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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Quidditch Cup - Adventures at Hogwarts

Quidditch Cup
Power Needed: 9 Quidditch
Card Type: Item - Unique
Ability: Once during each of your turns, when you use an Action to play a card that requires Quidditch Power, you get 1 more Action that turn.
Card No: 23
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 3.56 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


When you're playing a quidditch spell deck, including cards like Loop the Loops and Pulling Up, you usually have more than enough cards in hand to play in a turn. The problem is that you only get two actions per turn. That's just not enough, when you have a hand full of great spell cards. Well, this card gives you the actions you need to play all of those wonderful spells you're holding. It's just too bad that you have to wait until you've put 9 lessons in play to get this out. Heck, by then the game might already be over. Personally, I feel that by the time you have that many lessons out, your spells in hand should be so big that you don't need to play that many to win the game. If you draw this early, it will sit in your hand and not help you very much. I think this card only works in one relatively narrow deck type. That is, a Hooch-led charms/quidditch deck that uses Wand Shop to gain quick access to the heavy stuff. Such a deck must have a strong bias to yellow to make the inclusion of this card worthwhile.

Rating: 2.5


This card is soooooooo much fun. It is loads of fun to play in a Quidditch/Wand Shop deck or a Golden Snitch deck or any high priced deck with Quidditch spells in it. Let’s think for a minute if we have our Quidditch Cup out and ten lessons then we lay Out of Control, then Loop the Loop then Midair Collision we have done twenty damage (twenty-six with a Nimbus out) forced them to discard four cards and then drawn four ourselves all in one turn. NO! This is not a miracle it is just a very likely situation if you play a similar deck. The bad part though not to terrible is that it is nine Quidditch power which can be quite a lot, but the good here heavily out ways the bad so play this card if you want to be gaining card advantage with every Quidditch spell you lay.

Rating: 4


Many fine Quidditch players long to grasp the cup, but can grasping the cup during your TCG Duel really help out. Well if you can get up to 9 power quite easily it definitely can. This goes without saying if you're going to be playing Mid-Air Collision. The benefit of this card is just too great, I mean imagine playing a Quid deck where you can play Fouled, Out of Control and Cobbing all in one turn and then imagine if you had a Nimbus 2000 in play. That would be 20 damage, and your opponent loses 4 cards in hand, one card from play and they get one action next turn, talk about hurting them. I like this card I think it has potential.

Rating: 3.75


Wow does this card speeds up Quidditch decks. If you are playing Quidditch and you can get up to nine, I definitely suggest having one or two of these in your deck. Especially with Loop the Loops and Pulling up out and about. Even small hand size will not stop Quidditch nowadays as it has fairly decent drawing power. You could go really crazy and play with Harry the Seeker as your back up or starting character. This would mean you draw two cards each turn and get three actions. You're opponent simply will not be able to last long if you keep this going turn after turn.

Rating: 4

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