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Harry Potter TCG Apprentice Patch

Play The Harry Potter Trading Card Game
LIVE on the Internet

*New Chamber of Secrets Patch*

How do you play the Harry Potter TCG online? First you need to download a free licensed program called Apprentice from Dragon Studios' website. This program was originally designed to play the Magic: The Gathering TCG live on the Internet. Next you'll need to download the Harry Potter patch.  We have a direct link to a site you can get it. Check back frequently to make sure you have the most recent version of the patch.

  1. Go to E-League and download the newest version of Apprentice.
  2. Install Apprentice by double clicking on it and then clicking the 'Install' button.
  3. With your Apprentice closed, download the patch file.
    PojoHP Patch v5.6 (zip/exe)
  4. Find the patch/file you just downloaded and double-click on it, making sure it gets installed/extracted into your Apprentice directory.
  5. You can now run your Apprentice program to play Harry Potter TCG.

* If you need some help using Apprentice, Click Here to read a Harry Potter Apprentice Tutorial by MadEye_D and Snuffles.  

If these symbols: F T C P Q
don't look like this:
then follow these steps to fix them:

(Note: You only need to do this one time and it should stay the same for all updates to come.This font is totally optional and only modifies some unused characters for the symbols, so it should not interfere with any other Apprentice gameplay.)

  1. With your Apprentice closed, go to: Start -> Settings -> Control Panel and double click on the Fonts folder.
  2. Find and click the one called MagicSymbols and then hit the delete key. If you get a pop-up window asking you if you are sure you want to delete this font, click: Yes.
  3. Then select the menu option: FILE -> INSTALL NEW FONT.
  4. Have it look in your Apprentice directory. The Magis___.ttf file should be in there. Click on it and then click the 'Ok' button to install it.
  5. Now close up your Fonts window and your Control Panel. The symbols will look right the next time you start your Apprentice program.

Other Apprentice Options

Themes: If you would like your apprentice to have a new look you may want to try a different theme. It is not advised that you change your theme unltil you are familiar with using your Apprentice program.

  1. Start your Apprentice.
  2. Go to the menu option: Options -> Preferences.
  3. Click the third tab that says 'Themes' and then click the button that says 'Change...'
  4. Click the 'Yes' button from the pop-up window
  5. Click on the theme you would like and then click the 'Open' button.
  6. Now click the 'Ok' button and you are finished.

Pojo does not support themes and how to get them working, as they are not vital to playing Harry Potter.  For support with a theme if you can not get it working properly, you will need to contact the theme's author.  Pojo is also not responsible for anything that may happen to your computer as a result of downloading and installing a theme.

(Note: Make sure when you download a theme,
that you save it in your, Apprentice/Graphix/ directory.)

Author Name & E-mail Downloadable Theme
Zrana wizardsduel.THM




If someone has more instructions we can add .. shoot them on over to us. 

  Copyright 2001 - 2003 - - All Rights Reserved.

HARRY POTTER, characters, and names trademarks of Warner Bros. is in no way affiliated with Warner Brothers or Harry Potter. 
We wish we were, but we are just an Unofficial News Site.