A Keen Sense of the Obvious
with the Pojosama

It’s been since the first set of Pokemon cards since I’ve contributed a regular column on a Collectible Card Game (CCG). Why start now? Well, I seem to be getting a lot of email from beginners & parents looking for help.  For many, Harry Potter is their first CCG.  So, I’ve decided to do a column to help beginners understand cards, build cheap decks, and understand the game in general.  I’m not the smartest guy around, but my friends say I have a keen sense of the obvious.  ;-) - Pojo



The Pojosama is an all-around nice guy. He has generously hosted all sorts of Trading Card Game sites to help collectors and players alike find help and guidance to accomplish their goals. If there's a card game out there that alot of people play, chances are "Pojo knows."