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Pojo's Harry Potter - Movie Cast
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Confirmed Cast Members [ in order of appearance ]
Actor / Actress Character
Richard Harris Prof. Albus Dumbledore
Dame Maggie Smith Prof. Minerva McGonagall
Robbie Coltrane Rubeus Hagrid
Saunders Triplets Baby Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter
Fiona Shaw Aunt Petunia Dursley
Harry Melling Dudley Dursley
Richard Griffiths Unlce Vernon Dursley
Derek Deadman Tom - Leaky Cauldron Barman
Ian Hart Prof. Quirinus Quirrell
Warwick Davies Goblin Bank Teller
Vern Troyer Griphook - Safe Opener
John Hurt Mr Ollivander
Richard Bremmer "He Who Must Not Be Named"
Geraldine Somerville Lily Potter
Harry Taylor Station Guard
Julie Walters Molly Weasley
Bonnie Wright Ginny Weasley
Chris Rankin Percy Weasley
James Phelps Fred Weasley
Oliver Phelps George Weasley
Rupert Grint Ron Weasley
Jean Southern Trolley Lady
Emma Watson Hermione Granger
Matthew Lewis Neville Longbotton
Tom Felton Draco Malfoy
James Waylett Vincent Crabbe
Josh Herdman Gregory Goyle
Deven Murray Seamus Finnigan
Alfie Enoch Dean Thomas
Leslie Phillips Sorting Hat
Eleaner Columbus Susan Bones
John Cleese Nearly Headless Nick
Terrence Bayler The Bloody Barron
Simon Fisher Becker The Fat Friar
Nina Young The Grey Lady
David Bradley Argus Filch
Alan Rickman Prof. Severus Snape
ZoŽ Wanamaker Madam Rolanda Hooch
Warwick Davies Prof. Filius Flitwick
Luke Young Blood Lee Jordan
Sean Biggerstaff Oliver Wood
Elizabeth Sprigg The Fat Lady
Danielle Taylor Angelina Johnson
Leilah Sutherland Alicia Spinnet
Emily Dale Katy Bell
David Holmes Adrian Puccy
Will Theakston Marcus Flint
Scott Fern Terrence Higgs
Adrian Rawlins James Potter
Firenze Ray Fearon

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