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Pojo's Dragonball - What If?

What if Piccolo had remembered to use his new abilities from King Kai, namely the Kaio-Ken, when he fought Frieza? By:Danny Goldbeck
First off he would be able to beat up on Frieza really hard and not show mercy to him do to his anger about Frieza killing mostly everyone on his home planet. Piccolo would be more than a match for Frieza at even X2 although he'd probably go to X3 to be sure. At this point he could probably beat him so hard that Frieza couldn't even get the chance to transform again. Not showing mercy like Goku, Piccolo would kill off Frieza. After the battle, Piccolo would be on an ego-high. He would insist that Dende fuse w/ him. Dende, having no real use w/ Frieza dead would reluntantly agree. After the merging Piccolo's power level would rise way up. He'd probably be somewhere inbetween his level at the end of the Namek saga and the Android saga. Anyway they would all head back to the ship and just cruise back to Earth in Frieza's ship. They all might get to Yadfat and get the Instant Transmission and lots of training. After a while they would transport back to Earth. On Earth they would get back their friends and would restore the Namekians to Namek via the D-balls. At that time Vegeta would probably very close to or even at Super-Sayjin levels. (Along w/ Goku) Gohan would still have quite a bit of work to do but would be a lot more powerful than in the regular series, as would Krillin. The added training would probably put Piccolo at the same level as in the Android saga now. Trunks would come and tell them about the androids and would kill off Kold w/ some help since Kold would be pretty PO'd at all of the Z warriors for killing his son. They would train and even w/o Goku (heart virus) be able to beat 19 easily. 20 would awaken the other ones. Vegeta would be a much better match for 18 and if the Z fighters decided to interfere Piccolo could hold off 17 until the others helped Vegeta w/ 18. Then w/ all of them attacking at once the would put 17 out of commision. During the fight 16 would probably

What if Goku and Gohan went into the Hyperbolic chamber before Vegeta and Trunks?
Goku and Gohan would come out and immeadiatly go to destroy Cell before he absorbed android 18. Goku would want to fight first and they'd lower down to the island. Cell would think that he would destroy Goku and Gohan easily, then become perfect. Goku would easily take the upper hand. Cell would realize he stood no chance and try to convince Goku to let him absorb android 18 like he did with Vegeta. Goku would not make the same mistake and would offer Cell a chance to live which Cell would refuse. Goku would then destroy Cell very easily. The androids would probably fly away and live peacefully. Goku would ask Krillin where tien and Piccilo were. Krillin would explain what happened because Goku wasn't there to revive them with sensu beans. Gohan and Goku would be very angry and would immeadiatly try to summon the dragon at Kami's place. They would both be revived. Vegeta would then come out and see Cell was destroyed. Vegeta would challenge Goku even though there was really no chance he could win. Trunks would try to stop him but Vegeta would refuse. Goku would say no and Vegeta would threaten to destroy Kami's place and the things on it. Goku, a little tired out from the cell battle would start beating the tar out of Vegeta and would tell him to give and Vegeta would refuse. To save his pride and hurt Goku mentally, Vegeta would go after Gohan who would start whipping Vegeta. Trunks would try to put a stop to this but Vegeta would tell him to get away. Trunks would say you are going to die and Vegeta would answer that he didn't care. Goku and Gohan would lay pity and tell Vegeta to go train, which he would. Trunks would then go back to the future and destroy Cell and the androids like what really happened. As a result of this, 18 would still be alie and would not marry Krillin, Gohan would not go to SSJ2, and Goku would still be alive.

What if Ultra Perfect Cell could have absorbed #13, #14, and #15? By:DaWhitePopo

Gohan's blast would destroy all but one cell of Cell. Cell regenerated and got a plan. Cell would have fooled everyone into thinking he was destroyed by laying dorment. While he stayed hidden, he would train, knowing that the Androids were stronger than him. He would wait until the Androids 13, 14, and 15 were awakened and since he was a lot stronger since he trained all that time and would absorb 14 and 15 while they were seeking out Goku. He would become really strong and continue where they left off, seeking Goku. Then he'd find Goku and friends and start beating them up. He'd kill Krillin and that'd make Goku go Super Saiyan 2. Gohan would attack in a rage, but is Knocked Out by Cell easily. Goku's not doing well against Cell as Super Saiyan 2. Then to make things worse, 13 shows up. He can't transform because Cell absorbed 14 and 15, but Cell goes ahead and absorbed 13 anyway. Trunks tries to fight but is seriously injured. Cells now about as strong as kid Buu. Goku tries to fight, but now he is noting compaired to Cell. Cell gets bored and Kills Gohan. This makes Trunks go Super Saiyan 2 but, when he tries to fight this time he is killed. With the death of both Trunks and Gohan, Goku powers up even higher. But to no avail. Then Vegeta steps in and dosen't know what has gone on. "Your still alive. You were so weak Gohan killed you a few years ago. I've been training and now I'm a lot stronger than that!" Says Vegeta. He tries to attack but Cell just stands there. Then he gets bored and kills Vegeta too. Then Goku says "ENOUGH!!" and Goes Super Saiyan 3. He puts up a decent fight against Cell, but is still weaker than him. Then Goku starts a Genki Dama. He does it as a Super Saiyan 3 then, he absorbs it. Then Goku is Cell's equal, but Cell is slightly blinded by the Bright lights, so Goku has the edge. Then He kicked Cell and Cell spat out 13. Then he went down a level and became really weak. Goku killed him by yelling. Then Goku would kill 13, for good measure.


What if Mystic Gohan went Super Saiyan 2 when he fought Buu? By:DaWhitePopo

He would be a lot stronger and probably beat Buu right there. If not, Buu would blow up and come back in an hour. Then he'd absorb Piccolo and Gotenks. Gohan would go Super Saiyan and get beaten. Then He'd go Super Saiyan 2 and would be very strong and puts up a good fight with Buu. Then, when Goku comes, Gohan would catch the Porta Earring (because he is Super Saiyan 2 his reaction time would be better) and he'd fuse with Goku to make Gokan, maybe. If Gohan Hadn't been Super Saiyan 2 they wouldn't have been as strong. But also, because Goku didn't tell Gohan to power down, thier life would be cut short. Any way, Goku's Super Saiyan 3 power and Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 would have enough power to make Gokan Super Saiyan 5! Then they'd beat Buu really bad, but don't get the plan to be absorbed (Because they don't have Vegeta's tacticianal planning in them) so they don't rescue all thier friends but later they do with the Dragonballs. When GT comes, Bebi is Eaisly defeated by Gokan and so is Super 17.

What if Krillin killed Vegeta with Yagorobe's sword By:Dcsimpson1
Gohan and Krillin would have gone on planet namek and would probaly get killed by Dodoria. When Goku came he would of found Bulma and heard the news. He would go SSJ, find Frieza form 1 (not immortal) and would of killed frieza and the rest of the people. He would get back home with Bulma and would of revived Gohan, and Krillin. He would of got inturupted by Garlic Jr. and GJ would of went to the dead zone. Then he would revived piccillo. He would of Killed King Kold (no frieza bot). Would of revived tien, choutzu, and then Yamcha. Then Earth would be destroyed by 17 and 18 (because of Vegeta dead no trunks).

-NEW-What if Gohan kept training instead of studying?
Since he was already stronger than vegita in the series gohan would have been at a lot hire level than him. When babidi came he would have been destroyed along w/his folowers. But since gohan was a lot stronger he would have given a power boost to Buu. He would come and beat gohan up until goku transported away.

At this point gotenks and trunks would be alot stronger too since gohan trained them. They would be at the same power level uss trunks was when he fought cell w/goten beign a little bit stronger. They would go in and come out ss2 saiyans.

While they went in for their second day goku and gohan would hold off buu so the younger saiyans trained. They would then make a deal w/him that if they didn't come out in a day he could destroy earth. When the little saiyans came out they were both at gohans maxpowerlevel. Both of them would go after buu and start winning. Then buu would be forced too escape. He would go down to earth w/ piccolo and goten following closely. He would trick piccolo and absorb him then would move on. He would find master roshi's island and absorb yamcha krilin and 18. Then he would find the next energy sorce and absorb trin and choutzu. Since he absorbed the most part of the z-team he would be at the super buu level but at a much hire powerlevel.

Back at kami's lookout gohan and goku would feel the enormous power and have to teach teach the little saiyans the fusion after that they would go into the hyperbolic time chaimber and train for their second day. When buu came up he and gotenks would have good match with gotenks slowly losing power. He would stall until he ran out of fusion time and then go down to regular saiyan level so when he got absorbed he wouldn't give buu too much power. Now Buu would be a lot more powerful.

When goku and gohan came out they would they would both be at ss3 level w/gohan having the hire level. They would both start beating on super buu until they could get enough time to perform the fusion dance turning into gohanku. They would put up a great fight and be winning. until the fusion wore off then they would separate. While Gohan stalled goku woul go in and save goten and trunks. While goku was in there vegita would arrive showing off his ss3 power. They would fight but be on losing end of the fight. The north kaioshin would send them the potara earings. When they put them on they would turn to Gogita. Super buu would get really mad and turn to kid buu. Goku would come out and see them. Trunks and Goten would again fuse and help Gogeta. Goku would join the fight. Goku and gotenks would stall until gogita could form the ultmate attack, the final flashing spirit bomb. They would destoy kid buu.

While they were in their fused forms Gogita(gohan and vegita not goku) would go in the time chaimberand train for two days coming out ss4!) They would go in again and come out at the same level gogita was at when he faced the last shenron. When they got out they wished to be seperated. They would both be way more powerful than goku and be at even levels. There would be gt and they would just let goku have all the adventure. When the shenrons came gogita would watch goku fight and give him some help when he needed it. In the end everything would be peaceful, a wish would be made and all the saiyans that were living would be granted youth and immortality and be the guardians of earth.

-NEW-What if Goten was born the year after Gohan was?
Well first off in the saiyan saga sinse both of them were there piccolo would make both of them go into the forest toghether so they could have sparring partners. when they got out of the forest they would both be at the same power level as piccolo 3,000. When the year had passed all three of them would be at a powerlevel of 6,000 and know the special beam cannon, the masenko and, the kamehameya. The rest of the Z-fighters would have been at their normal power levels.

Gohan would have kicked nappas but who was only at level 4,500 with a beam cannon and killed him. The Z-fighters took on the saibamen and everyone survived but yamcha. When they faced off against vegita Gohan would be at level 8,000 for beating Nappa. They would all have to go against vegita and would all get beat up and piccolo would get killed off. Gohan and goten would get scared but still fight. Now the saiyans would have too hold off vegita until goku came. Unfortunetly the whole Z-team would die except for Krillin.

When he came he would give them senzus goten would be at level 10,000 and gohan would be at 12,000. Goku would power up too his max level 8,000 then go kaioken times4 plus a kamehameha and be powered up to level 37,000 going toe to toe with vegita at his max.

Then Vegita would go into his oozaru form(monkey) and kick Gokus but until all of his bones were crushed. Fortunetly before he could kill goku krillin would form a distructo disk and chop off vegita's tail. He would still be stronger than them but gohan and goten would still have a good fight. They would tell Krillin to form a distraction. Gohan and Goten would form an attack that they made up the ultimate beam cannon. It's when the first person forms a beam cannon then the second one would make another swirling around that one. When Vegita noticed the power he would turn around but it would be too late. It would hit him, hard he would be close too death but Goku would tell them too let him go.

Since they won they would go up to level 18,000 and since Goku got hurt he would go up to level 17,000. Gohan would be the boss and tell goku too teach them the kaio ken. With all the training they would all go up to level 24,000 and Krillin would be up to 20,000. On namek Vegita would finish healing and be at level 22,000. He would beat Kui and go up to 24,000. He then beats Dodoria and goes up to level 26,000.

When the Earth saiyans and Krillin go to namek they train with Goku under 100times gravity. Back on namek Vegita just got beat up by Zarbon. He goes back into the healing tube and comes out at a power level of 35,000. He then beats up and kills Zarbon and goes up to level 39,000. Frieza calls for the ginyu force and vegita kills Gerudo but his level doesn't rise. He then gets the crap beat out of him by Rikum. When the Z-team arrives they are all at the level 180,000 krillin is at 80,000. They destroy the most part of the ginyu force. So know Krillin is at 95,000 Goten at 180,000, Goku at 185,000, and gohan at 190,000. Goten powers up to kaio-ken times 2 and kills Capt. Ginyu and is now at power level 190,000. Vegita shows up at level 180,000 and is surprised that they are all so much stronger than him. Furiza is so mad that he skips guru and goes directly to them. He beats them all up and they have to go to the rejuvination chaimber.

Krillin than goes to guru and unlocks his hidden power and goes up to 105,000. He gets the dragon radar. He finds all the dragon balls and wishes piccolo back to namek. He faces off against freiza and gains the upper hand until freiza goes to his 3rd stage he beats piccolo up. When an hour passes the saiyans get out. There base levels are now 300,000, Goku is at 290,000. So gohan and gohan use their best and go kaioken times 25 to go up to 7,500,000 Goku does the same and goes to 7,250,000.

They really start beating Freiza up so he goes up to a hundred percent of his power. He beats all of them up. Then to get more power he kills Krillin, and laughs. This sets off goku and he goes to ss1. He is at this point at level 14,500,000. Freiza is also at level 14,500,000. He then kills piccolo for the fun of it! Gohan gets really mad and goes ss1 Goten does too. They are at 15,000,000. They learn to get control of it and are at 18,000,000 and goku is at 17,000,000. They kill freiza once and for all. Guru never died so they wished for piccolo to be brought back, again.

They decide to go exploring. They find the land of the yardrats and learn the instantaneous movement. So their power advances to 23,000,000 each. Vegita goes off to train and dissapears. Back on earth the z-teamers take on Garlic Jr. They take him out and their power advances. Know Piccolo is at 5,000,000 Tien at 4,000,000,and Krillin and Yamcha at 2,000,000.

Trunks comes w/ Gohan from the future(he survived the fight because he was way stronger)they kill King Kold. When the saiyans arrive they show how strong they are. F(future)gohan is stronger than all of them. He mentions that Goten, was killed when the android 16 self destructed on him and took all of the z-fighters with him.

Vegita comes back and shows that his power level is now at 10,000,000. He starts training at 450times gravity. Gohan, Goten, and Goku train toghether. When 3 years have passed they are all done their power levels are 30,000,000. Vegita shows them his newly found power power of 20,000,000 then he goes ss1 and is also at 30,000,000. Piccolo is at 20,000,000. All the humans are at 15,000,000.

When the androids come there is only one android 19. He takes on Piccolo and losing. Dr. gero or 20 see's this and has to unlock 18, and 17. They kill 20 and unlock 16. In this time line Bulma made a scouter and read the androids levels. 18 was at 45,000,000, 17 was at 50,000,000, and 16 was at 60,000,000 . Gohan and Goten had to take 16 Goku and Vegita took 17 and Piccolo, and the humans took on 18. F Gohan and f Trunks arrived just in time to save All the non saiyans. All the rest of the saiyans got away with the instant transmission. Korin gave them all senzu's and all the s.s.saiyans went up to level 40,000,000. When Piccolo came he fused with Kami to go to level 50,000,000.

The first two people to go in were Goku and Vegita. While they went in Piccolo found Cell at level 55,000,000. Mean while in the time chaimber Goku catches the virus but has the medicine so he quickly gets healed. Piccolo is fighting Cell and a good fight it is. Cell manages a Solar Flare and escapes. At Kami's place everyone is training. When the androids get to Goku's they find cell he absorbs 18 and goes to his second stage. A day passes and Vegita and Goku get out. They are both able to go U.SuperSaiyan and their max level is Goku 150,000,000 and Vegita 160,000,000. They easily beat up Cell who is only at level 75,000,000. But when vegita lets cell go Goku tries to stop him. Cell absorb 17 and his base level is know 180,000,000. Goten and Gohan go in the chaimber and train. He would kick but then mention the cell game. When they left Goku would be steaming at Vegita.

When Gohan and Goten came out they were at Level 165,000,000 each. Still not enough to take on Cell. Goku told Gohan and Goten not to go in again. He went in with Vegita to become stronger. This time Vegita came out way stronger than he was before. By the time they came out they were at level 200,000,000. Unfortunetly while they were in the chaimber Cell absorbed 2,000,000 people and went up to level 230,000,000. Piccolo then went in with Tien they came out both at levels of 120,000,000. Yamcha and Krillin went in and came out at 70,000,000 each.

When they went in for their second day piccolo and tien were at 150,000,000 each and Yamcha and Krillin were at 100,000,000 each. During the time they had in the chaimber everyone came up with additions to their moves. Goku learned how to gather energy from someone else to make his kamehameha. Vegita made his Final Flash attack Gohan learned how to make a spirit bomb using plant life and electricity. Goten learned how to store a lot of energy in an object and make it like a self distruct attack. The future saiyans got out of the chaimber right before the games started. They were each at levels as Gohan and Goten.

Finnaly the cell games. Instead of just letting Mr. Satan go he just absorbs him. Goku fairs off against Cell. They are even for a while but then he see's that he can't win and gives up. Vegita then goes in and the same thing that happened with goku happens. Gohan is up next. He goes against him then uses instant transmissions to fool with Cell. Cell finnaly announced somthing. He said that he didn't go to Goku's just for the androids. He told Gohan, Goku and, Goten to transport to the mountains where they fought 19. There was ChiChi in a box. Gohan finnaly fought him. His and Gotens power went up to 220,000,000. Goku did't rise because he didn't think Cell would do anything. When Goten started attacking cell laughed and made 6 cell junior 3 for goten, 2 for goku and one for gohan. When Gohan saw this he started attacking Cell, but the Cell Jr. Attacked him and held him down long enough to see Cell blow up the energy capsule Chichi was in. Gohan exploded. He went ss2 to level 440,000,000. He made a giant Static Bomb and disintegrated cell.

7 years later everyone is having a reunion at Master Roshi's. Goku and his whole family are their. Vegita comes with Trunks and Bulma all the humans are their. Plus their is another member of the Goku family. His name is Goku jr. who always hangs around with Trunks. They are already at supersaiyan powerlevel 200,000,000. Now that the world tournement is coming everyone has been training powerlevels are:

Goku Jr.:200,000,000

in the tournement Trunks won the junior tournement by beating Goku Jr.. The Buu saga went by quickly because Piccolo was able to beat him up. In the Bebi saga instead of Vegita getting possesed it was goku so gohan had to Gohan had to fuse with Goten to become Gotehan. Then they went to ss3 Going up to 900,000,000 to beat Goku until Bebi had to leave. The rest of Gt goes by because it is to easy to beat.

What if...Goku killed Dr. Gero when he fought the Red Ribbon Army buring Dragon Ball? By:Flexaboy11
Well first there would be no android/cell saga since there would be no Dr. Gero to create them. No one would become that strong, since they had no reason to train. Due to the lack of power, probabally no one would stand a chance against Buu, but if they did manage to get past him, they would have to deal with Bebi in GT. They maybe be able to beat him, because Bebi only feeds on others brains to become strong . If they manage to get past him. There would be no Super 17 saga since there are no androids. And because of this it might not lead to the Evil Shenron Saga, and every one would be OK. But rember no one would get past Buu, so it would all end there. Also no one would get higher then SSJ since they had no reason to train. Kuiriun would stay bald since #18 convinced him to grow hair(I think). And Marron would not be born since once again there is no #18! This just shows you how one casualty can completely mess around with the series.

Following Submissions are from Gagnon

What if Dende refused to heal Vegeta after Krillen shot him through the chest before his fight with Freiza?
Since the hole in Vegeta's chest was a mortal wound, he probably would of died there on the ground. Since Freiza had achieved his final form, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin and Dende would have been no match for him. And since Goku had not finished healing in Frieza's ship, Freiza would probably just destroy the four of them since none of their power levels even came remotely close to his. Now, the time thing is hard to figure out here, but hopefully by this time after Frieza kills Piccolo and gang, Goku would most likely be out of the healing pod. Getting to the battle scene, Goku would find Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin dead. This being too much for him, he'd probably go ballistic and go Super Saiyan right then. Freiza not having any idea how to fight Goku yet and only being at 50% power, would probably ascend to his 100% power fairly quick and the two would fight. Goku would most likely win or severely damage Frieza and would spare his life. Walking away, Frieza would try one final blast and Goku would turn and destroy him. Goku would then probably take Frieza's spaceship, get Bulma and go back to earth. They would find the earth dragonballs and wish back everyone killed by Frieza.

What if Vegeta and Goku had reconciled and gone off to fight Fat Buu after their fight instead of Vegeta knocking out Goku?
Goku would probably let Vegeta have the last senzu bean since that's the kind of guy Goku is, and they would fly off to fight him together. Goku would let Vegeta fight first since he wants Vegeta to feel powerful and Goku would need the time to get a breather anyways after his fight with Vegeta. Vegeta would stand up against Buu for a while, but eventually get beat down pretty bad. Then Goku would step in and ascend to Super Saiyan 3, which would piss Vegeta off since Goku was holding back in their fight. Goku would fight Buu for a while and would give Babidi the option of sealing Buu back up in his ball since Goku is at heart a peaceful person. Babidi would refuse and Goku would go all out and either destroy Buu, or step back and let Goten and Trunks have a try. Hopefully, he would destroy Buu considering the risk he would take by letting him live and then would destroy Babidi for good measure.

What if Mystic Gohan hadn't dropped the Potara earring when Goku threw it to him?
Goku and Mystic Gohan would have fused to form Gokan (or something like that) and would soundly beat the crap out of Buu since both of them are not arrogant like Vegeta. In two months they would wish for everyone who had died that day to be brought back. In another year, they would try to gather the dragonballs and make a wish to separate Goku and Gohan since that would be pretty weird for ChiChi have her husband and oldest son in one person.

What if Vegeta would have kept his mouth shut when Gohan was fighting Dabura and Babidi and Dabura had never realized the evil that was inside Vegeta?

Gohan and Dabura would continue to fight. Since Gohan was doing equal to losing to Dabura, he probably would have reached a point where he would have just gotten angry like in his fight with Cell and beaten down on Dabura. Piccolo and Krillen would have been re-animated and them, Goku, Vegeta, Shin and Gohan would then descend through the spaceship and find Babidi and the Buu egg. Vegeta, being an arrogant sob, would start questioning Babidi to find out how strong Buu would be if he was let out. Babidi would then take this opportunity to take over Vegeta's mind and turn him evil. Vegeta would turn on Goku and they would start to fight, raising the power meter on Buu's egg. With no one to protect Babidi, Gohan and Shin would kill him. Then Gohan would turn his attention to the Goku and Vegeta fight. He would possibly help out or just tell Goku that if they keep fighting for too long, the power meter would go high enough to let Buu out of his egg. Goku would then go to Super Saiyan 3 and just beat down on Vegeta and tell him to cut it out or Buu would be unleashed. Goku would try to show mercy on Vegeta, but Vegeta would probably still attack him, forcing Goku to destroy Vegeta for the sake of not letting Buu to power up.

What if Frieza had killed Gohan as well as Krillin on Namek? By:Gurroro17

Gohan and Dabura would continue to fight. Since Gohan was doing equal to losing to Dabura, he probably would have reached a point where he would have just gotten angry like in his fight with Cell and beaten down on Dabura. Piccolo and Krillen would have been re-animated and them, Goku, Vegeta, Shin and Gohan would then descend through the spaceship and find Babidi and the Buu egg. Vegeta, being an arrogant sob, would start questioning Babidi to find out how strong Buu would be if he was let out. Babidi would then take this opportunity to take over Vegeta's mind and turn him evil. Vegeta would turn on Goku and they would start to fight, raising the power meter on Buu's egg. With no one to protect Babidi, Gohan and Shin would kill him. Then Gohan would turn his attention to the Goku and Vegeta fight. He would possibly help out or just tell Goku that if they keep fighting for too long, the power meter would go high enough to let Buu out of his egg. Goku would then go to Super Saiyan 3 and just beat down on Vegeta and tell him to cut it out or Buu would be unleashed. Goku would try to show mercy on Vegeta, but Vegeta would probably still attack him, forcing Goku to destroy Vegeta for the sake of not letting Buu to power up.

Well, first Goku would get so pissed off that he would go straight to super Saiyan 2. He would kick Frieza's butt easily, then tell King Kai to tell Kami(after they find out that he is alive) to summon Shenlon(the Earth Dragon) to bring back all those killed by Frieza and his henchmen. Gohan would come back to life and be stronger than he was in the series. Porunga would be summoned and transport everyone on Namek to Earth. Goku does not learn Instant Transmission and when Garlic Jr. comes he is beaten easily. When King Kold comes(without Frieza) he is easily destroyed by Goku. Trunks comes and the series goes as normal except that Cell is weaker without Frieza and Goku and Gohan are more powerful.

What if Goku didn't die in his fight with Raditz? By:Hal Pratt
Well since the sayains were coming he'd be training with piccolo since there power levels are equal at this time. When the sayins come goku probably would be around Nappa's strength. so the Z fighters would defeat the Saibamen. Then the Z fighters would take on Nappa and Win. then Vegeita would be next fighter since Goku as no where near his strength and he didn't know kaioken or the Genki Dama (sprit Bomb) they'd have a hard time unless Krillin could slice hi with a destructo Disk they could win. but probably not. But if they did there would b e no need to go to Namek unless Piccolo dies probably not also so the freiza\namek\trunks Saga would disappear and then when GJ comes the world would be under control Garlic Junior.

What if the order the z-fighters went in to fight babidi's fighters was different? By:Swim8411

I'll say the new order is Goku, Gohan, then Vegeta. Goku would step up to fight pui-pui and it would be almost the same as Vegeta's fight with him. Goku would start beating him up then pui-pui would get transported to his planet and get cocky. Goku wouldn't have to turn super sayajin and would kill him with a kamehameha.

Next Gohan would be up. He would start fighting Yakon. They would be pretty even until Gohan turned SSJ. Gohan would start beating up Yakon. then Babidi would transport them to Yakon's planet of darkness. Gohan would still be able to see though since he was a SSJ. Yakon would then start sucking up Gohan's energy. Gohan would realize what was happening then power down. He would have to fight in the dark. Yakon would be winning by a longshot. Then Gohan would turn SSJ after realizing there is no other way to beat him. Gohan would fire a huge kamehameha before Yakon would start sucking his energy and Yakon would be blown to bits.

Dabura would have saw Vegeta's evil when he was mocking Gohan during his fight. Babidi would have tried to control Vegeta. Vegeta would have just blocked it out (since he didn't think he needed extra strength to beat Goku since Goku didn't show his real power). Dabura would have no choice but to fight. Vegeta would start off as a SSJ and start beating Dabura up. Dabura would try a bunch of different techniques but none of them would work. Vegeta would eventually kill him. Then they would make their way through the rest of the levels with ease.

Once they got too Babidi he would have taken Buu's ball and fled. Goku would use instant transmission to catch up to Babidi. Goku would bring him back. Kaioshin would kill Babidi then take Buu's ball and take it to his planet where no one will ever get it again.

They go back to the tournament with Krillin and Piccilo. They find that Hercule won and they're all mad. Vegeta challenges Goku to a fight. it is well matched until Goku tries his hardest (without going ssj3) and Goku beats Vegeta and Vegeta excepts defeat. They all party and hang out for the rest of the day. Then Goku has to go back to the afterlife. They all say a fond farewell and a happy ending to the DBZ series.

In GT when Pilaf tries to find the black star dragonballs Popo and Dende feel his presence and stop him from getting the black star dragonballs. So Trunks, and Pan don't go into space. When Bebi arrives Trunks and Goten are on a double date so they both confront Bebi together and kill him. Dr. Myuu doesn't want revenge on Goku so he doesn't work with Dr. Gero to make Super 17. Also some wishes were not made in the normal series to increase the negative energy of the dragonballs so the evil dragons are never released. everyone lives happily ever after (except for the absence of Goku).

What if Piccolo did not push Goku over and Freeza's death beam hit Goku? By: HrknsDer
Goku would have died, and Piccolo would have lived. Gohan would have a rage energy burst, bringing his power to around 400,000, and then he would go super saiyan, bringing his power up to 20,000,000. Freeza would get his @$$ kicked even more than in the normal story, But Freeza would go to 100% power and through a huge death ball at Gohan, causing Gohan to go uncauntious.

All those who died due to Freeza would be brought back. Gohan would wake bak up, but his power level as a super saiyan would only be 10,000,000 this time sine he was using a power burst last time. Vegeta, instead of seeing Goku as a super saiyan he would see Gohan. Vegeta would also go Super Saiyan due to seeing a 6 or 7 year old fulfill the super saiyan legend that he should have fullfilled. However, Vegeta would only reach 10,000,000 as he still has a chest wound, Vegeta would have normally gone to 40,000,000.

Although Freeza is more powerful, Gohan and Vegeta together make it an even match. Freeza shoots a death beam at Vegeta, but Gohan jumps in the way. Gohan nearly dies, but suddenly feels a huge energy serge. He becomes a super saiyan again.

Gohan shoots a huge Masenko at Freeza, but Freeza counters it with his own. Vegeta himself is running on short energy, his power only 5,000,000, the same with Gohan. Vegeta donates all his energy to Gohan after realizing Gohan was the true super saiyan, so he donates all his energy to Gohan. Still this isnt enough. Goku uses Kaioken x20 and sends all his energy to Gohan. Gohan won the power struggle with the extra energy, and still had some extra energy to spare.

All on Namek were sent to Earth. The story goes normal until Trunks arrives. He has no Freeza to fight. So he stays away untill Goku shows up and again the story goes normally. When #19 and 20 show up, Gohan blows them up easily. When Vegeta fights #18, he actually wins! Then, Cell shows up, and the Z warriors kill him.

When Babidi shows up, The Z warriors are alot weaker than normal, and noone can go SS2. Vegeta never goes Majin because none of the Z warriors used the Hyperbolic time chamber and Goku never got stronger than Vegeta in this way. Also, Gohan was only SS1 when his energy was absorbed. Goku never got to super saiyan, beause he never had an overly angering event for a long time. Goten couldnt go super saiyan at a young age because his father never had the ability. Trunks ould though. Noone could go SS without using alot of energy.

In the Babidi Saga, Every thing would be normal untill the fight with Dabura. Gohan would fight him and lose, as would Vegeta. Goku would finish him off by using Kaioken x40!!!. The three would fight the other henchman and eventually get to Babidi. Vegeta would kill him. The three would combine there energy to destroy Buu's Ball and the whole ship! They would forever live in peace and there would never be an Uub.

I think DBGT is crap but I'll do it too. Since there was no Uub, Goku wouldnt become a kid. Instead, Pilaf's bad luck curse would attack and he would somehow not get his wish, because Pilaf never gets what he wants, no matter how hard he tries. Makes you feel sorry for him. So, this crappy new series would be half an episode long.

What if Trunks (in the future) thought of asking king kai to bring dende to earth after he defeated the android s? By:IcecoldJV

Well, thats an easy one. Dende would make the dragon Balls and trunks would go get them and he could then wish for all people that were destroyed by the Androids to be alive again. That means Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Dr. Breifs, Chi-Chi, Puar, Master Roshi, etc. He could use the second wish to wish back Goku. Hello goku you are now back, these are new d-balls so he can wish whatever he wants from them. He could then wish for everything (buildings) destroyed by the droids to be back. Cell would be there and he would never be able to go to the past and get #17 and #18 because the Future Z warriors would have killed him sometime in there own time line. Trunks would have never come back to the Past. Our timeline that we know of would have never existed. and that is the end.

What if there was no such thing as Super saiyan? By:IcecoldJV
Akira Toriyama would think of some other way for Goku and the rest to defeat the villians. Maybe like all of them be able to withstand Kaio Kenx20. Or maybe just make them become really strong by training. Goku and vegeta would never have beaten Majin Buu, well actually yeah they would have. Buu would be weaker because he absorbed NON super saiyans because there is no such thing. Then Buu would be wide open for gettin his butt whipped.


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