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Japanese Name: Yomarawu
Japanese Text: ヨマワル
Number: ???
Type: Ghost/Fighting
Species: Welcoming
Height: 2'7"
Weight: Unknown


This new pokemon may be introduced in the 5th pokmon mini movie but it is not confirmed. Some people believe this to a pre-evolution of Misdreavus.

This pokemon is most likely a ghost pokemon, but it looks like it may be a ground type too. It also may appear in future episodes of pokemon. So far nothing much else has been released about this pokemon, but we will soon find out more in the future.

Today i got an e-mail from a fan saying that Yomarawu may be a pre-evolved form of Koffing. On the back of the pokemon there is a bone similar to the bone on the front of Koffing. The pokemon's body looks like it may be made up of gas, hence the gas that appears from Koffing.

Thanks a lot for that information and who knows, maybe your right!



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