Squee/Spellshapers L.D.S.
Sam Leavitt
Myrtle Beach
South Carolina
Feb. 16, 2001
About... 9 actually

The turnout at Hero's Hangout for some FNM action
was pretty week tonight. Just a lot of factors, some
of the usual players had other plans and/or were
tired of foil longbow archers. We were about to give
up and booster draft but we figured it wouldn't take
long to do both. Little did we know that it would
take as long as if we had 20 people do to the nature
of the decks that were played that night. Without
further ranting... here is my deck.

Team False Prophet
Squee/Spellshapers Land Destruction System
4 Dark Ritual
4 Addle
4 Plague Witch
2 Trench Wurm
4 Rain of Tears
4 Coffin Puppets
2 Flailing Soldier
3 Ghitu Fire
2 Stone Rain
3 Squee, Goblin Nabob
2 Seismic Mage
3 Pyre Zombie
2 Pain/Suffering
1 UNGLUED SWAMP (Trust me, it makes a difference)
9 Swamp
8 Mountian
3 Urborg Volcano

2 Cremate
4 Massacre
3 Brutal Suppression
2 Stone Rain
3 Terror
1 Ghitu Fire
Total: 61... just have to add the extra swamp

Land destruction is just as popular as counter
rebels or perhaps even Fires locally, so I tried
for the up-teenth time to see if land destruction
would show me some love... well, it didnt.

1st Match
Fires... scary!
Prym always plays fires, it is just that good. (I
also misspell his name, but I know he will forgive
me if I did.) Just to clear any confusion, he looks
too much like Zvi M., my favorite pro Magic player.
Anywho, fires ALWAYS beats Land D., and it proved
it again tonight. I knew I lost the game if he goes
first turn bird or elf for the 2nd turn fires. He
did it twice, I tried to stall with squee and other
assorted blockers, but Saproling Burst always took
me down. Didnt win a game, but I didnt expect to.
Matches 0-1
Games 0-2-0

2nd Match
Got a Bye...not bad, I needed the break to bandage
my wounds from last game. Byes count as wins, just
Matches 1-1
Games 2-2-0

3rd Match
Also around the beach, a deck that our team has
made (Team False Prophet) popular down here is
what I like to call Phyrexian Infiltrator Blues.
The deck runs bounce and counterspells to steal
valuable creatures again and again. I play against
my friend and fellow team member Kris W. My deck
usually wins agianst his, as long as we are
playing at Hero's Hangout. The theory is proven
true. The first game he laid a land every turn,
and I was unable to keep up with that. So, I went
for the beatdown and control stratagy. My deck was
happy to help, giving me nothing but sweetness.
I attacked merrily with coffin puppets and trench
wurm and kept the plague witch untapped with a
squee in my hand to boot. He just couldnt take
it. Second game was about the same, I used early
discard and made him discard key spells. Sure he
had out 2 seal of removal before then, but it
only delayed the inevitable. I win!
Matches 2-1
Games 4-2-0

During the 20 minute break we had, I discovered
two things. First, a blue/black deck takes a
long time to beat some white/green mess. Second,
the formula for winning, the best combo in

Land + Spells usually yields (equals) Win!!

Enough, now for the heartbreaker game...

4th Match
Rising Waters/Blue Skies
Trey is a local boy that plays good magic...
sadly his list of good traits ends there. That
was a burn, sorry about that Trey. I think
everyone there was cheering for me, the
underdog, knowing well that Land D. dont beat
blue crazyness. I think he used his sideboard
to switch between the two stratagies, playing
waters first then surprising them with flyers
on game 2. That is what he did to me, that
first game was close, but you cant stop an
idol when he has out 3 sky diamonds and a
hand full of foils, thwarts and friends. It
was a long game, thanks to his rising waters
and my pyre zombie. Just that idol, oh well.
He switched it all on me and sideboarded in
his blue skies stuff, taking out his waters.
This game was a little faster. I never drew
swamp and was able to delay the death with
some land destruction from Pain/Suffering
and Stone Rain. His turn 5(?) rishadan
airship went all the way to finish me, with
some help from spiketail hatchlings.
Matches 2-2
Games 4-4-0

Not bad, plus I got the random prize and had
lots of fun. I bought some packs and got
a Shivian Wurm... but a Goblin Game as well.
Oh well, you cant win them all. Special
thanks to Steve who was able to make this
tourney possable... all by himself.

P.S. This deck is being taken apart, people
are starting to expect it too much now.
So dont worry, be happy now!
Sam Leavitt


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