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Dragon Wars: The Tale of Lufiak Duell

Written by: Andy Diehl
Dragon Wars: The Tale of Lufiak Duell
By: Ryukihei
Price: $ 17.95 + $ 3.05 shipping
Purchase this from IronCat Manga

Lufiak Duell is the member of a Dragon Clan, but in order to become a true member of the clan he must bring back the scale of a dragon. So Lufiak's father tells him that he has one year to complete the task and to not return unless he has a dragon scale.

While on his travels, Lufiak comes across the orb of resuscitation, which holds the Master Dragon's soul. He also comes across a fairy by the name of Feenie. Feenie informs Lufiak that if he returns the orb the Great Dragon will give him a reward.

The two travel to the Sky Garden and return the orb. The dragons thank Lufiak and tell him that if he helps the dragons they will give him a dragon scale in return.

A plague known as the Dark Force has been released and it is slowly infecting the whole world. It is now up to the dragons to stop it. Lufiak and a band of dragons set off to stop the force. If Lufiak is successful not only will he receive a dragon scale and the title of Dragon Fighter, but he will also become the new leader of the dragons.

This was the first manga I have read that has been based on an action filled plot. The fact that I read the graphic novel in one sitting will tell you that I enjoyed it, though. The basic elements of the plot where nothing terribly original, a hero shows up and is promised something in return for saving the world, but the plot was filled in very nicely by using original types of characters and situations. I noticed that the plot didn't drag on at any points, it was always moving and able to keep my interest. I found myself wishing that the story had gone on more rather than finding myself thankful to finish the story. That is always the sign of a good story.

The manga did a good job of being based on action, but also throwing in a comedic element every once in a while. For not being the longest of stories it did a good job of trying to develop its characters. I also felt that the artwork of the manga was well done, I thought it was a little rough at times, but it had good detail and definitely did the job.

I enjoyed this manga a great deal and you would be making the right choice if you ordered this manga.