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Harry Potter - Characters


Race: Wizard
Played By: Kheo Kypri
Relations: Descendant of Salazar Slytherin
Hogwart's House: Slytherin

After leaving Hogwarts, Voldemort traveled far, sank so deeply into the Dark Arts, and underwent so many magical transformations that, when he resurfaced as Lord Voldemort, he was hardly recognizable. Almost nobody connected him with Tom Riddle, the Head Boy at Hogwarts.

After starting his bid for power, followers joined him rapidly, and he soon had everything he needed at his control. He recalled the banished Giants, and used an army of Dementors to terrorize the magical community.

But power does not last forever as, one fateful night, he went to Godric's Hollow on Peter Pettigrew's information in an attempt to murder the entire Potter family for reasons only known to him. The father died fighting Voldemort, trying to hold him off to give Lily and her son an opportunity to escape. Lily died protecting her son, and so gave him a powerful magical immunity.

Voldemort cast Avada Kedavra, the Killing Curse, in an attempt to destroy the last remaining Potter, but, it rebounded upon himself. Less than even the merest shadow, he retreated into hiding as his army crumbled, though many of his followers were left unchained, thus paving the way for his return.

Peter Pettigrew, a bumbling fool of a wizard, who was driven out of hiding by those he had once called friends, rejoined his master and thus gave Voldemort a chance he had been waiting thirteen years for. Following Voldemort's instructions, Pettigrew was soon able to return Voldemort to a weak body, and increase his strength enough to be able to withstand travel.

Already knowing of the potion that would restore him, Voldemort needed to find only three ingredients - Flesh of the Servant - Blood of the Enemy - and Bone of the Father. Pettigrew and Voldemort returned to the old Riddle family mansion, where Voldemort's father was buried, and thus procured the second of the three ingredients.

The only difficult ingredient to find would be the last one, Blood of the Enemy. Pettigrew wanted to use the blood of any wizard, but Voldemort wanted to use Harry Potter's blood. Therefore, the protection his mother gave him, Voldemort would have it too.

Currently, Voldemort is back to full strength, though, Albus Dumbledore seems to be a few steps ahead of him in plans. Who will triumph? Only time will tell...

Thanks to Rick for writing this Bio.

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