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Yu Yu Hakusho Biographies: J

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Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Description: Jin is a master of wind with a care-free attitude. His jokes and whimsical spirit bond with Yusuke, as the two of them, though opponents become friends, of a sort. However, Jin will not allow Yusuke's friendship to cloud his devotion to winning the Dark Tournament.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Yellow
Eye Color: Black
Description: Jorge is Koenma's goofy and at times whiny assistant. Aside from trying to keep Koenma focused on his work, Jorge doesn't seem to have much responsibility. Whenever Koenma attempts to leave Reikai to watch Yusuke and the others fight, Jorge tries to stop him, but eventually admits failure and joins his boss.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Light Blue
Eye Color: Purple
Description: Announcer of the Dark Tournament's semi-finals, Juri is a sea demon. A fair judge and almost always cheerful, Juri takes the tournament very seriously, but is often very intimidated and fearful of having to stay in the ring during the fights.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Black
Description: The first demon Yusuke apprehends, Jyaki has five previous convictions, and takes over people's minds, enticing their dark side to perform evil deeds.


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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