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Frequently Asked Questions 
Pokemon Trading Card Game - Gameboy

PoJo Question:  Does anyone know what that door in the back of the Challenge Cup is for?
                                                                                                     Thanks in Advance,    Aaron.

Q.  When my opponent draws no basic Pokemon, why don't I get to draw 2 cards like in the real card game?
A.  This was one of the few rules from the actual card game that wasn't included in the Gameboy TCG, use it to your advantage to run low basics in your deck!

Q.  How do I save my game so I don't have to start over each time I turn off my Gameboy?
A.  Hit start and choose to write in your diary to save your information, it is also a good idea to "save" before you battle a trainer incase something goes wrong!

Q.  I didn't give the boy in the Fire Club my energy and now he left, can I still get the Slowpoke?
A.  No, if you don't give the boy energy when he asks for it he leaves never to return! 

Q.  Why can't I play in the Challenge Cup?
A.  Only during certain points in the game can you compete in the Challenge Hall, return frequently to see when the Hall is open!

Q.  What is the TCG Video Game?
A.  TCG is a strategy game that uses cards to stage duels between Pokemon on your Gameboy!  In this Role-Playing adventure you defeat opposing trainers to get new cards to build a better deck  in the attempt to defeat the Elite 4 and inherit their Legendary Cards!

Q.  Why can't I fight the leader of the Fighting Club?
A.  You have to prove yourself to Master Mitch first by finding and defeating his three lieutenants first.  They are training in the Fire, Grass, and Rock clubs!



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