Pojo's Harry Potter and
the Sorcerer's Stone DVD Spoiler

How to find the deleted scenes!

1. From the Main Menu go to Diagon Alley (Choose the owl).

2. Enter Diagon Alley by selecting the correct bricks in clockwise order. Think of a clock. Start picking the bricks just outside the hole at 9:00, 10:30, 12:00 then skip 2 bricks and continue with 3:00 and 4:30 (Keep at it. If you make four mistakes, the door will open for you anyway.)

3. From Diagon Alley, choose the key on the bottom of the Gringotts' Bank sign. (2 right keys and one down key then hit enter)

4. In Gringotts Bank, select the coins.

5. Go back to Diagon Alley.

6. Go into Ollivander's.

7. Select a Wand Box (any will do).

8. Wait for voice over to end then select a second and third wand. After the wand chooses you (it is always your third choice), you will automatically return to Diagon Alley.

9. Go back to the Main Menu. (Arrow Button)

10. Select the Hallway to Classrooms (The wand on the table).

11. In the Hallway to Classrooms, go to the Cat (Transfigurations), then hit the down arrow.

12. The two owls on the pedestal will highlight. Then hit the up arrow.

13. The "H" will highlight. Now hit enter.

14. This will take you to Fluffy (three-headed dog).

15. Select the Flute. This will take you to the flying keys.

16. The correct key is two up and one to the right from the back arrow button (it is the furthest one away in the black archway in the center of the screen). If you don't select the correct key, the narrator will ask you to try again. If you continue to miss the correct key, the keys will all begin to move. The correct key (if you miss four times) will become the largest key on the screen. You can't miss it.

17. Next you will land in the Potions Room. Select the yellow round bottle in the back row (hit right key twice to get to it and then hit enter). This will take you to the Mirror of Erised.

18. Select the Stone in the Mirror of Erised (hit up once and then enter) and you will be able to see scenes never shown in theatres. There are 7 of them.

Potions Class Answers
(alternate route to the scenes)

Once you have completed the steps above to number 10 you can enter the Potions Class and select the bottle, (one right key and then enter) you will be asked some Potions Questions. You will need to hit enter on each ingredient.

Draught of Sleeping Death:
Asphodel (green tube)
Wormwood (black tube)

Monkshood (green tube)
Wolfsbane (dark purple tube)

Boil Cure:
Snake Fangs (tan tube)
Porcupine Quills (dark purple tube)

At this point you could continue with number 16 above and also get to the deleted scenes.

(This information was taken from WB.com and edited by MadEye)