Pojo's Harry Potter TCG Walk-Thru

Note: This is a real game between Android6789, who is playing the Draco Malfoy starter deck and Pojo, who is playing the Hermione Granger starter deck.  These are only 40 card starter decks designed to teach you basic the rules of the game.  Real decks will have 60 cards.  We played out this game and kept track of what happened to help you understand it better.  

You will be seeing the game from the view of Android6789, who is currently 7-2 versus Pojo with the Malfoy deck.  (I wrote this exclusively for pojo.com, do please don't steal it! Well ... Wizards of the Coast is welcome to use it on their site though.  Feel free to link directly to this page though if you want.)


As a reminder ... here is what one can do during their turn:

  1. Before your turn. If a card tells you to do something before your turn, do it now.
  2. You draw a card
  3. Your Creatures damage your opponent
  4. You use 2 Actions. You can use an action to:
  • Play a lesson card; or
  • Play a Creature card; or
  • Play a spell card; or
  • Play an item card; or
  • Draw an extra card.

You can do the same action twice instead of doing two different actions. Also, there are some types of cards you can play that require using both of your actions, such as characters and adventures.

You win by decking your opponent.

Here's what's in our 40 cards Starter decks:

Draco's Deck

Hermione's Deck

1 Draco Malfoy

10 Care of Magical Creatures Lesson
9 Charms Lesson

2 Accio
2 Boa Constrictor
3 Curious Raven
2 Hagrid and the Stranger
4 Magical Mishap
2 Stupefy
2 Surly Hound
4 Vermillious

1 Hermione Granger

12 Care of Magical Creatures Lesson
7 Transfiguration Lesson

2 Avifors
4 Curious Raven
2 Epoximise
3 Forest Troll
2 Hagrid and the Stranger
3 Incarcifors
2 Take Root
3 Vicious Wolf


Click Here to see Turn 1