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Yu Yu Hakusho Biographies: T

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Age: 40s
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blond
Description: The honest and fair principal of Sarayashiki Junoir High, Takenaka truly cares for his students and attempts to help the troubled ones find a better path (Yusuke in particular). When Yusuke died in the first episode, Takenaka mourned his death but was unable to praise Yusuke for dying nobly.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Black
Description: Tarukane is a multi-billionaire who loves to gamble. Due to his greed, he kidnaps Yukina, an ice princess with tears that turn into priceless crystals. In order to protect Yukina and get her to continue crying and producing crystals, Tarukane hires the Toguro brothers. However, the Toguros are already employees of Sakyo and serve the purpose of fooling Tarukane out of all his money and eventually killing him.


Age: 70+
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Yellow when human, black when demon
Description: Toguro is the winner of the Dark Tournament from fifty years prior to Yusuke's entry. As a prize for winning, Toguro requests a demon body, one that would stay young and strong for hundreds of years due to his fear of growing weak, and therefore unable to protect himself and kill demons. Though Toguro lives an evil lifestyle and seems to enjoy killing, he is a extremely noble and honorable man with a tragic past.

Toguro, Elder

Age: Unknown, possibly 80+
Hair Color: Blackish gray
Eye Color: Black
Description: The elder brother of Toguro, he is able to manipulate his body to take any form he desires, as well as shift his internal organ structure to any part of his body, making killing him very difficult. Not much is known of his past, but after Toguro won the Dark Tournament, he too received a demon body like his brother. However, he doesn't share the same warrior spirit as his younger brother, and enjoys killing and torturing demons and humans.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Brown
Description: Leader of Team Spirit Warriors in the Dark Tournament, Topaz wanted more than anything to kill Yusuke in front of all the other demons. He even went as far as killing his own teammate to ensure that his desire came to fruition. However, his team was unfortunate enough to have to face Team Toguro in the first round. Younger Toguro himself killed Topaz and the remaining members of the team solo.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Black
Description: Yomi's chief general, Tora is very loyal to his position and wants the best for his ruler and the future of their empire. Due to this, he is very untrusting of Kurama and his motives for helping Yomi against Mukuro and Yusuke. Believing himself to be much more powerful than Kurama, Tora ambushes him, but didn't know that Kurama could transform into Yoko at will.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Silver with 4 green strands
Eye Color: Silver
Description: The ice master of Team Masho, Touya is capable of fashioning weapons out of ice and using the Shards of Winter technique, which fires many shards of ice at the opponent, making it nearly impossible for them to parry.


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