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PoJo Note:  Here's a killer tip for those of you starting a new game.  To get instant E-Mail from Dr. Mason go talk to as many Club Masters as you can... but don't challenge them!  Once you do this you should have at least 6 boosters in the PC waiting for you!  These early packs will really help put together a "Killer Deck" in no time!  If you want to take this a step further, check out the tip below!   =)

Cheater!! Cheater!!

  • Whenever Dr. Mason e-mails you a booster pack, save your game before opening
    the e-mail. Once opened, if you do not want the cards in the booster pack,
    shut the game off immediately and start over. This time, the cards in the
    booster will be different. Repeat until you find the cards you want

Patience is for Panzies!

  • If you want to give all of your cards to the man in order to get your MP
    Pikachu a faster way to do this instead of waiting for him to ask for one is
    to do this: When he asks you for a card give it to him, write in the diary,
    and shut off the gameboy. Turn it back on and talk to the same man. He will
    ask for it immediatley. Repeat in order to get the MP Pikachu way faster!

The game auto-saves in a battle... abuse it!

  • Tip 1
    First you must understand how the game saves. The game automatically saves
    after each input command that you do. It does not save after your opponent
    attacks, only after you input. Use this to your advantage. If you get a
    result you don't like, just turn off the game, then turn it back on. Now you
    can try something else.

  • Tip 2
    See all of your prizes
    After you beat an opponent, select a prize. Once you see what it is do Tip 1.
    When you turn it back on you will be back to just before the attack. Attack
    again and select a different prize. Repeat this with all prizes and you can
    select the one you want/need.

  • Beat the coin flip
    Coin flips in the game are NOT random. They are on some type of predetermined
    routine that you can take advantage of. If you have a Pokemon that has a
    damage attack and a coin flip attack (like Lapras) then always try the status
    attack first. For example, if you have 2 Water energies on Lapras. You can do
    a 20 pt Water Gun or a 10 Confuse Ray attack. Try the Confuse Ray attack. If
    it's heads then you get the 10 pts damage and your opponent is confused. If
    you get tails, simply turn off the game as soon as the coin shows tails and
    start it again. Now do Water Gun. Don't bother with Confuse Ray because once
    it's tails it will ALWAYS be tails. This can also be used with trainer cards.
    Once you know what the coin flip will be you can decide if you want to use
    cards like Gambler or Recycle.

  • Psychic Killer
    The Meowth lv14 card is the ultimate in Psychic killers. Simply put him out
    when your opponent has alot of Psy Pokemon and he'll take out the benched
    characters. His Resistance keeps him safe and having some Potions and
    Defenders assures you an easy win. Four of this cards should be in your deck
    when you expect to face Psy decks.

  • Challenge Hall
    Save the game before each battle. Now enter the battle and see what type of
    deck your opponent is using, Use the almighty Tip 1 to go back to before the
    battle and when you're asked if you want to prepare your deck, just say yes
    and choose a deck that is the stronger one. I suggest carrying a Fire Deck,
    Water Deck, Electric Deck, and Grass or Colorless deck. No one is resistant
    to Fire (and Ponyta and Magmar give you 30pts for 2 energy attacks); A decent
    raindance deck can beat any Fire deck in the game; The sheer amount of
    Pikachu cards (and you can use 4 Pikachus AND 4 Pikachu variants like
    Surfing) gives good access to the killer Raichu card and most can Paralyze;
    and smart use of the "Team Rocket" cards Koffing/Weezing & Ekans/Arbok can
    destroy anything short of a straight Fire deck.

  • Best Pokemon
    Scyther is clearly the best non-promo giving a 60 pt attack by turn two
    (killing any Pokemon with Grass Weakness). Using a Scyther/Rattata/Spearow
    combination gives three zero retreat cost pokemon that cover loads of
    different opponents. Simply swap them whenever it's best for you (especially
    when poisoned).

Multiple Legends?

  • To get more Legendary Cards, beat the Grand Masters again, and 1 randomly
    selected legendary card will be added to your collection. When I beat the four
    Grand Masters and I had 2 of every card, they said that there wasnít any more 
    to give so donít expect to get a lot of those.

Promo Plethora!  

  • Here is a very cool cheat.  After you have beat the Elite Four and
    Ronald it will make the game randomly open the Challenge Cup more
    often.  Also you can win any of the promo cards for prizes.  Well here
    is the cheat.  Always save before each of the 3 matches.  If the card
    you get is not the one you want restart your GameBoy and start from the
    save game before the last match the cards will be different.  I tried
    this and it does work it got me my Lvl. 9 Slowpoke to give me all 226


  • This is relatively easy to do. First go to each club lounge until you find
    Imakuni? Then battle him which isnít hard to do and youíll get 4 Booster Packs each
    time. However he may give you his Imakuni? card. Repeat the process until you have
    most of the cards you need to build a healthy deck.

Don't let the Fat Lady sing too soon!

  • One tip is when you beat the grand masters go to the deck machine on the top 
    of the screen before you get the cards to build an awesome deck. If you don't it
    will go to the credits and you will have to beat it again

Fire Club Trade?

  • I know a way to get the Lv.9 promo Slowpoke easier. You can put all of your
    energies except one in temporary decks. Then talk to the boy. He will
    reveal the location for only 1 energy!

How To Beat The 8 Club Masters!

  • Gene of the Rock Club- use a grass and water deck
    Amy of the Water Club- use a lightning and fighting deck
    Isaac of the Lightning Club- use a fighting and colorless deck
    Nikki of the Grass Club- use an all fire deck
    Rick of the Science Club- use psychic and lightning deck
    Murray of the Psychic Club- use a psychic and colorless deck
    Ken of the Fire Club- use a water and fighting deck
    Mitch of the Fighting Club- use a psychic and colorless deck

Unlimited Energy!

  • In Dr. Masons Lab, both Sam and Aaron give you a pack full of energy when you defeat them!  Sam only plays with 2 prizes making him faster to beat.  This is helpful to know early in the game when you are low on energy!

Challenge Cup Solved!

  • You can compete in the Challenge Cup located in the Challenge Hall after you obtain your 3rd and 5th medal!  The first prize is a lvl. 60 Mewtwo and the second prize is a lvl. 8 Mew!

Card Pop Promo!

  • The 2 Promo cards you receive from playing Card Pop are lvl. 64 Venusaur (came with TCG strategy guide) and a lvl. 15 Mew, which has an attack that does a random amount of damage and may cause a random status effect!

In a Hurry?

  • To walk faster, press and hold the "B" button!

Promo Listings  =)

  • 1 Arcanine                L34 - Water Club, a girl will trade Lapras for it.

  • 2 Moltres                 L37 - Pokemon Dome, beat the Grand Masters.

  • 3 Articuno                L37 - Same as above.

  • 4 Pikachu                 L16 - Grass Club, a girl will first trade you      
    oddish for Vileplume, then Clefairy for Pikachu and last Charizard for

  • 5 Pikachu                 L16 - Fighting Club, a man will ask for Golem,
    Weezing, Parasect, Rapidash and Omastar, heb then will give you Pikachu.

  • 6 Flying Pikachu          L12 - Mr. Ishihara's House, He will first trade
    you Clefable for Surfing Pikachu, then Ditto for Flying Pikachu and last
    Chansey for Surfing Pikachu.

  • 7 Surfing Pikachu         L13 - Same as above.

  • 8 Surfing Pikachu         L13 - Same as above.

  • 9 Electabuzz              L20 - Lightning Club, a boy will trade Electabuzz
    L35 for it.

  • 10 Zapdos                 L68 - See No. 2

  • 11 Slowpoke               L9  - Fire Club, give a boy all your unused energy
    and he will reveal the location.

  • 12 Mewtwo                 L60 - Challenge Hall, various prizes.

  • 13 Mewtwo                 L60 - Psychic Club, show a man your psychic medal
    and he will reward you.

  • 14 Mew                    L8  - See No. 12

  • 15 Jigglypuff             L12 - After you win your 2nd Medal save and exit,
    Ronald will duel you and if you win you get Jigglypuff.

  • 16 Dragonite              L41 - See No. 2

  • 17 Imakuni?               Tr. - Imakuni?, he randomly appears in club
    lounges, on you 3rd and 6th encouter if you win you will recieve Imakuni?.

  • 18 Super Energy Retrieval Tr. - Anter you win your 5th Medal save and exit,
    Ronald will duel you and if you win you get Super Energy Retreival.



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