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Harry Potter- Characters

Rubeus Hagrid

Half Giant
CCG Card Photo: Here & Here.
Actor's Name In Movie: Robbie Coltrane
Hogwart's House: Gryffindor

Hagrid is a Half Giant, his mother Fridwulfa being a Giant and his Dad was a wizard. His dad died while Hagrid was in his second year at Hogwarts and his mom left him and his dad before Hagrid went to Hogwarts. In Harry's first and second year Hagrid is Hogwarts Gameskeeper, in Harry's third and fourth Hagrid also becomes the Care of Magical Creatures teacher. In Harry's first year Hagrid gives Dumbledore a giant Three-Headed Dog that is guarding the Philosopher Stone, and he wins a Dragon Egg from a stranger he meets in a pub, who kept buying Hagrid drinks until Hagrid told him how to get past the dog. The Dragon Harry and Hermione help Hagrid get rid of, as they sent it with some of Charlie Weasley's friends so Charlie could look after it. 

Hagrid has a dog, Fang, who he usually takes with into the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts in his third year because he was said to of opened the Chamber of Secret's and released a monster that killed a girl at Hogwarts. He was innocent of that, as the person who caught him, Tom Riddle, framed him when it was Tom who had released the monster. During the Triwizard Tournament, Hagrid grows the Maze that is the third task.  

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