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What is Pokemon Stadium?

Pokemon Stadium gives you the opportunity to pit your favorite Pokemon against either your friends or the computer.  With stunning N64 graphics and the ability to play your favorite Red, Blue, and Yellow games up on the big screen... Pokemon Stadium is sure to be an instant success!

Stadium focuses on Pokemon battles.  The coolest feature of the game allows you to "rent" Pokemon to start competing right away, or use the Transfer Pak to use your very own Pokemon you've trained on the Game Boy Games!  Use these Pokemon wisely as you battle other trainers to obtain the status of Pokemon Master!

Don't miss all the other great features in the game!  Besides the main event there is plenty of other stuff to keep you busy.  Visit the Gallery to take pics of your favorite Pokemon and print them out at your local Pokemon Snap Station!  Also be sure to visit Professor Oak to check out all your Pokemon and trade them with your friends!  When you get a chance be sure to go check out the NINE mini games featuring all the cutest Pokemon!  Stadium also lets you use the Transfer Pak to play your Pokemon Game Boy games right on your TV!  Finally, don't forget to battle your friends for loads of Multi-Player action!

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