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Yu Yu Hakusho Biographies: A

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Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Description: Leader of Team Gorenjya, Akarenjya was misfortunate enough to have to face Elder Toguro in the Dark Tournament semi-finals. Since Akarenjya did not beg for his life, but rather threatened to only come again if not killed, Elder Toguro informed him of how his brother would look at such a statement as honorable, and offer Akarenjya a job in his gang. Again though, Akarenjya was unfortunate, since Elder Toguro is not his younger brother.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Description: Akashi is one of Yusuke's teachers at Sarayashiki Junoir High. However, he is a very hateful person, always trying to get Yusuke, Kuwabara, and their friends in trouble and ruin any chances they have of doing well on exams.

Amanema Tsukihito, The Game Master

Age: 7
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Description:  Member of Sensui's Seven, Amanema's special power that he gained as a result of the Makai door opening is to take any game and make it real within his territory. Due to his hatred of his schoolmate's inability to measure up to his intelligence, and his loneliness as a result, Sensui was able to manipulate Amanema into joining his gang and helping him destroy the world.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Unknown
Description: Aorenjya was a member of Team Gorenjya and fought Team Toguro in the semi-finals. Along with his teammates Momorenjya and Akarenjya, Aorenjya fought against Elder Toguro. After Toguro immobilized Aorenjya, Toguro offered to let only Aorenjya or Akarenjya live, but they would have to beg for their lives. Aorenjya did so and was instantly, and brutally killed by Toguro.

Asato Kido

Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blond
Description:  One of the humans who gain special abilities as the door to Makai opens, Asato has the ability to paralyze his opponents by stepping on their shadows. He can also manipulate and control his shadow.

Atsuko Urameshi

Age: 30
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Description: Atsuko is Yusuke's mother, of whom is incredibly irresponsible and loves to drink. Though she acts tough at first, and treats Yusuke as a burden, she genuinely loves her son and wishes the best for him.


Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Description:  Another deliverer of the dead like Botan, or Boat Man as some call it, Ayame's chief purpose in the Spirit World seems to be doing research for Koenma. Further, the manga seems to hint at a love affair between Ayame and Koenma, or rather an infatuation that Koenma has for her.


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