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Harry Potter - Characters

Madam Rolanda Hooch

Race: Witch
Played By: Zoe Wannamaker
Relations: Unknown
Hogwart's House: Unknown

Madam Hooch teaches the first years hows to fly on broomsticks.
She is normally the referee in the Quiditch matches and is the one to let out the balls.
Hooch has green eyes like a halk or cats and has spikey grey hair. She is tall and wears a black Quidditch outfit with the Hogwart's crest on it while refereeing games.
Maybe the reason she's called "Madam" Hooch and not "Proffesor" Hooch is that she might not be a full teacher. If she only teaches flying on broomsticks, once the class learn how to do it, she wouldn't be needed for the rest of the year. Unless, she teaches classes through the year on how to do certain stunts on broomsticks and how to perform emergency landings etc.

Thanks to Rick for writing this Bio.

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