Pojo's Harry Potter - Movie Information

Harry Potter and
the Chamber of Secrets

Daniel Radcliffe
Emma Watson
Rupert Grint

Chris Columbus

David Heyman

Exectitive Producers:
Mark Radcliffe
Michael Barnathan
David Barron
J.K. Rowling

Production Designer:
Stuart Craig

Director of Photography:
Roger Pratt

Peter Honess


    HARRY POTTER returns to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for his second year of training at the famed school. However before he returns he is warned by a house elf named Dobby, that terrible things await him if he returns to Hogwarts. Harry is determined to return to the only place that he has ever belonged in his life, and must once again face a challenge unlike Hogwarts has ever seen. This year at school someone will indeed reopen the Chamber of Secrets. It is up to Harry and his beloved pals, Ron and Hermoine, to discover the truth about the chamber. Harry will have to find this truth while facing adversity and mockery from his arch-nemisis, Draco Malfoy, as well as Professor Snape, who deeply despises him.

This school year is once again full of magic and flight, and gryffindor tries to recapture the House cup along with the quidditch cup. Although the Slytherins have other plans in mind for the reigning champs. Harry must face some cold hard facts about who he is, where he came from, and where his destiny lies in the second installment of Harry Potter. Harry must also deal with the dreadful voices that are filling the halls of hogwarts, voices so deadly and so evil that no one is sure who will live to find out where they came from. Hopefully, our hero can find out and once again save Hogwarts from this evil magic or they are all doomed.



NOVEMBER 15, 2002

- Worldwide release!