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Crawdaunt - Dragon EX

Date Reviewed: 3.01.04

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pERfeCt0nE Crawdaunt

Unlimited- I bet you aren't even reading this review to see how crawdaunt measures up here huh? Hes too slow, too weak to ER and SER, and very weak to buzz and any zappys that still think they can do well without the old metal energy rules.
rating--- 1.5

Modified- I have actually seen him played more than Wailord splashed into decks that fight off fire types, like blaziken. I hate having to add another energy type for a back-up pokemon. With that aside, Crawdaunt will deal 60 a turn unless muk ex or slaking is active, and thats not bad. Hes solid, but has nothing special to make it as powerful as gardevoir/ex or strong enough to withstand a barrage of blazikens rayquazas and delcattys in BAR.
rating--- 3

Draft- Would you pass up a stage one that can do a solid 60 a turn for 3 energy? There are 3 common corphish cards and besides this holo crawdaunt, there is a rare crawdaunt as well. He really is great to draft and very effective early on.
rating--- 3.75

2 vs. 2- If you have 2 crawdaunts active, you deal 70 a turn instead of 60. If you want to team him up with a pokemon that has Intimidating Fang, like mightyena or arbok, you can use both abilities =P. Crawdaunt is nice to have in this format if you use a pokemon that hurt both opposing active pokemon, like Hariyama or Typhlosion ex.
rating--- 3.375
Hedge Crawdaunt

This is a nice card. 60 for three (most of the time :P ) is pretty good…

One hit blaze ko =/ , uhh, other than that though, it’s just a solid stage one that can do 70 for three in 2 on 2 and can’t really combo w/anything.

Modified: 2.7/5 -- =/ Find a combo for it =x
Draft: 3.5/5 – good here, but it’s holo so you prolly won’t nab it.
2 on 2: 4/5 – 70 for three is nice XD

Unlimited – too slow. Use Lapras.
Ralphy I would really be happy if this guy was called Clawtaunt. It looks to me like he's pulling a Dikembe Motumbo with that claw. But that's just me...

Unlimited- Before I start, I just want to let it be known that I have very little experience with this card. I have never played it myself, and have only played against it a couple times at best. That said, I like him, maybe not in this format though. Possible turn 2 50 with a DCE, that's nothing to be ashamed of in any format, and when you add in the power, that's a fantastic turn 2 60. Electabuzz will rip you a new one, so watch out for him and other lighting pokes which are still viable in this format. I would like a resistance and to knock the retreat down by at least one. After adding and subtracting all the above, I give a 2.75/5.

Modified- Everything is basically the same. Being an evolution isn't so bad here and big fire is always good in Modified. Lightning isn't really seen here either. 3.5/5 here.

Limited- 80 HP is good, along with the pretty splashable attack. The basic is your standard basic, and they all have a splashable attack. 60 is grand in draft as it could potentially wipe the board clean of your average draft Poke. 3.75/5 here.
Bullados Crawdaunt (Holographic)

80 HP is pretty nice, and should keep you going for a decent amount of time. Lightning weakness is not the worst thing to have, as there aren't that many Lightning decks out there, but they also don't deal too much raw damage, meaning that you'd be KO'd by anything they throw at you when you normally shouldn't. RC of 2 is pretty bad. Burn a switch or WP for this guy.

PokeBODY: "Power Pinchers"
This is pretty good, giving you an instant upgrade to any attack that you make. It gets even better in 2v2, which this guy seems to have been worded for specifically. 10 damage might not seem like a whole ton, but in a format with very little healing, every bit helps out.

Attack #1: "Guillotine"
Not bad, reminds me of Base Dewgong. Because of the power, it's really 60 for that energy, which should pay for about 45. Not much else to say bout this.


The reason that Dewgong was good back in the day was because it had a second attack that it could use on things that were out of its reach. Crawdaunt doesn't. Also, there are tons of Lightning in UNL today, making any Water type virtually useless. 1.125/5

Better, but still not great. The powers can fairly easily be shut off, and this is a format of OHKOs, not a steady pileup of damage. He'd make a nice backup, but he should not be used as a main attacker. 2.5/5

This is his best format, but he is SEVERELY weakened by the sheer volume and power of draftable Lightning cards in Dragons. I would stay away from Water for that reason. However, 60 damage per turn is always pretty nice... 2.75/5

Crawdaunt is a decent Stage 1 card. Doing 60 damage (including the 10 bonus for it's Poke-Body) for 3 energy puts it in Jungle Wigglytuff's league, but there are many more choices for high damaging evolved Pokemon in today's enviornment.

Now, if you were going to use this in 2-on-2 play, you would get to put two of these in the Active spot and you'd be doing 70 for 3, so it's a bit better there. The big drawback is that you don't get to manipulate energy placement with this Pokemon and the current format is just dominated with Pokemon that can do that.

Unlimited: 2.3/5 Not a bad card, but just so many better choices out there.

Modified: 2.3/5 Same thing.

Draft: 3.5/5 A good choice. There are 3 basic commons and also a rare Stage 1 version, so you have a pretty good shot of building a strong evolution chain. It's 60 for 3 could really shine here.

2-on-2: 2.8/5 Better here, but still not a shining star.

Name: Crawdaunt
Set/Card#: Dragon, #3/97
Type: Water
Stage: 1 (evolves from Corphish)
HP: 80
Weakness: Electric
Resistance: None
Retreat: CC
Poké-Body: Power Pinchers
As long as Crawdaunt is your Active Pokémon, when any of your Active Pokémon does damage to the Defending Pokémon, the attack does 10 more damage (before applying Weakness and Resistance).
Attack: (WCC) Guillotine [50]

Name: Crawdaunt
Set/Card#: Dragon, #13/97
Type: Water
Stage: 1 (evolves from Corphish)
HP: 80
Weakness: Electric
Resistance: None
Retreat: C
Attack#1: (W) Poison Claws [10]
Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned.
Attack: (CCC) Rend [30+]
If the Defending Pokémon has any damage counters on it, this attack does 30 damage plus 30 more damage.

Name: Corphish
Set/Card#: Dragons, #85/97
Type: Water
Stage: Basic
HP: 40
Weakness: Electric
Resistance: None
Retreat: C
Attack#1: (C) Poison Claws
Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned.
Attack#2: (W) Bubble [10]
Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed.

Name: Corphish
Set/Card#: Dragons, #86/97
Type: Water
Stage: Basic
HP: 50
Weakness: Electric
Resistance: None
Retreat: C
Attack#1: (C) Irongrip [10]
Attack#2: (WC) Slash [20]

Name: Corphish
Set/Card#: Dragons, #84/97
Type: Water
Stage: Basic
HP: 50
Weakness: Electric
Resistance: None
Retreat: C
Attack#1: (W) Beat [10]
Attack#2: (CC) Toxic Grip [10]

The Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned.

Attributes: There are two versions of Crawdaunt, both of which have good and bad points. We are officially covering the holographic version (#3/97). They can work with one another, so there being two versions doesn’t seem to matter. Both have 80 HP, just on the happy side for a Stage 1. As for being an evolution, I leave it to you to choose which Corphish to use-all have issues, though the Toxic Grip version served me well in Limited. Anyway, Weakness is Electric, which is a mixed bag: in Unlimited, there are some nasty Electric Pokémon. Most aren’t in every deck, but they are in many. In Modified, there are less, but it’s still a problem with only 80 HP. Resistance is non-existent, which is annoying. Finally, retreat is two for the holographic version, which is average-it won’t be impossible to pay, but you’ll want to avoid it if you can.

Abilities: Power Pinchers is one of those Poké-Body that are almost more trouble they are worth. What do I mean? Well, if it didn’t apply to both your active Pokémon (or when you use it in non-2-on-2 matches), wouldn’t it be better for it just to have Guillotine as its only attack but with a +10 damage bonus? As is, it gets a +10 bonus, but that can be shut off by Muk ex, and makes this card a viable target for things like Special Circuit. Guillotine is a nice attack though: (WCC) should only yield 35, but this does 50 base, and the Poké-Body bumps it up to 60.

Uses/Combinations: It makes a decent Water back-up line in most decks, but rarely is such a thing needed. Best I can think of is using it in 2-on-2 matches: make two copies of it active, and Guillotine ends up doing 70 damage! You could back it up with my old stand-by if you wished-Sandstorm Xatu-then you could heal a damage counter for both actives…


Unlimited: 1.5/5-Why? Why use it here? It’s just out classed here.

Modified: 3/5-It could be used here, but there are better water Pokémon.

Limited: 3.75/5-Not a bad pull here. While I am not rewarding this, it is easy to draft, and the poison abilities of some Corphish are quite nasty here.

2-on-2: 3.5/5-Since its Poké-Body is a bit more useful here.

TMP: 2.5/5-I don’t think that you can affect both players at once with one Crawdaunt. Here, you need more HP or some other defense, as the second player on a team will take a lot of damage, so 80 isn’t as much here.

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