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Sand Land

Written by: Andy Diehl
Sand Land
Price: $ 6.95
Buy this manga at Anime Nation

As a result of the human race, the current world is one of a barrin wasteland. Wars are going on and humans are killing humans, but this isn't the only problem. In the current world water is a very hard thing to come by, only the king of the world has more than enought water and he uses this to increase his power. Beruzebubu is the son of Satan and the prince of all demons, Beruzebubu is a good fighter and is surprisingly strong as are the other demons. Him and his demon friends get their water by stealing it from people passing through the desert.

One day a man named Rao shows up at where the demons live looking for the head demon. Beruzebubu says that he can not talk to his father, but that he is free.

It seems that Rao has seen Water Finches passing through the desert and this means that there is a water spring somewhere in the desert. Rao says that a human alone will not be able to find the spring, but that he needs a demons help. At first Rao isn't sure if he wants to go, but when Rao hands him a Playstation 6, Beruzebubu and the other demons think it would be a good idea to help out Rao. Rao says that Beruzebubu can take along one other demon and Beruzebubu chooses Sheef. The three of them then set off in search of the water spring.

Things do not start off well when the three lose thier water and supplies right off the bat. How will the three fare and will they be able to find the spring?

Another good Manga from Akira Toriyama. It was nice to read a shorter Manga for a change, as compared to most of my the other manga's I have read, this one was only 14 chapters long. This was a very cute story and it had all that you needed. It isn't one of the greatest manga's I have read, but I did enjoy it very much. The artwork was enjoyable and the characters were also done very well. The manga has many underlying theme's and if you pay close enough attention you will learn certain things as to how you should live your life. So, yes, I do feel that you should read this manga.