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Yu Yu Hakusho Biographies: D

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Demon Assassin

Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Blond and Black
Eye Color: Black
Description: Hired by Yoko Kurama, the demon assassin assaulted Yomi and his men as they attempted to raid a castle. The assassin was incredibly powerful and killed all of Yomi's men almost instantly. Further, he cut Yomi across the eyes, blinding him.

Doctor A

Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Description: Driver of the ambulance that showed up at the scene of Yusuke's first death, Doctor A informed his partner that the boy that Yusuke saved only had minor injuries and was going to be fine.

Dr. Ichigaki

Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Black
Description: Owner of the team with the same name, Dr. Ichigaki is a mad demon scientist who used his genius to create his warriors, who were previously normal humans. By using his genius, he calculates his chances of success based on what he thinks his opponents fighting levels are. However, he doesn't take into account the ability for humans to raise their powers based on emotions, and ultimately loses all his fighters.

Dr. Ichigaki's Minions

Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Varied
Eye Color: Varied
Description: The two unnamed members of Team Ichigaki, the Ichigaki minions were sent to ensure the distraction, and death if possible, of Kurama and Hiei. One was killed almost instantly, while the other died after confessing everything about Ichigaki's plans following Kurama and Hiei's destruction of Gatasubaru.


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