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Yu Yu Hakusho Biographies: H

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Hagari Kaname, The Sniper

Age: 17
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Description:  Member of Sensui's Seven, Hagari's ability is to project his ki within his opponent and fire a projectile at them from within his territory, which is a considerable distance (I think it's 100 meters, I'm not sure though).

Handsome Boy

Age: 15-17?
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black
Description: A student at Sarayashiki Junior High, the handsome boy asked Keiko to go out with him, only to be shut down. Keiko told him she has feelings for someone else.

Harvested Humans

Age: Varied
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: N/A
Description: The harvested humans are the slaves of Suzaku. They are mindless drones who were formally human, but unfortunately for them, were captured and changed.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: White with green fur
Eye Color: Black
Description: A part of Tarukane's demon collection, Helen was a genetically enhanced creature Tarukane purchased in the middle east. In order to test the strength of Younger Toguro, Tarukane had him fight Helen. With 40% of Toguro's power, and one punch, Helen was literally destroyed.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Black with a white trim
Eye Color: Red
Description: Hiei is one of the first demons Yusuke must face when becoming spirit detective. Though small in stature, Hiei is amazingly powerful and a master swordsmen. Further, underneath the white band on his head is the Jagan, a third eye that gives him special abilities that most demons don't possess. Though evil and misanthropic, Hiei is a man of honor, adhering to the promises he makes and the alliances that he forms.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Silver
Description: Yukina and Hiei's mother, Hina resembles Yukina almost identically. When her people ruled Hiei unfit to live amongst them, and ordered his banishment, Hina tried to save her child, but was unable to stop her people from doing what they thought was right.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Description: Hinageshi is a former boatman like Botan, in fact the two of them were friends. However, Hinageshi was always causing Botan trouble and messing up in her work. In Movie 2, Bonds of Fire, Hinageshi tries to save Botan and help the others secure the elemental sites from the demons of Mekai.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Black in human form: Green in demon form
Eye Color: Black in human form: White in demon form
Description: The first demon for Yusuke and Kuwabara to face on their way to Tarukane's mansion, Hirue was a squid-like demon with minimal power. However, Hirue underestimated the duo, thinking that they were only mere humans, and was sliced to pieces by Kuwabara's spirit sword.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Black
Description: One of Raizen's Generals, Hokushin traveled to Earth along with the other generals to seek out, and return with them Yusuke. Since their ruler was dying, they needed Yusuke to take his place after his passing in order to prevent a war from breaking out in Makai. His spirit class is in the S level and he has the ability to convert his body into a puddy-like substance, making it extremely difficult to attack or even hurt him.


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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