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Pojo's Pokemon News
Main Page News Archive - July 2006

Monday, 7.31.06  ClownMaster is back in his Pokemon GBA Team Garage reviewing another readers GBA team.  Today it's a Sandstorm based team.

Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Mawile. Muk Man, The Dark Twins and Computer Guy get us going. And, we welcome cyan as a reviewer.

We posted a Press Release that come out today about the 2006 Pokemon World Championships in Anaheim.  It's in our News Section today.

Sunday, 07.30.06  We're a little behind with our GBA Pokemon of the Week so let's get right to Ursaring. Clown Master, Playdoh Dude and Reeve keep on top of things.

Friday, 07.28.06  Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Holon Mentor. Will Hung, Muk Man and Computer finish off the week.

Thursday, 07.27.06  Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Holon's Magnemite. Will Hung and Computer Guy chime in. And, we welcome yaser hussain to the review staff.

Wednesday, 07.26.06  Loretta brings us info on the 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition Complete Pokedex today in Pokemon News.

Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Scramble Energy. Will Hung, Raichu88 and Computer Guy unscramble the info on this card.

Tuesday, 07.25.06  Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Protective Orb from Holon Phantoms. Will Hung checks in with a review.

ClownMaster drops by with anther GBA Team fix. Today it's Aaron Hsu's Battle Tower Team.

Duke University's Online Newspaper has a 10th Anniversary article on Pokemon tonight. 

Monday, 07.24.06  Loretta has some more Pokemon News for you today including details on: A Pokemon/Perdue Chicken promotion; a good book to pick up from your local Japanese book store if you're into Japanese Promo cards & flip-flops. 

Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Raichu - δ from Holon Phantoms. Raichu88, Joker Boi, Computer Guy and ninetails have reviews.

ClownMaster tweaks a Pokemon GBA Team in his garage. Check out Blaziken2222's Team fix.

Friday, 07.21.06  News from Loretta: "Nintendo wants you to put down your DS long enough to read the new September 2006 issue of Nintendo Power, dig it: http://www.nintendopower.com/home. If you click on the preview, you'll see they're featuring an article on Mystery Dungeon--and the cover says there is a bonus Mystery Dungeon comic!"

Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Wigglytuff ex from EX Hidden Legends. Computer Guy & Raichu88 have reviews today. 

Our GBA Pokemon of the Week is Kyogre. Reeve checks out this flying-frog-fish looking thing.

Thursday, 07.20.06  William Hung has a review of the deck that took 1st Place at the U.S. Nationals a couple of weeks ago. 

Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Ninetales ex from EX Hidden Legends. Computer Guy & Raichu88 have reviews today. 

We posted a Tourney Report from Gregory Chisholm today.  Thanks Gregory. 

Here's a nice Pokemon Gaming article from the Ft. Wayne Gazette about Danny Boismier who won 1st place (GBA) at the Auburn Hills stop of the Journey Across America Tour: "He used the dynamic duo of Kyogre and Kingdra, who work well together. Kyogre can summon rain, which is a good move against characters that have fire or electric powers, he says. And Kingdra moves faster when it rains."  Read the article for more.  Congrats Danny!

Wednesday, 07.19.06  Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Kyorge ex from EX Hidden Legends. Raichu88, Computer Guy and Muk Man take a look.

News from Loretta:  "Amazon has artwork posted for Pokemon 1: Advanced Battle - Gaining Groudonthe upcoming (Sept. 19, 2006--and if that date is accurate, it coincides w/the Lucario/Mew DVD release date!) Pokemon Advanced Battle DVDs: (Pokemon Advanced Battle) Groudon and Kyogre seem to be taking center stage on these. Also, artwork for the 10th Anniversary "faves" DVDs for Squirtle and Charizard is now posted (release date noted, August 22, 2006)."

Tuesday, 07.18.06  Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Metagross ex from EX Hidden Legends. Raichu88 and Muk Man take a look.

Monday, 07.17.06  Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Groudon ex from EX Hidden Legends. Raichu88 and Joker Boi take a look.

Friday, 07.14.06  Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Lanturn from Legend Maker. Will Hung, ninetails, Computer Guy, Muk, Chopper Dave and Patriarch all join in the weekending review.

Our GBA Pokemon of the Week is Venasaur. Clown Master, Playdoh Dude and Reeve have reviews this week.

Kotaku has a look at a Pokemon DS Lite available in Japan.

"News from Planet Gamecube: News Article: First Pokemon Diamond/Pearl WiFi Details - Source: CoroCoro Magazine - Two key details were revealed:

* Friend codes will be used in the game.
* The game will feature voice chat.

The Japanese release date was also confirmed for September 28, 2006 and several new Pokemon were shown, including the two new legendary Pokemon that will each be on the cover of one of the games. If you have access to the magazine and are a fan of the series, you may want to pick it up."

News from Gizmodo: "Nintendo Announces DS Compatible Headset - Designed to be used with games like Metroid Prime: Hunters and Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, the headset lets you talk to other players through Nintendo's WiFi enabled DS. The headset goes into the little hole next to the headphone port.

The accessory is going to cost 1200 Yen ($10), available September 14. With all the DS homebrew solutions, someone's bound to put some kind of VoIP client like Skype or a SIP-compatible one on there so you can make calls on your DS. – Jason Chen"

Thursday, 07.13.06  More News from Loretta: "Viz is reissuing some Pokemon ani-manga, check it out: 

  • Viz Site
  • Amazon.com Pre Order - I saw the ad inside the Pikachu and Jigglypuff DVDs. These look like the Pokemon shorts that came with a couple of the movies. Neat!"

Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Huntail from Legend Maker. Will Hung, Computer Guy and Chopper Dave have reviews. And, we welcome Muk Man to the staff.

lilgroudon answers some questions from Tori about "the tickets". Tori also gives us a few tips of her own.

Wednesday, 07.12.06  Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Gorebyss from Legend Maker. Will Hung and ninetails have reviews. We welcome Computer Guy and Chopper Dave to the fold and we welcome back Patriarch from his long hiatus.

You can't slip nothing past Toy Guru Loretta.  She caught this on Amazon.com today:  "Amazon is claiming the new Pokemon movie, Lucario & Mystery of Mew, is being released on September 19, 2006."

Tuesday, 07.11.06  Cardz is back from Origins with a nice recap of his adventures playing in the Nationals Tournament. He also has found a couple fun products. Check out how he did in Cardz Shop.

Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Absol from Legend Maker. Will Hung checks in again today with a sole review. If you're confident in your game, and feel like sharpening your skills and sharing your know-how, contact us. We could use some help.  ;-)

Monday, 07.10.06  We updated our Places to Play the Pokemon TCG.  A couple of handfuls of new stores were added, and a few dead stores were removed.  Thanks to everyone who sent in all the updates this week!  If the place you play isn't listed, feel free to let us know the details.  Also, if the list is outdated (like a store no longer exists), let us know that too.  Thanks!

Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Wailord from Legend Maker. Will Hung hangs out a quick one.  It looks like we could use some more Pokemon COTD volunteers again.  Only William Hung checked in with a review today.  So, if you're confident in your game, and feel like helping out younger players by reviewing cards, feel free to contact us.  We could use some help.  ;-)

For those of you going to the San Diego Comic-Con next week, you can meet the voice actors for Pokemon Season 9.  "Thursday - July 20th, 10:30-11:30 Meet the Voices of Pokémon Season 9!— For the first time ever, fans will get a chance to meet actors behind the new voices of Ash and Brock! Plus you'll find out lots of information for Pokémon: Battle Frontier, the ninth season of the animated series. Representatives will be on hand to answer your questions."

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette online ran an article yesterday about Daniel Micco who parlayed a wildcard slot at a local Pokemon convention into winning the tournament and a spot in the national title game in New York City.

Our Pokemon Card of the Day is Wailord from Legend Maker. Will Hung hangs out a quick one.

Friday, 07.07.06  A new Pokemon Program is being introduced by Pokemon USA: The Pokemon Learning League.  "Pokemon Learning League is a web-based educational suite of animated, interactive lessons in language arts, math, science, and life skills for grades 3-6. Drawing upon current research and using proven instructional strategies, the program is aligned with state and national standards and is designed to help teachers reinforce concepts taught in the classroom."  More details are on the official site

Loretta attended Origins last weekend and has her report from a collecting standpoint. 

lilgroudon checks out the battle frontier cave and the sticky pokemon.

Someone light a match. Our GBA Pokemon of the Week is the fire lizard himself Charizard. James Bunkley, Reeve and Playdoh Dude burn a few reviews.

Thursday, 07.06.06  lilgroudon has something extremely cool for those of you that play the Pokemon Video Games.  He has, I believe, our very first Pokemon Video Game Report.  lilgroudon participated in the Pokemon Video Game National Championships in Memphis during the Journey Across American Tour.  He has 10 photos and his tourney report from the event. 

Keeping the Pokemon Video Game theme here ... ClownMaster is back in his Pokemon GBA Team Garage again this morning helping a reader named George tweak his GBA team.

Here's a pretty fun article from the Fayetteville, NC online paper.  It's titled "Pokemon Turns 10".  It also covers the Raleigh Tour.

William Hung tweaked yesterday's detailed report from the U.S. Pokemon National Championships that took place over this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio.  (more accurate details provided)

Wednesday, 07.05.06  William Hung stops by with an all new Featured Article.  Today, William has a detailed report from the U.S. Pokemon National Championships that took place over this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio. 

Just an FYI to our regular visitors.  We are taking this week off from Card of the Day.  People are still recovering from Nationals, so it's been a busy week.  We'll pick things back up on Monday.  We still could use a few more volunteers to review cards.  Contact us if you'd like to share your opinions on cards with others, and help newbies with the game.  ;-)

Press Release:  "POKÉMON ANNOUNCES U.S. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS WINNERS - National Championships are Largest Pokémon Tournament in the History of the Trading Card Game.  BELLEVUE, Wash.—July 5, 2006—Pokémon USA, Inc., a worldwide leader in trading card games, today announced the winners at the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) National Championships. Top four winners in the 10 and younger age category include: Andrew Krekeler, Dave Richard, Ben Capriola, Matt Sbaa; in the 11 to 14 category: Bobby Malec, Pablo Kingsley, Blaine Dollar, Jonathan Bristow; and in the 15 and older category: Martin Moreno, Eric Ennocenti, Seena Ghaziaskar, Tom Dolezal. In addition to being named a Nationals Champion or Finalist, these players also earned entry and Travel Awards for the 2006 Pokémon TCG World Championships, scholarships, and other prizes.

The competition took place in Columbus, Ohio, on July 1-2. The Pokémon TCG World Championships take place at the Hilton Anaheim in Anaheim, California, August 18-20. The Pokémon TCG World Championships is an invite-only event, and players must participate in a qualifying tournament to receive an invitation. As a way to test players’ skill, creativity, and strategy, Pokémon Organized Play events and tournaments promote good sportsmanship and a fun gaming environment for all ages."  Martin was once a Card of the Day reviewer.  Congrats Martin!  ;-)



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