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Pojo's Magic:The Gathering

2/17/01 (12:40a PST)

     I normally like to save my updates for the mornings, but since I'm going to the PTQ tomorrow at the Costa Mesa Women's Club, there really isn't going to be any time for tomorrow.  So, I just thought I would update tonight.  BTW, if any of y'all are there, look for me.  If you can't find me, just find a pairing sheet and find my name on it somewhere.  I'd tell you what I'm going to be wearing, but I'm not sure what I have clean right now.  Well, enough about my laundry...

  • Deck Mechanic Sam "RogueRift" Leavitt hit the Friday Night Magic scene last night.  Check out his Tournament Report and see how he did!
  • Wally West is at it again.  This time he fixes up a Type 2 Fires Deck.  
  • Better Tomes and Goblins has it's first submission.  For his first fix, Kevin looks at a Sligh deck.

2/16/01 (10:30a PST) 

     Well, what more can I say, other than TGIF!  Another work week over - another weekend to look forward to.  Of course, that means Friday Night Magic, PTQs, and every other type of tournament you can go to.  If you go to one, send us a report from it!  We'd love to hear from you.
     Let's see what we have on slate for today:

  • DeQuan Watson brings us another edition of his highly-popular The Dragon's Den.  Today he let's us know that "It's All About the Revolution".  Find out what he means by reading his article!
  • Tired of being pushed around by blue mages are their silly counterspells?  Well, one of our readers is, and Michael Taggart takes his deck to A New Plateau.  Check out his latest offering - Blue's Clueless.
  • Tim gives us a bonus Techsas today.  In his article Fun With Packs, he talks about a new and exciting way to open packs of cards and have fun at the same time!
  • The writer known as Evil Blue Mage sent us in a pretty good article about Getting Started in Magic:The Gathering.  We have the article hiding in our Featured Articles section.

Well, that's plenty for now.  Check it out, thanks for coming, and I look forward to the flood of tournament reports I know you're all going to send in!  

2/15/01 (10:15a PST)

     By now, people are starting to realize we're out here and the submissions are growing and growing.  Just check out what's on slate for today.

  • Pro Tour Veteran Brian Kibler sends us his report from Pro Tour Los Angeles.  Has the curse of the Queen Mary struck again?  You'll have to read to find out.
  • It's Techasas time again with the Wakko Djinn, Tim Stoltzfus.  Today, Tim gives us a Look at some of the new Planeshift cards.
  • Hasaki gives us another edition of Beats & Potatoes today, taking a look at a T2 G/W deck.
  • Finally, James Shergen takes a look at the growing-in-popularity U/W Control deck and the cards contained within.

     Thanks for visiting us today and keep tuned for new updates!

2/14/01 (10:30a PST)

     Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Today is the day that we are reminded about how much we love each other and the day Hallmark is reminded that this will be a profitable quarter for them.  

     Anyway, if you came here looking for love, you should have taken that left at Alberquerque - wrong place.  We do have beatings, though.  Today, we have another edition of Spike's Random Beatings.  It's a special Valentine's Day edition by our favorite Misanthrope.  Check it out!

     Over in the Strategy Guide we have a couple new articles for you.  The most notable is the 2nd part of Captain Simian's series, What's Going On In Type 2.  This is a good series about the Type 2 metagame and a good read for any serious player.

     This should tide you over for a little while.  Enjoy the reads!

2/13/01 (4:10p PST)

     After a long layoff from the visible Magic scene, Aaron Teare is finally back and writing for Pojo!  Today he discusses his first of hopefully many IBC (Invasion Block Constructed) Decks of the Week.  This week he looks at Spoooky.dec.

2/13/01 (12:30p PST)

     Well, there has been a clamoring for a list of decks that win.  Well, here you go.  Our newest section, Pojo Recommends, has a listing of decks that have done well in tournaments.  Any of these decks are sure to do well for you in a tournament.  The decks thus far for this month come from our latest Tournament Report.  Feature Writer DeQuan Watson ran a cash tournament in Waco, TX where some of the best in the state came to battle it out for...well...cash.  Check out his report and our recommended decks from the tournament!

2/13/01 (9:20a PST)

With my internet behaving just fine again, we have a slew of updates for you, all in the same place.

  • The Deck Garage got an overhaul today, with Mike, Mikey, Wally West, and Hasaki all giving us new decks this morning.  Be sure to check them all out!

2/12/01 (8:40p PST)

Sorry for the late update, everyone.  Storms have been rampant in the area lately, and unfortunately due to my just moving into a DSL-deficient area, I am using a dial-up connection.  I discovered today that dial-up connections around here hate rain - guess there isn't too much of it from what I here.  Anyway, I am finally up and have a few things for you to check out.

I was going to wait on them until tomorrow, but why wait.  Here are a couple of pictures sent into us by Bill Gill who is attending ToyFair right now.  They are from 7th Edition and Odyssey.

Liam Andrew wrote us a Top 8 JSS Tournament Report and we've got it up.  Check it out!

Here are some boxes and Pre-Cons for 7th Edition!

Myuu has sent us in a Strategy Guide article called "Unethical Cloning".  Those looking for a fun deck, or just a newbie deck, check it out.


And here are some pictures from Odyssey, the next block.

Sam has sent us his first installment of RogueRift's Deck Overhaul in the Deck Garage.  He tackles a 5 Color Blue/Green deck worth taking a look at.

More is coming soon!!!

2/11/01 (7:15p PST)

Plenty is going on this evening.  Check it out!

  • We just added another tournament report from Pojo's own, Christine Amaral, who went to a Type 2 tournament yesterday and dominated the field, dropping 1 game all tournament.  Check out her Tournament Report.  
  • Wally West already has submitted his 3rd Deck Garage article in two days.  This time, it's a Type 1 Control deck.  Check them out!  
  • Finally, in the Strategy Guide, Christine joins up with Spike to tackle the task of figuring out the Pokemon to Magic glossary.  This is a MUST READ for anyone out there who plays Pokemon and is considering Magic.

2/11/01 (10:15a PST)

     Hope everyone is having a good Sunday morning already.  This morning, Wally West gave us another Deck Garage article.  This morning, he tackles a Type 1 Stampy deck.  Check it out!

     For those of you who went to tournaments yesterday, I look forward to seeing your Tournament Reports soon!

2/10/01 (10:30a PST)

     Wally West just sent in a fix for his Deck Garage.  He tackles a mono-blue deck today.  Check it out, and feel free to submit your deck to one of our top-notch mechanics while you're at it.  It's PTQ day, everyone!  I look forward to getting in those Tournament Reports real soon!

2/9/01 (11:15p PST)  

     Just got back from a local Friday Night Magic.  Since I had not done one in forever, I wrote up a Tournament Report about it.  Hopefully, some more of you can follow suit.  Also, tomorrow is PTQ day.  I hope to get some great PTQ reports to post up on the site.  Thanks guys!

2/9/01  (3:15p PST)

     I just added a Feature Article by Jayson Manship about the growing new format in Magic, 5-Color.  If you've never heard of it, you need to read this article.  For the casual player, it's a blast, and now we have an outlet for the serious 5-Color Magic player as well.  Check it out!

2/9/01 (11:15a PST)

     I just added another Deck Mechanic - Wally West.  This makes a total of 5 thus far, with more to come.  

     As a reminder, this weekend there are PTQs going on all over the world, as well as Friday Night Magic for tonight.  As you can see, our Tournament Report section is empty right now.  We're looking for people to go to tournaments this weekend and come back with some good reports.

2/9/01 (5:45a PST)

     Goodness.  You never cease to amaze me.  Thanks to you, the readers, we amassed over 8,300 unique hits yesterday.  We're shooting for 10,000, but I guess that will take more content, right?  Well, let's try this out for size:

  • Feature Writer DeQuan Watson brings us his initial offering in his column, The Dragon's DenHis article entitled, "Making a Nest Egg", discusses some of the differences of Magic with other professional sports and some of the steps we can take to equalize the two.
  • In the Strategy Guide, we have a new article.  This three part series will go in depth about the current Standard Metagame.  It's pretty informative for those who are a little out of touch.

     A lot of people have been clamoring for a "beginners" section with articles about how to get into magic and some of the basics of the game.  We have heard you and are listening.  If anyone out there wants to write but needs a topic, try this one.  We'll post these articles and the staff is working on some as well.  Beginning players - you have not been forgotten - we're just working hard on your content.

     If you've not already voted in the polls at the bottom, please do so - we need the feedback so we know what direction to take the site in.  Thanks for coming again and we look forward to seeing you again real soon.

2/8/01 (9:30a PST)

     Our first day was very successful with over 6,800 unique hits.  Thanks guys!  Of course, you just came to check it out.  This means we need to keep our content fresh.  That's exactly what we're going to do.  A couple of our readers sent in submissions for our Strategy Guide.  There is a U/W "Control" deck you should check out.  We also added a new section - Opinions & Rants.  Our initial offering there is an article comparing the reasons to play Magic vs Pokemon.

     We now have 3 active Deck Mechanics ready to help you out with your decks.  If you have a deck that needs a tune-up, feel free to send them your deck.  We have more mechanics we will be adding in the days ahead to give you more variety with your choice of mechanic.

     I have now obtained images for all three alternate-art Legends in Planeshift.  These images have been moved and can now be seen here.

     Our IRC channel is now open.  Click on Join Our Chat for more information there.

     Once again, it's another good day at Pojo.com and I look forward to having you here with us!

2/7/01 (2:30p PST)

     I don't want to waste much time figuring out what you, the reader, want out of this site.  So, if I could bother you for just a minute more, please take this quick poll and let me know what you're looking for in a Magic website so we can make sure we have it.

Player Experience Poll
How long have you been playing Magic?

Have Not Started Yet
0 - 3 months
3 months - 1 year
1 year - 3 years
3+ years
What's Magic?

What Are You Here For
What do you look for in a Magic site?

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2/7/01  (6:00a PST)

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Pojo's Magic:The Gathering site.  As with all of our other quality sites, we hope to bring you the very best information about Magic:The Gathering.  We'll have Tournament Reports, Strategy, and Featured Articles from some of the biggest and best names in the game.  My name is Scott Gerhardt and I'll be your webmaster.  If you have any suggestions for the new site, feel free to gimme a write and tell me.  Remember, this is your site and we want to have whatever you want on it.  Be sure to check here daily for any new updates to the site - this will be your journal as to what goes on here.  Thanks for stopping and and we look forward to making Pojo.com your new home for Magic on the web!

     Now I'm sure you didn't come here just to hear me yap about the site, right?  You want to see results?  Well, here we go.  Featured Writer Tim Stoltzfus has brought over his column, "Techsas", over to the Pojo.  For those who have read it before, you already know it's a good read.  For those who have not, check it out.  This week, Tim's article is titled, "Sometimes, They Come Back".  Give it a read.

     A veteran of Pojo.com from our Pokemon site, Spike, brings us a very new viewpoint on the game of Magic.  In his column, "Random Beatings", Spike asks and then answers the question of "Why Magic?" for those players new or thinking about getting into Magic from other games.

     It's just day one here at Pojo, and already we've got things cooking.  Keep checking back with us as we strive to bring you the best information about Magic!


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