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POJO NOTE:  All good things come to those who wait!  Stadium finally lets you teach Pikachu Surf without using a Gameshark code!  Now you can play the Surfing Pikachu Game located south of Fuchsia in the GB games!! 

Q:  Can I win Togepi or Mew after I beat the Gym Leader Castle?
A.  Unfortunately no, the list of Pokemon you win is posted on our Stadium Tips page!

Q:  How do I get surfing Pikachu?
A:  Use an unregistered Pikachu from your GB cartridge to battle in all Prime Cup Master Ball battles in Round 2.  You cannot use any continues, and Pikachu cannot already know surf!

Q:  Can I battle with Mew in stadium?
A:  Yes!  You can transfer Mew from your GB cartridge, although Mew cannot be used in the    Pika and Petit Cups.

Q:  Will I be able to use the new Pokemon in GB Gold/Silver when they come out?
A:  No, Pokemon above number 151 are not programmed into Stadium!

Q:  Where do I find/battle Mewtwo?
A:  You have to "earn" the right to challenge Mewtwo.  First you must clear all the Cups and the Gym Leader Castle, then Mewtwo will appear above GB tower!

Q:  Can status attacks like Poison and Paralyze be healed by items during battle like in the GB games?
A:  No, unfortunately in Stadium you cannot use any items...making Status attacks very powerful!

Q:  How do I get the Duduo and Dodrio Game Boy in Stadium?
A:  After you defeat either the Poke Cup or the Prime Cup you will receive the Doduo Game Boy, and you obtain the Dodrio GB after defeating both.  These features allow you to play you GB game at double and quadruple the normal playing speed!

Q:  How does Psyduck learn the Amnesia attack?
A:  You must obtain Victory Palace statues of all 151 Pokemon, this allows Psyduck to use Amnesia in your GB game!

Q:  What do I get for defeating the Gym Leaders at Gym Leader Castle?
A:  Professor Oak will install a Pokemon onto your GB cartridge.  The better you did at defeating the Leaders, the better Pokemon you will get!




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