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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Frog-Spawn - Diagon Alley

Power Needed: 2 CoMC
Card Type: Spell
Effect: During your opponent's next turn, prevent all damage done to your creatures.

Card No: 39
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Diagon Alley
Average Rating: 1.93 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


It's fun to plop down an early Marble Gargoyle and ride it to victory. It's not so fun when your opponent responds on their turn with a timely Stream of Flames or Bewitched Snowballs to give your guy a quick exit. If you have a horde of little critters chipping away at your nemesis, the last thing you'll want to see them play is a Fumos to clean you out of attackers. This card takes care of that. For a turn. After that, they are free to dispatch your furry friends with reckless abandon. Of course, if their creature elimination is the transfiguration type (Take Root, etc), then this card offers no protection at all. And if your opponent isn't playing with any sort of creature elimination, this is a dead card in your hand. To sum up, in the worst case, this has no value at all, and in the best case, it only delays the inevitable by a turn. Hmmmm..... That's not so good. If you really want to protect your creatures, I suggest a card that stops all spells, such as Through the Arch, as most of the efficient creature elimination cards are spells.

Rating: 1


Many people thinks this card stops any damage done to you by creatures, but they’re wrong. That’s only Wingardium Levoisa! so far. This card stops any damage done to your creatures. That means that their health amount can’t be lowered. So, this protects you from Stream of Flames, but not Picking on Neville…Picking on Neville is more popular, so I don’t think Frog-Spawn is that good. If you use it against a Flitwick/CoMC deck though, this card will save you. Your creatures stay out one more turn, so you are immune to any damage from your opponent. :D

Rating: 3


It took me awhile to find something positive to say about this card. After many minutes of deep thought I came up with nothing. Preventing damage to creatures isn't that big of a deal because they can just use a transfiguration card to remove it from play no damage required. Unless some really good adventure comes out that deals damage to creatures and will wipe your deck off the map still don't play this card. If you decide you want to play this card I would recommend that you need to check to see if you are delirious and then add Potions to your deck and play Jawbind Potion.

Rating: 1 (if the scale went lower the score would)


Believe or not, Frog Spawn makes a lovely hair moisturizer then can revitalize your hair and prevent split ends. Just a home remedy that I stole I mean heard about somewhere. So what can Frog-Spawn the card do for you? Well it depends on what you keep running up against. Do you find yourself playing creatures and then having your opponent whip out stream of flames and then doxy. Worried your Green Dragon will eat the dirt before the next turn, then this might help you out. Granted it doesn't prevent denial like Incarcifors, Transfiguration Exam, and those types of things, but most people are using charms to rid themselves of creatures, and having a few of these, might stall enough for your creatures to do some damage. Its not that reassuring, but you never know when it might help out. Just a thought.

Rating: 2.5


If creature damage prevention is your bag, then this card is for you. But let's face it, preventing any spell card from being played is a much better choice. Yes this will prevent the damage you get from a Doxy, but forget all that. Just either prevent spell cards or just avoid this worry all together by ignoring this part of the defensive strategy. Heck, I would rather just add more creatures myself.

Rating: 1.5


Well i definitely prefer a jawbind potion or a Through The Arch to this card any day of the week. In general, adventures are more effective than a one shot spell. Plus, this does not stop your opponent from playing incarcifors or diffindo or the like. However if you want to protect your creatures and you don't want to use the two actions for adventures and you aren't running potions, this isn't a bad option. Personally, however i would just rather add another creature.

Rating: 2.6



A good defensive card for any creature deck players, but the fact that it is a comc means that its appeal will be limited. 99% of people that run Care of Magical Creatures lessons use creatures. This means that they will be unlikely to want to spend an action on defence when they can lay down a creature or play an attacking spell like steelclaw or dog bite. Similar to the Riding the Centaur adventure, this card can be very annoying to your opponents, especially in the later game when they are preparing to use the dreaded Steelclaw!

Normally I wouldn't recommend this card, but if you are running comc and have some room in your deck, consider this card as option. It is a common card so finding many of them shouldn't be too hard.

Rating: 2.5 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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