destroy Earth. Goku powers up a Kamehameha to stop the Galic Gun, which it does with ease. Vegeta the creates the artificial moon light thing & transforms into Oozaru Vegeta, starts to gain the upper hand but Goku uses a Kaio-Ken x6, which he can now withstand because of his I.T. training & brings his power up to 240,000 & over powers Oozaru Vegeta. Goku cuts off Vegeta's tail & Vegeta goes back to normal. With Goku maxed out & brused, the others attack Vegeta, but with no avail. Gohan was the only one able to fight. With his father's advice, Gohan starts to attack Vegeta & does very well, but then Gohan's tail reappears . Gohan the looks at the artifical moon light thing, goes into his Oozaru stage & is uncontrollable & almost wipes out the Z Fighters before Goku gets him under controll. Oozaru Gohan statrs to attack Vegeta with some mouth blasts & dramaticlly brings down Vegeta's power level. Vegeta creates an energy disc & cuts off Gohan's tail,but is traped under Gohan giant body & falls to the ground. Being beaten, Vegeta activates his space pod & leves the Earth to heal. Master Roshi, Yajirobe, Bluma, & Chi-Chi in a Capsule Crop. ship & picks up all the Z Fighters. In the ship, they're all given Senzu Beans to recover & go to a hospital to get their injuries fixed up, except for Piccolo, who goes back to his metitation training alone. A couple months pass & the Z Fighters' power levels are:

(their power levels went up like this because they're Saiyans)
(he was wished back after the fight with the Saiyans)

Then they see that Vegeta has returned & has gotten stronger, around what he beat Zarbon, 33,000 since he was last on Earth, but is still beaten by Goku. Vegeta then tells them about Namek, the Dragonballs on Namek, & Frieza. They all decide to go to Namek on the spaceship made by Bulma's dad, Dr. Briefs. All of them train using the gravity generator on the ship, except for Vegeta, who went on to Namek in his space pod. The Z Fighters get passed to Invisible Spaceship & Fake Namek because of the better navigational system & get to Namek in 6 days. That's the end of the Saiyan Saga & a little intro to the Freiza Saga.

What if the movies were integrated? By: Linda B.

Well, firstly "return my gohan" DID happen so i don't have to go over that except that Son Goku gave amnesia pills to everyone except Garlic Jr. so they would forget Son Gohan and the specials both took place as well "Defiance In The Face Of Despair.

"The Worlds Strongest" happened directly after the fight with Nappa and Vegeta so Gohan and Krillin would have stayed on earth and Piccolo did not die and Goku would have healed. After that movie Goku and the other wish back everyone including Choatzu by tricking shenlong and they all train hard except Gohan who studies and Yamucha who buys a new air-car then "The Tree Of Might" happens and everyone is happy until Shenlong comes back and sends all the people who were dead straight to Kaio-sama's planet (that's how they got there so quick!). After the movie they learn of the namek dragon balls and they are sure that Vegeta will be after them so Goku, Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin go off to namek a lot more powered up than the series, but then Goku gets hungry and they all return to earth and stay a little longer; Gohan learns a new whistle song and Piccolo is sent back because no one else will listen to Gohan and he's terrorizing the planet in search of a person who would listen, now movie 4 "Super Saiya-Jin Son Goku" takes place in all its (*COUGH*) glory (it wasn't terrible i guess it just wasn't good).

The Z Senshi (piccollo goes too because Shenlong got tired of sending people back and forth and Enma was too busy smoking strange and exotic cannabis) get to namek to discover that freeza has all but the one star dragon ball (Guru/Saichor's) because it took so long for them to get there, so they go off to that place and instantly gain his and nail and dende's trust because Piccolo is there, Guru unlocks Goku, Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo's hidden power making them all about 2x/3x more powerful and gets nail and Dende to fuse with Piccolo so he gets the healing power as well. They all sense the power of the Ginyu Force so they rush to kick their asses. The Ginyu Squad get defeated VERY easily and they make a plan for Goku and Piccolo to lure freeza out and Gohan and Krillin to take the one star ball to the other six and make wishes for the others to come to life. Freeza intantly goes to his final form after his modified scouter shows that Piccolo and Goku are much stronger than him and the battle starts.

Piccolo, being the strongest of the three, succeeds in defeating freeza for the most part, until freeza takes his power up to 50% and goku and piccolo get creamed until Goku uses Kaioken X20 which is too much for freeza to bear and he has to take his power to 75% refusing to go full power for a monkey. Just before the final blow to goku and enormous blast sends freeza into the sea near by, as the shot pans up we see Vegeta! still in his blue suit from after he was healed but it is completely torn to pieces, but he's been secretly training by constantly hurting himself and is stronger than piccolo. Vegeta yells that he will be the one to defeat both freeza and kakarotto but he falls over and Goku tells piccolo to heal him and after a slight hesitation piccolo starts flying over to Vegeta, freeza says that "no one will be healed" aims a finger and yells "DIE!"

Goku is shocked and starts to powerup a Kaioken X20 but freeza fires and piccolo falls, dropping some senzus near the Saiya-Prince. Goku is so very mad and transforms into Super Saiya-Jin 0.5 and fires a KAMEHAME-HA at freeza; which badly injures him but because the transformation was from Kaioken X20 Goku loses all his power and starts to fall over breathing deeply. Just before he hits the ground a senzu flies out of nowere into his mouth! Vegeta helped Kakarotto!

"Don't get the wrong idea Kakarotto, i'm not helping you", the Saiya-Prince exclaims, "It's just that i want you to see the true Densetsu no Super Saiya-Jin (legendary Super Saiyan)" and Vegeta attacks. With every punch that vegeta throws his hair turns yellow but he cannot turn full super saiya-jin, it is infuriating Vegeta and he's starting to get beaten up by Freeza who is powering upmore and more. Goku recognises the Saiya-power (from movie 4) and begins to power up, vegeta and freeza are stunned and Goku lost in his anger tries to kill freeza instantly but is shooting blind, this infuriates Vegeta no end and he in turn transforms into a Super Saiya-Jin 0.5.

Now we have two SSJ 0.5 versus full power freeza, the fight begins and freeza has a distinct advantage even over the ssj0.5-kaiokenx20-kamehame-ha from goku and the saiya-jin are down and freeza is about to kill them when two blasts come out of nowhere: gohan and krillin! Freeza is unharmed but pissed off!! he kills them both!! Goku instantly goes Super Saiya-Jin for the first time, Vegeta is infuriated that he can't transform and sits out while Goku and Freeza fight and in his mind he pledges to become a Super Saiya-Jin and be number one again!

Freeza is pissed at Goku's new strength and fires a gigantic ball at the planet, ten times as powerfull as the original: it will vapourize the planet straight away and just before it does a blue energy ball blows it away. Everyone looks who it is but he has moved above Freeza shouting "GAAAAA" with his sword out and slices him in half, then little bits, blows him up and get back in his ship and dissapears.

Both Goku and Vegeta are both completly stupified but goku shuggs it off and goes home to wish everyone back to life. Now movie 5 "The extrordinary Mightiest Vs. Mightiest" takes place.

Now king cold come to earth to avenge Freeza and Cooler (from movie 5) Goku defeats him easily and Trunks comes and tell goku the future and gives him the heart cure and leaves.

During the training over 3 years goku gets dende to become temporary god because kami is on holiday or something (why is kami gone in movie 6?!) and then the gang leave for namek to save it from metal cooler in "Charge!! 10 Billion Power Warriors!" no one is shocked to see Vegeta super saiya-jin because they did in the battle with freeza and Goku just thought he was at 0.5 again.

Now they fight the androids with pretty much the same results. The saiya-jin go to train in the room of spirit and but before they get there chi chi calls up goku to help here with her shopping, disgusted, Vegeta goes off to train alone, but at the mall movie 7 "Utmost limits of battle The Three Great Super-Saiay-jin" takes place and so they are all powered up from that and after the training in the room of spirit and time. trunks tells Bulma to fix his clothes and Vegeta and trunks take on cell to allmost beat him. Before their training is finished but very close to the end gohan rememers that goku has to go to parents day and they quickly leave now movie 8 "Valiant battle, Violent battle, Super Exciting Battle" takes place and all get a VERY high power boost from defeating Brolly (and remembering a special someting), Goku and Gohan go back to training.

At the cell game Mr Satan is about to enter the ring but vegeta blows him away (no no he doesn't kill him :D) and says that he will take on cell. In the fight Vegeta is over powering Cell quite easily and knocks out both of the androids but cell tries to blow up himself and the earth so goku teleports him to kaio-sama's planet but goku teleports himself, Kaio-sama, bubbles and Gregory (dunno his JAP name :P). When cell rejuvenates He is more powerful than the original series and much more powerful than everyone including Vegeta and Goku until Goku transforms into a Densetsu no Super Saiya-Jin like Brolli but Goku is killed by his own power. Cell laughs at Son Goku's foolishness and he kills everyone but the remaining saiya-jin which causes gohan to get very anrgy but then cell kills trunks and this causes Gohan to go Super Saiay-Jin 2 in unison he and Vegeta kill Cell with a final flash kamehameha combo.

Gohan and vegeta wosh back everyone but goku who was killed by cell with the namek dragon balls, trunks goes back to the future after goku's funeral as normal. A year later Trunks comes back after training in the room of spirit and time in his own timeline (hence the long hair) and the Galaxy Tournament is held in the second of our movie that could have happened: movie 9 "The Galaxy's In Danger! Super Cool Guy!!".

Now it's seven years later and Gohan is a nerd.
During the training for the world tournament videl hears goten and trunks talking about the dragon balls and shenlong and wants to see him so begins movie 10: Dangerous Partners! Super Warriors Never Rest" (which has the BEST ending theme in all the movies except maybe hikari no tabi: Kisseki no BIG FIGHT!) happens which makes Gohan remember ssj2 and causes Goten and Trunks to be about x2 strong.

Now until Kid Majin Buu is killed everything is more or less the same except for a few exceptions:
In all fights Goku can keep ssj3 going for longer.
Because vegita could remember how to go ssj2 from the fight with cell he lets babidi know about his "evil side" quicker to get ssj2 back.
Gotenks is strong but goofs around more because he can play with
majin buu.
Mystic Gohan is about equal with Gotenks/Piccolo Super Buu but still loses because of Buu's regeneration.
Vegetto is about 10x stronger than the original storyline and stays until the kid majin boo fight where Goku and Vegeta will themselves apart.
The fight against Kid Majin Buu goes on for longer because goku makes more of an impact with ssj3 and vegeta can make more damage with ssj2.

Movie 11 "Crushing Super Warrior!! I Am The Winner!", "Movie 12: Rebirth Of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta."(yes it is because Vegeta has a halo:only good guys have a halo and when he died as Majin Vegeta he had no halo until he was sent to earth because all people in Hell don't have halo's) and Movie 13 "Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Goku Can't Do It Who Can?" take place after Kid Majin Buu is killed and before the last episodes of Dragon Ball Z and they both could have happened so in Dragon Ball GT Krillin and 18 are super rich from the money from Satan and Trunks is very good with a sword.

What if Cell had first absrobed Andriod 18 instead of 17? By:Lord Grendel and Harliquin
In the aftermath of the battle between Cell and Android 16, Cell emerges from a crater and sucks up Android 18 as the others look in horror. After the magnificent transformation Cell comes out looking very different, because of 18's influence. He retains his thin, insect-like form, but now he possesses the white face and voice of perfect cell. Tien does his Tri-Beam technique, blasting Near-Perfect Cell into the ground, while 17 and 16 escape. Tien eventfully tires. Krillan returns with the deactivator, and finding his love, 18, absorbed and gone has no reason not to push the button, which he does. 17 and 16 fall lifeless. Now, Cell can't absorb them. Cell in a rage, crushes the life out of Krillen and Tien. Goku and Gohan can take no more. Risking everything, they attack, teleporting to the battlefield(by this time, Piccolo has died of his injures). After a lengthy battle, Gohan and Goku are easily killed along with the others. Cell yells out his rage to the world at the injustice fate has handed him. To satisfy his depression he goes back to absorbing whole cites and perhaps looking for Trunk's time machine. Meanwhile, Trunks and Vegeta emerge from the Room of Sprit and Time. They track down Cell(by this time, his powerlevel has grown so much it is impossible to hide) and proceed to beat the crap of him. Vegeta is just mad because Cell killed Goku before he could and Trunks just hates android. Eventfully Cell decides he can't win and he ends it all with a self-destruct, destroying the Earth and ending the series.

What if Vegeta returned to Earth instead of going on to Nemek By:Lord Grendel and Harliquin
If he was told about Freeza going to Nemek, but didn't care, he would go back to Earth and with his increased power level would cause a lot of damage. Gohan, Bulma, and Krillan would have already left for Namek. Goku, healed by the Senzu Beans, would do battle with him again. At this point Vegeta has a power level of 24,000, while Goku's is around 15,000. Vegeta would obviously be more powerful, but Goku can increase his power using the Kaioken, so they would be about equal. They would fight for while and cause a lot of property damage. Vegeta would sometime try to blow up the planet and Goku would stop him again. Eventfully,after hours of fighting, both would be worn down and Goku would take a Sensu Bean to recover. Vegeta,realizing that he would lose eventfully, would call a truce, playing on Goku's respect for him and reminding him that he is a Sayian too. Vegeta would then tell Goku about the evil Freeza,who is even more evil than he is and Freeza is also the one who killed both their fathers and destroyed their home planet. After this Goku would want to fight him. Vegeta would tell him that accepting him as an ally to defeat Freeza is a good idea since he is also a Sayian. Together they would enter the Capsule Corp Spaceship and head to Namek. On the way there, the two would train together in 100 times Earth's gravity. The gravity controls would be cranked to the maximum setting because of Vegeta's pride and any complaints from Goku would be seen as weakness in Vegeta's eyes. This would lead to Vegeta suggesting they can become stronger if they spar against each other. Both would become more powerful,much more earlier than they would be normally in the regular time-line. Meanwhile on Namek, without the interference of Vegeta, Freeza would collect all but the Guru Dragon Ball. Things would occur normally except for Kuwi showing up and Vegeta slaughtering Dodroia and Zarbon. Dende, Gohan and Krillan would probably be able to escape with a combination of hiding their power levels and the villans' seeing them as unimportant. They would reach Guru's place,talk with him, meet Nails and go through with Guru awaking their hidden powers. Confident in their increased power and due to Guru's weakened state, they make a stand at Guru's place. Freeza, Zarbon, Dodoria and their minions would arrive at Guru's place and lay waste to it. Nails , Gohan and Krillan would be no match for them and be defeated, but they take a lot of minions out before they go down. Gohan would go full bore and destroy Dodoria. Zarbon would transform and defeat Gohan. While they are laying unconscious Freeza would just take the dragon ball from Guru and prepare to kill him. Guru would warn Freeza that the dragon balls would disappear if he does so. Freeza wouldn't risk it and take them all captive. Freeza , using his telekinetic power on them, would transport them back to the spaceship and put them in the rejuvenation tanks to prevent them from dying. Freeza would attempt to make his wish. Nothing happens of course. He demands an answer from Guru, who tells him it requires a password and Guru refuses to tell him it. Freeza puts Guru in dire straits by threatening to torture him and the others until the password is revealed. He laughs and imprisons them in the bowels of the ship. Freeza, finds out that Gohan is a Sayian and maybe even the last one, since there had been no news of Vegeta, he would assume he was killed on Earth. Freeza would offer him a position in his empire. Gohan would refuse. Freeza would laugh and tell him he will be tortured when they get back to Freeza'a home planet. Preparations are made to take off. But then the Capsule Spaceship crashes literally through the roof. Vegeta and Goku emerge both glowing with power. At this point Goku's power would be about equal to him after being healed from his fight with Captain Ginyu and Vegeta's would be about equal to when he was healed after Krillan's blast in the "real world". Zarbon challenges them, thinking them weak because their power levels are kept down(Note:Their more powerful because they were training at 100 G's from the very beginning and they had a partner to spar with). Unveiling their new power, Zarbon would be killed almost instantly. Freeza would take on both of them, transforming when he needed to.(Note:In this possibility, Freeza would have either no reason or no time to call the Ginyu for help, so they would not be used in this story, they still could be reserved as villains in future episodes) Meanwhile Dende, Gohan and Krillan would grab the dragon balls and wish Piccolo back to life. Boom, the dragon balls are restored back on Earth. Goku, while fighting Freeza, would telepathically refuse to allow Piccolo to come to Namek, thinking that he would only get in the way. So the next two wishes would be to restore the everyone slain by Freeza and his minions to life and take everyone on Namek except for Vegeta, Freeza and Goku, to someplace safer like Earth.(Note:Guru is kept in a rejuvenation tank, so he is prevented from dying) That done with, Freeza assumes final transformation and begins to play with both Vegeta and Goku. Goku and Vegeta both take the Senzu Beans they took along with them to keep up with Freeza, their power levels gradually increasing. Finally Vegeta and Freeza realize that everyone is gone and so are the dragon balls, depriving both villains of immortality. This drives Vegeta into a rage and he goes Super-Sayian much more earlier than in the series. He would than begin to kick the crap out of Freeza, and swears that Goku will be next. Freeza would then destroy Namek to win the fight. This would enrage Goku enough to go Super-Sayian as well. Vegeta, while very powerful would be worn down. Goku takes over while Vegeta searches for a means of getting off the planet. Freeza, beaten and bloody and driven insane by being beaten by two "stupid monkeys" would create two energy disks like in the original series. They would chase Goku around and would cut Freeza in half. Goku would give him a little power to make them able to escape. Meanwhile Vegeta would find the ship and with his training would be able to fly it. Right when Freeza is about to betray Goku by blasting him in the back, Vegeta swoons in and blasts Freeza into oblivion and finally has his revenge. He doesn't try to kill Goku because he wants a straight fight and they have to get away before the planet explodes. Goku gets on board and chastises Vegeta for doing that, like when Vegeta killed the fallen Ginyu Force in the series. They take off and end up on the alien world where they both learn the alien technique of "Instant Transmission". From then on things back on Earth occur normally. King Cold arrives on Earth to get revenge for the death of his son(who is dead). He may even bring along the Ginyu Force. Nails would join the Z fighters. Trunks would still arrive and defeat them. Goku and Vegeta would return after the fight and be told about the andriods and so forth. (Note: The only problem with this possibility would be focusing too much on Vegeta.)

What If Goku had been on earth during the Garlic Jr.Saga? By:LugiaRules
At the beginning of the saga, goku and gohan would try to get chichi to let them go to master roshi's party, she would say no, and thay would sneak out anyway. When garlic jr and the spice boys arrived at Kami's Lookout, goku would most likely sense them, and use the instantaneous movement to take him and the z fighters to kami's lookout. garlic jr would order the spice boys to attack goku, who would go super saiyan and kill them all easily. Garlic Jr would see how powerful Goku was and sneak off to get the black water mist while goku was distracted with the spice boys. The mist would be released, and everyone would become evil, except piccolo, who is immune, and goku, who, due to his purity, would probably not be affected by the mist either or just avoid it. The infected Z fighters would begin attacking Goku and Piccolo, who would fight them off with ease. Goku would easily get Kami and Mr. Popo away from Garlic Jr. Kami and popo would go to the seven air currents as normal, while piccolo fought the infected z warriors and goku beat Garlic jr's @$$. Garlic Jr would transform and still get beaten bad by goku. Kami and popo would release the holy water, garlic jr would get pissed and open the dead zone, and goku would either knock garlic jr into the dead zone or just blow up the makyo star, as he could do either one quite easily. The rest of the dbz would go as normal. Many other things are possible, but this is just my opinion.


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