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Harry Potter- Characters

Bartemius Crouch

Deceased/Soul-less Wizard(s)
CCG Card Photo: None Available
Actor's Name In Movie: None
Hogwart's House: Unknown 

A very ambitious person, Crouch dedicated his life to
becoming Minister of Magic. He worked his way up into
a respectful position, but, in doing this, he lost
almost all contact with his wife and son, especially
his son.

He worked his way steadily up to Head of the
Department of Magical Law Enforcement, widely known as
the stepping-stone to Minister of Magic, but then
Voldemort released all heck on the magic world, and it
appeared to him to be a clear opportunity.

Gradually it got to the point where Voldemort's
supporters were shown no mercy. Aurors were given the
power to kill instead of capture, and anybody
suspected was immediately sent to Azkaban, including
Sirius Black.

When Voldemort was defeated, it appeared to be only a
matter of time until Crouch got the top job, but then
"something rather unfortunate happened". Crouch's own
son, who hardly ever saw his father at home, was
caught with some people who "I'd bet my life were
Death Eaters", said Sirius Black.

Crouch convicted his son, he never really liked him,
and the son got sent to Azkaban at the age of 19.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Crouch, who was also slowly dying,
asked Crouch for one final favor. Using Polyjuice
Potion, mother and son took on each other's

Crouch imprisoned his son in the house, under the
care of the resident house-elf, Winky, and the
Imperius Curse. Wearing an invisibility cloak, the son
was not allowed out for thirteen years. Then, Winky
talked Crouch into letting his son see the Quidditch
World Cup match, when he broke free of the curse (if
only temporarily), stole Harry's wand, and used it to
shoot the Dark Mark into the sky, which resulted in
Winky's dismissal and the son being hit again with the
Imperius Curse.

Shortly afterward, Voldemort came for the son, who
played a most important part in Voldemort's plan for
rebirth. Mr. Crouch was hit with the Imperius Curse,
and Voldemort forced him to go work like nothing was

Then Mr. Crouch started fighting the curse. Voldemort
decided that it was no longer safe to have him in
public, so he forced him to write letters and say that
he was ill.

While Crouch was under the Imperius Curse, Peter
Pettigrew was assigned to the task of watching over
him, as another precaution to his not escaping.
Pettigrew, lazy fool that he is, was not watchful
enough, and Crouch escaped.

Voldemort guessed (correctly) that Crouch was headingto Hogwarts to let Dumbledore in on what he knew.Since Crouch's son was at Hogwarts, disguised asMad-Eye Moody, Voldemort assigned him the task of...
removing his father before he was able to speak to

Crouch succeeded in his task of killing his father,
and thus ended the life of a man who almost made it.

Then Barty Crouch Junior was given the Dementor's Kiss, which sucked out his soul and left him in a state worse than death.

Thanks to Mark Gallanger for this Bio!!

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