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Top of the World - Interview with Colin Moll (swanton1717)

Colin Moll is a resident of Missouri and plays at the Dragon King, where Meganium45 runs all his tournaments. How cool is that? You can actually find Meganium45 running tournaments if not fixing decks or posting Cards of the Day on Pojo. Well anyways here is my interview with the player ranked #73 globally in Limited at the DCI ranking of 1675:

Phil: Evening, thanks for taking time to be interviewed for the Top of the World! Please state your name, age, location, and where you play Pokemon.

Colin: My name is Colin Moll, I'm 14, I live in St. Louis, Missouri, and I play at Dragon King.

Phil: How did you start the game Colin?

Colin: I saw the show back when I was like 9, and I liked it X\, then I bought the starter set and that's how it all started.

Phil: Do you still watch the show? Or is it strictly the cards now?

Colin: I haven't watched the show for ever... its mainly just the card game now.

Phil: Tell us a little bit about your decks that you play at Dragon King.

Colin: Well we have a tourney tonight and I'm going to play Meganium/Exeggutor, but at the last Super BattleZone I played Typhlosion/Exeggutor, and way before that i played mainly Kingdra. We also have done at least 5 limited types of tourneys, including a TMP one.

Phil: What kinds of Limited do you like to play and why? Team Multiplayer? Draft? Rochester?

Colin: I like them all, they really test a players skill. And I like them all but I prefer regular draft cause then no counter drafting hehe.

Phil: Okay, lets suppose I walked into each of the limited formats. What should I know before I start?

Colin: Well generally that its prolly best to play 2 different types, cause I got messed over at one draft cause I played like all water and everyone was playing water resistant pokemon. also get as many draw cards as you can.

Phil: What did you have for lunch today? Please, do not hold back on the details, because I'm starving.

Colin: Ummm a Poptart and Kool-Aid. Cinnamon Poptart and cherry Kool-Aid.

Phil: Your just making me sick now. Are you any good in constructed tournaments?

Colin: Yeah I do fairly well, my rating for constructed is like 1721 but I have only been playing competitively for like 8 months.

PhilSo when did you pick up the game? Do you remember what set?

Colin:  Well I picked it up in Base Set, and I played at leagues but nothing serious, then about 12 months ago I found the wonderful world of online pokemon and then I became competitive. And found Meganium45 who runs all the tourneys at dragon king. He is god.

Phil: That's good to hear. Meganium is an awesome volunteer to the site. Have you met any other people that you consider friends now? Any rivals?

Colin: I have met a lot of online friends in real life, TR Shadow, Mega Murkrow, Kctheproffesorofpoke, TR Cassidy, Jumpluff Madness etc. no not any rivals really.

Phil: So, have you purchased any EX: Ruby and Sapphire cards yet? See anything you like?

Colin: I haven't purchased any yet. Lack of money, but if like that new Dustox and Blaziken.

Phil: Speaking of Nintendo/The Pokemon Company/Other Random Corporations... what do you think they should do with the game since WotC will no longer have the license in September?

Colin: Well it looks like Nintendo is really interested in our happiness and if they really want to make us happy they should have some large scale tourneys. I believe I heard that they really liked the GCs that Wotc had. So I hope they do those again.

Phil:  What is it like to be a top ranked player? Are the ladies all over you?

Colin: LMAO I really enjoy being in top 100 of limited, and errr the ranking of myself in limited doesn't effect their attraction to me ^_~ they already are attracted to me haha...

Phil: Now don't lie to me here Mr. Moll. Have you played any other competitive games?

Colin: Honestly no I haven't, I was really young when I got into Pokemon so I didn't do anything before that. And I have only played pokemon since I started playing competitively, its sorta consuming and its hard to play a another tcg, it may not be for some but it is for me.

Phil: Okay, listen carefully on this one: If you could go back in time and give wedgies to one employee at TCG Research and Development that created a card you dislike, which card would that be and why?

Colin: I honestly don't think I would give wedgies to anyone, even though I dislike Scizor cause in my opinion it takes little skill to play.

Phil: Speaking of Aquapolis Scizor... What do you think is the strongest deck in the current Unlimited and Modified environment?

Colin: Hmmm well I'm not too into unlimited but I really think Steel Chansey is the best atm. But its gone when Nintendo takes over. Also Gatr/Sect is most likely the strongest, not my favorite but it does well against everything, and can even beat its weaknesses sometimes.

Phil: Got any complaints with Wizards of the Coast's Performance? Want to thank them for something?

Colin: Well I have never attended any large events except an SBZ if that counts, but their STSs and stuff sounded awesome. I would like to thank them for making the tcg cause it adds a lot of fun into my life.

Phil: Ever have a thrilling win? Topdecked an Elm? Or any very devastating losses? Or just an interesting story dealing with the game?

Colin: Well in Top 8 at SBZ I was against Jumpluff Madness, I had a very bad start and I couldn't get anything for like a long time, then I topdecked an elm and that was the downfall for him. All of my wins are thrilling unless they are done by cheap means like Caterpie + Darkness = dead Cleffa. Then I don't like winning like that

Phil: Are you going to attend GenCon, I doubt you'll be at Origins since it starts tomorrow ;x

Colin: I will be at GenCon, but I'm not a professor so I have no real use to go to Origins but Meganium45 and some other locals from here are going. Good luck to them.

Phil: Anything else you would like to add to this interview?

Colin: Ummm lol have u ever heard Evanescence?

Phil: Yeah.

Colin: Well I would like to add that THEY ARE THE BEST BAND in my opinion and their singer is THE HOTTEST!

Phil: Thanks for the interview Colin!

Colin: Your welcome. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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