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Pokemon Gold/Silver 
Tips and Tricks

Egg Hatching Tips
  • This is not one of those cheap tricks that you have to have 250 Pokemon to have or anything-it REALLY works.  Here's a good way to hatch an egg in 10 minutes or less: If you have an egg that ya need to hatch, first get to Goldenrod City. Then, go all the way north until you hit the outside of the guard house 0n the very edge. Then go straight south until you are outside of Goldenrod and have hit a line of bushy trees. Keep going all the way up...and down... and yor egg will hatch very soon. It's faster when you use your bike. PS An egg will also hatch quicker the more levels its parent grew in daycare. (A Cleffa egg will hatch faster when the Clefairy grew 13 levels in daycare as opposed to 3 or 4)  - Sarah M. 
  • If you want a happy Pokemon, hatch it from an egg.  It will like you better than if you catch it in the wild.  A Pokemon will evolve faster if you give it haircuts, this is a lot faster than feeding it items like Protein, Calcium, etc.  You can also get free haircuts from Blue’s sister Daisy if you go to Pallet Town at 3 to 4 in the afternoon.  If you want an egg to hatch faster leave low level Pokemon in the breeding center because you can’t get an egg unless one of your Pokemon has grown a level.  Eggs hatch faster if their parents grew a lot of levels in daycare.  Eggs also seem to hatch faster if you take them to the Pokemon League.

    If your friend’s giving you a Pokemon that evolves by happiness get them to breed it for you then trade the egg cause you can trade eggs.  The egg, when it hatches, will like you better because traded Pokemon especially don’t like you. - UnownMaster


  •  I have a great tip for you. When playing Pokemon if you are in tall grass and do not whant to fight Wild Pokemon and one of your Pokemon has use it. It will cut the grass in front of you ,but you can't do this in the safari zone. - Phillyforbes

Catching Level 40 Pokemon

  • While I was playing the gold version i Found out something really good...... to get level 40 water Pokémon use a super rod..... it always works - Aleena

Making Male or Female Pokemon

  • Here's a funny tip for users of a r/b/y version, a g/s version (and probably crystal) and two GameBoys. This is a trick that is used to control gender of Pokémon traded from r/b/y to g/s (and as I said, probably crystal.) All you need to do is bring the Pokémon that you want to be either male or female when traded to the name rater. Rename it. When you rename, be sure to put the male of female sign at the very end of its name. Trade to g/s and it will be that gender. This will not work with male or female only Pokémon. :)
    - Gengar's Keeper

Getting Ho-Oh and Lugia

  • If you have a hard time getting Ho-Oh and Lugia here's how it's done. Now I had both gold and silver games  you know that the gold game you get ho-oh at level 40 so I got ho-oh and got it up to level 53 and then traded ho-oh to my silver game and here are his attacks.1 fly. 2 fire blast.3 sacked fire.4 zap cannon. As soon as I got ho-oh I went    to ho-oh {on the silver game} I sent out ho-oh that I got from gold and first the wild ho-oh attacked he used swift then I used zap cannon and it hit and ho-oh {the wild one still had green hp} then he we as paralyzed then I used fly and kept flying and flying then he was in the red hp and I threw a ultra ball and got him hope this tip helps.
  • Believe it or not, I caught Lugia (Level 70) with a Poke’ Ball! This is how it works:First, save the game when you are in the same room (cave, dungeon, whatever) as Lugia. Next, you go to POKEMON on your START menu and place a Pokemon with a level 60-68 Level at the top of the list. Then you start to battle Lugia and hit it with some weak attacks like BITE, POISIN STING, WATERGUN,TACKLE, or a paralyzing attack like STUNSPORE or THUNDERWAVE but none to damage its HP. When Lugia’s HP range is in the FAINT ZONE (dark red area) use a Poke’ Ball. If Lugia uses RECOVER, then use a very weak attack that will affect its HP so it will be in the FAINT ZONE and try the Poke’ Ball again. If Lugia continuously keeps escaping from the Poke’ Ball, use a Great Ball, NOT AN ULTRA BALL!  Lugia will obviously break out of the Great Ball after at least 1 or 2 Struggle Shakes and then you use the Poke’ Ball again and at that time it should be captured.  I was very lucky for this to happen but if you have a Ho-Oh on Level 67 or 68 (like me), that should be the one you should use in battle.

    P.S.: After you catch Lugia, SAVE THE GAME!  And so you don’t lose your game like in a battle or something important, SAVE THE GAME because there is a new virus for GAMEBOY, dropping it. If you drop your GAMEBOY while the game is still on, the game will shut off and restart. - AveryPrisma201

Getting a lot of Eevees

  • Well what I did was I got my Eevee from Bill and caught a Ditto by Goldenrod! Then I placed them with the day-care lady and the day care man also by Goldenrod.  Soon they produced an egg,  I kept them there for along time. Soon they made 6 eggs I took all of them. So now I have a Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon and  Jolteon. To get six eggs took a lot of walking around though. I finished the Pokémon League and walked around till I got done solving all the mysteries in the old world. Then I had 7 eggs.....they take a long time to hatch too!!! They took along time to hatch because I gave my Umbreon to the day care, and it's a rare Pokémon. So it took lots longer than Eevee would!
    - Anonymous

Cloning Pokémon

  • Here's something that I thought you might find interesting.  I have figured out how to clone Pokémon in Gold&Silver Versions.  First, put the Pokémon that you want to
    clone into Box 6, then switch to Box 1. When it tells you not to turn off the
    power, turn it off. You will have two of that Pokémon. Don't use it
    backwards, though. If you put a Pokémon in Box 1 and switch to Box 6 and turn
    it off, you will delete that Pokémon.
    - David
  • Clone rare pokemon that only can be caught once in the game!  

    While I was playing silver, I met Lapras in the Union Cave. I saved and I managed to catch it. Then I was going to save again, and the batteries in my gameboy where empty. So just when the text "SAVING DON'T TURN OF THE POWER" appeared, my gameboy went off. After turning the power on again I was back to the Lapras again.
    I caught it, but when I checked my PC box, I HAD TWO LAPRAS'ES IN MY BOX. One for the first time i caught it, and one for the second. 

    The bottom line is: TO CATCH MORE THAN ONE OF THE RARE POKEMON, TURN OF THE POWER WHEN YOU ARE SAVING (AFTER YOU HAVE CAUGHT THE POKEMON OF COURSE). That way you'll have more than one of the rare pokemon. I would suggest you do this on Lugia/Ho'Oh.  NOTE: THIS MAY DELETE A SAVED GAME!
  • Pokémon and Item Duplication

    1.   Choose the Pokémon and the item that you want to duplicate.
    2.   Equip the chosen item onto the chosen Pokémon.
    3.   Log onto Bill’s Computer and switch boxes to any other box.
    4.   Save the game.
    5.   Now deposit the chosen Pokémon, equipped with the chosen item into the box.
    6.   Switch to another box.
    7.   Right after it says “Saving...don’t turn off the power” (let the whole thing come up), turn off the game.
    8.   When you turn it back on, you will have the Duplicated Pokémon and Item in your lineup, and the other one in the box.

     Andy Leverett

Strengthening your Pokémon

  • Hey, I am a huge fan of Pokémon. My cousin and I have become top aces in how to raise a Pokémon to its best from experience. We would like to have this message set up to help people who play Pokémon for Gameboy. This goes out to all the people who are preparing their Pokémon for Pokémon Stadium GS. I will share with you all some useful tips on getting strong Pokémon.
    1.Always look for the lowest level if trying to catch a wild Pokémon.
    2.NEVER use rare candies on your team Pokémon----trust me, it will lower their stats.
    3.If you can, take two of the Pokémon you want to raise and breed them to get a Level 5 unless you can catch a lower level in the wild.
    4.Try to avoid breeding with a Ditto---if you can that is...We are pretty sure that pure-breds prove to be the strongest.
    5.Optional: You may or may not want to use HP Ups,   Proteins, Calciums, etc. However, it will not effect the final stats of a level 100 Pokémon, and are only there to boost stats in the earlier levels.
    - bqueck

Shiney Pokemon

  • If you don't know much about Pokémon with a starry status, listen up:  "Sparkly" or "Shiny" Pokémon are spread throughout both Johto and Canto and are extremely rare. It's more like you run into them, not look for them. If you are fortunate, you may run into a wild Pokémon that sparkles before it comes into battle, just like the Red Gyrados. These Pokémon are different in color and are stronger than the average Pokémon of it's type. If you check the status of the Pokémon after it is caught, you will find that it has three stars next to its gender sign. My cousin and I, have found a total of four sparkly Pokémon, excluding the Red Gyrados. The first I caught was  a Sparkly Rattata LvL 6(I caught) that was in Route 33. Then another, which was a sparkly Ursaring Lvl 42 (I also caught) that was gold in color just outside of Silver Cave. Also, in Canto, at Route 15, I ran into sparkly Nidorina Lvl 23 that was pink in color (I had failed to catch it). Then, also my cousin had found a sparkly Weedle while in the Bug Catching Contest. Supposedly you can't run away from a sparkly Pokémon in battle. (I wouldn't try it).  Well I hope this information has been useful to you. See Ya!
    - bqueck
  • I’ve been training hard with all the gameshark shiny pokemon. I wrote down all the different stat differences between the different color unit of shiny pokemon.  I’ve found that golden colored shinies have the best level gain and stats. I put ever stones on a gold magikarp and trained it to level 55 and found that it could whip my red garidos pretty hard but it was possible. I trained it to level 55 with no items on it, and gave it to my friend and he fot me and I whipped him bad with lil goldykarp.  I did the same thing with my goldix(golden steelix) and fot my friends red celibi. I WOOPED him good.  Gold pokemon are also happier than every one else.  thanks for reading, if you have questions e-mail me - lncconnj@netins.net


  • If you have an Eevee you can get Umbreon or Espeon.  First you need a level 39 or under Eevee. If you give it hair cuts,use it in battle,or give it EXP SHARE, it will be come happy.  That's how it becomes Umbreon or Espeon.  But the thing is if it becomes Espeon it has to be in the day.  If you want a Umbreon you have to do it in the day.  Hope it makes sense:)
  • If you want a Crobat you have to do the same thing with the Eevee tip.  It has to  be happy :)
  •  If you want a Blissey you have to have a Chansey that is also again happy :)
    - Lugia
  • If you want to evolve your Tyrogue into Hitmonlee give it Proteins until it's attack is beter than it's defense. if you want to evolve your Tyrogue into Hitmonchan give Irons until it's defense is beter than it's attack. If you want to evolve your Tyrogue into Hitmontop give it either Proteins or Irons until it's attack and it's defense are the same. After you've given your Tyrogue what it needs, grow it to level 20. - Cjfox


Catching the Legendary Dogs

  • Have you been so upset because you can't even hit damage on a Legendary Dog? Here's how to make them stop running from you! No, it's not Hypnosis. Catch a Gastly in the Sprout Tower, train it until it learns Mean Look, and wait for the Dogs to come! Mean Look stops a trainer from returning a Pokémon and stops a wild Pokémon from fleeing! Great if you want the Dogs to stay put!

  • So you want a legendary dog? Here's how to get one: First,  make sure your Pokémon is fast enough to attack one. Second,  DO NOT USE MEAN LOOK! THEY KNOW ROAR! They will roar you out if you use Mean Look. Instead, focus on Lovely Kiss, Spore, and other sleep moves.- Made by Bubba

  • Once entering the burned tower and the three statues coming to life and running away the legendary dogs are on the loose. They can ONLY BE FOUND IN THE JOHTO REGION so don’t go looking around kanto you’ll have no luck. Another note they ONLY APPEAR IN GRASS not in caves or anything else. The dogs have random locations that change every time you enter a building, cave, change route (or city) or fly somewhere.  The first time you see one of the dogs will be purely by luck, your even lucky to see one in the entire game (I’ve seen two mind you).  Tracking them is quite hard cause when you go and fly to where they are their gone. The best thing to do is buy a couple of super repels and wait around a route like the route near the moo moo farm which only has one patch of grass or routes 30 and 31 which you can go between without entering a building aor anything. Keep moving between routes or entering and exiting a building until one of them is in your area. Then use a couple of repels to make sure you don’t have any wild encounters.  Once you run into them have a high speed pokemon at the front equipped with the quick claw put them to sleep. Attack until you get their health to the tiniest bit then start chucking pokeballs (fast balls are good also). If the dog runs away don’t worry it will be on the same amount of health next time you run into it. SAVE OFTEN.  There you go happy hunting. - Foxy

  •      ::sigh:: I know, I know, those dumb legendary dogs love to make fun of your luck by on letting you see the first time only after hours of devotion, followed by constantly changing their positions when you finally do find them the first time and or capable of tracking. And when you finally do get lucky, they make like a coward and run before you get in a hit. ::d’oh!::     :-(  Well I feel your pain. As matter of fact, just thinking about it brings back painful memories ::shudder:: (On one file I’ve had several LD encounters after several hours of work, yet they were all with Suicune.
    ! Either the others totally hated me, he really liked me, or he was warning them when I was near and taking the fall). Then one day I said: “Aw, Screw the traditional method of pure luck, sleep, Mean Look, etc. Besides, I haven’t even freed them yet on this file (whoops)... Time for plan B.”  Which I will now share with you:
        1st, I went back and freed them (of course). Now the hardest part is getting your first encounter so you can track. So take a lot of repel, a Lv. 39- poke, save on a route, and look (restart when your out of repel to save time and money).  OR, you could go find someone who already has them, and trade for info. Then, they’ll already be in the pokedex :-D.   Just hope they don’t charge you money like my “friend” did.  The rest is simple:
    1. Take your Master Ball (or have someone send theirs by equipping a pokemon
    with it and trading)
    2. Duplicate it into 3 Master Balls (though you’ll want more for other pokes)
    3. Carry a lv. 39- poke and always check when you enter a new route.
    4. When you get lucky, use repel and figure it out from there (Hint: it
    invovles one of your new Master Balls).
    5. Start braging and making up storys about it taking you 100+ hours just
    getting one of them. 
     Good luck, your gonna need it -  David Morris

  • Here is are a few tips for everyone trying to catch those peskey dogs! Know i have caught all three and they are great but it was hard and here are a few tips.

    1) get a high level wigglytuff with lullaby or something else. If you have to beef it up on carbos.
    2) next train a scyther or scizor with false swipe.
    3) lastly keep giving kurt white apricorns for like a month.

    Now when you come across one it will tell you where it is on your pokedex. Go to where they are and then use super repel. With wigglytuff on the top of the lineup. When you get in a fight with one use lullaby retreat for scyther and use false swipe until they are down to 1.  Then use screech (by now mostly likely the dog will be awake and would of ran away so find it again and put it back to sleep.) For 3 to 6 times. After that throw about 6 ultra balls at the dog then the fast balls. This process works and i have tested many times hope it helps you. – marinfire123

  • I caught all the lions so trust me, this works.  Need: Scizor with false swipe   Jumpluff with sleep powder.   Fast,Ultra,or Masterball.  Quick claw 1)  Give Jumpluff Quick claw.  2)  When dogs appears use sleep powder to make him sleep.3)  Use false swipe with Scizor, this should bring it to one HP(that’s what the attack does.)  4)  Use a Ball to capture it. - Piccolo  

How to get through the Ice Path


How to get through Gym 7

Multiplying Pokemon

  • If you want to multiply pokémon (who wouldn't want 6 mews?) in gold & silver then just breed that pokémon with a Ditto. Ditto will breed with anything so it's easy to get a level five version of any of your pokémon.  P.S. Try this with Eevee or any of his evolutions to get all the Eevee evolutions. -Pichu

  • PICHU was another person mentioining cloning mews this is not cloning, it is breeding you will not get an identical version as you would with the R&B copying cheat, it produces a new level 5 version of the pokemon. It's  impossible to breed mews, the following pokemon can't breed:Lugia, Ho-oh, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Mew, Mewtwo, unknown, Celebi and baby pokemon. - POKEMASTER IAIN

Walking Faster

  • I found a interesting fact.(I don`t know if this works in r/b/y but it does in g/s) Here it is:IF YOU HOLD DOWN THE "B BUTTON"WHILE WALKING YOU GO FASTER. BRIAN, PEACE

Save Often

  • Do not underestimate the Pokemon you're about to face.  Especially if it's a Pokemon like Usokki, who can only be fought once.  Save!  Then, if you don't catch him, just restart and try again or use the defeat as a lesson on how to change your strategy next time.

Attacking Tip

  • For those who play pokemon on Gameboy, Earthquake affects pokemon who are using the dig attack (When they are underground).

Fighting Red


  • In Cerulean City when you walk up Nugget Bridge to your left is some grass.
    Walk down the grass and stop right after you come out of it. Surf onthe water
    to your right and come out right in front of the entrance to the grass. When
    you come out, and start walking you will go repeatedly from boy to Lapras.
    Whenever you talk to someone, read something, surf, get into a battle, or go
    inside a building you will go back to normal.  - JRYANJA

Duplicating Pokemon and Items in Gold and Silver

  • There is another way to duplicate Pokemon and Items in Gold and Silver.  After several failed attempts to duplicate using the tips listed on the site and in various magazines, I stumbled on a way that has worked for my son and me.  You’ll need two Gameboys, 2 cartridges, a link cable, and at least one Mega Memory Card (from Interact).  

Here’s what you do:

1.  Back up the game cart with the items you want to duplicate (Master Ball, Entei, etc.) on the memory card.  
2.  On the second cart, be sure you have several extra Pokemon you don’t need (they will eventually be lost).  
3.  Trade the to-be-duplicated items.  
4.  Back up the second cart on the memory card.  
5.  Restore the original game on the first cart (you magically have the items back!)  
6.  Trade the items/Pokemon back to the first cart (cart 1 now has two of each traded item/Pokemon).  
7.  Restore the game on the second cart (you still have the items, too!)  
8.  Repeat to get multiples of items or Pokemon.

This trick has allowed me to create enough Master Balls to catch the Legendary Pokemon (and extras for Lugia and Ho-Oh if I need them).  Make sure you have plenty of extra Pokemon on the second cart that you can afford to lose.  Also, this really is cheating, so at least try to catch ‘em all the ethical way first.

- Thanks, PokeDaD

Game Corner

  • Go to the game corner and go to the closest slot machine this one is unusual 'cause if you get close to 777 it will automatically go to 777. -  Buzz    

  • When You Are In One Of The Game Corners And Golems Drop And Turn The Wheel, The Wheel Slowly Turns By Itself, Or Clefairy Turns It, Press SELECT To Stop The Wheel From Turning On 777.(Note:This only happens when you come close to 777.) - mbayliss
  • Steal from game corner

    First you have to get 999 casino coins, then you save right before you get
    your prize.

    Pokemon: Get the pokemon you want. Then you go to a pokecenter and duplicate
    that pokemon you received. Open up your GB and you have 999 casino coins and
    your new pokemon.(look for new pokemon on computer in pokecenter.)(doesn’t
    show on pokedex.)

    TM: Get the TM you want.Attach to pokemon on party then duplicate that
    pokemon that has the item. Turn on your GB  and you have 999 casino coins.
    Then go to your computer and check the duplicated pokemon it has the new TM.


  • All Breeding Tips are in the two Breeding sections.  ;-)

100 Level Pokemon

  • 1)   Duplicate 10 or more rare candies  
    2)   Save the game EVERY time you do this trick (you do not to need to make rare candies every time you do this trick)  
    3)   give the rare candies to the Pokemon you want to raise the level 
    4)Put in a box (empty or full)  
    5)   Change box and then when it says “SAVING...DON’T TURN OFF THE POWER” Turn it off  
    6)   Turn back on and you’ll have a Pokemon with the lv. not raised on your team and one w/ raised lv in the box  
    7)   repeat till the Pokemon is at 100 (the rare candies reappear even thought you used them)

    NOTE-you can ALSO use PP UPs and Vitamins in replacement of the rare candies 

    --The T—

Attacking Tips

  • 1. When an opponent flies up to use Fly, you can attack with gust and it will
    always hit
    2. When a Pokemon uses Dig, you can use Earthquake to attack them.
    3. If you used Lock-on during your last turn, the attack will always hit
    even if they use Fly, Dig, etc. - Omastar85

  • Hey pojo people, My name is Raymond and here are some of the best combos for pokemon gold and silver:
     1.- If you use lock-on and then fissure or guillotine ( since if you use lock-on you never miss and fissure and guillotine miss a lot but  K.O. the opponent )
     2.- If you use sunnyday then solarbeam, you can use solarbeam five times without charging for the attack.
     3.- If you use Raindance then thunder, thunder will never miss (since thunder misses a lot )
     4.- If you use Toxic( the opponent will be poisoned) then wrap( the opponent will be paralyzed) and then rage ( the opponent will be receiving more damage every turn)
     5.- If the opponent uses dig and you use earthquake it will hit.

Getting all 3 Starting Pokes

  • 1)To get all 3 starters start a NEW GAME then go to professor elm and save.

2)Choose a pokemon then go to Mr. pokemon’s housethen go back to pof em get 5 pokeballs.

3)Catch a pokemon and give the pokemon you started with a pokeball.

4)Put the pokemon you started with in the PC then change box. When it says SAVING...DON’T TURN OFF THE POWER,turn off the power.

5)Then choose a new starter then go to the next town and take out your pokemon and use the pokeball.

Put both your STARTERS in the PC then change box. When it says   Then choose the last starter and the other 2 will be in the PC.  NOTE:The first 2 will not be in the pokedex.Save Only before you choose your pokemon. - the stuart!mafu!mafu!--

Catching Unown

Want to catch all the Unown? This works-  1.   Solve all the puzzles, two are accessible from the Ruins, the other two are from the Union Cave.

2.   Go to the place where you catch Unown and put up a high level Pokemon with Sleep Powder, Sing, Spore, Lovely Kiss, etc.

3.   Throw Poke Balls.  They’ll catch them after a few tries. - UnownMaster

Top 10 best Pokemon tips (no matter what you want to be!)

10.           NEVER use Rare Candies.  Actually breeding a Pokemon increases status more than Rare Candies.  Weaker status, weaker Pokemon.

9.             Don’t cheat.  Cheating ruins your reputation as a Trainer, a Breeder, whatever you want to be.  Codes only help in a game, but cheats absorb the fun from the game.  And, they wreck it too.

8.             Hiker Parry tells you about Marril. Get his number

7.             Don’t use GameShark too much.  Only use it to get impossible Pokemon, like Celebi and Mew. 

6.             Focus on Gold Pokemon.  Gold Pokemon are much more powerful than Red or Pink or any color.

5.             Don’t go anywhere else online.  Pojo gives the best walkthrough (I should have read it when I started), codes, tips, art, and the most complete Pokedex (or Pojodex) in existence!

4.                Nickname every Pokemon you can.  Nicknames make Pokemon feel good about you being their new master.  They will then feel accepted and accept you.

3.             Trade Mystery Gift with a friend while he is holding a Legendary Dog.  Then, battle him, or her, in Trainer Hall.  You can then track them in your Pokedex.  The Dogs move when you enter or exit a city or route.

2.             Don’t wait to catch Pokemon.  Catch ‘em young.  Then you can have more control over the Pokemon’s moves.

1.             The best starting team goes as follows in catching order:

·        Totodile
·        Hoppip

Wanna know why?  Because Chickorita gets its butt kicked by Falkner, Bugsy, and Morty badly!  Cyndaquill never learns anything useful, and Belsprouts get the life sucked out of them by Bugsy’s bugs!  Totodile can (and should) be taught Mud Slap, a favorite of mine, and turns out useful against pesky Electric Pokemon.

- Chomper ; )


Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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