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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Dog Bite - Adventures at Hogwarts

Dog Bite
Power Needed: 4 CoMC
Card Type: Spell
Effect: Choose a Creature in play. That Creature does damage to your opponent equal to that Creature's printed "Damage each turn."
Card No: 58
Rarity: Common
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 3.29 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This spell only needs 4 lessons of learning in play, and can deal 12 damage, if Fluffy is on the table. It's also useless if no creatures are out. Note that it is the creatures that are the source of the damage, so this card can be stopped via Riding the Centaur, but evades a defense based on Kelpies or Trevor. So how good is this card? Well, if you already have Fluffy down, this card is just window dressing. It would be better to have a card that protects Fluffy, and allows him (her? it?) to do the job. Although this card can also be used on an opposing Fluffy, I'm not a fan of strategies that rely on my opponent having a very large threat on the table. This card is only playable in a deck that includes dragons and/or the three headed dog, and even then I have a strong preference for other alternatives (Steelclaw).

Rating: 2


Dog bite is an interesting card. You get to choose any creature in play, and it attacks your opponent? Well, Fluffy has a nice bite, doesn’t he? :D I’ve built decks around this card, using Fluffy as the only creature, and Dog Bite/Steelclaw/Galleon to go for the kill. The only problem is getting the creatures out, and that Steelclaw does a better job. But, if you have 2-3 empty spaces in a deck, I would recommend you try this card out. You may realize that it literally bites your opponents butt.

Rating: 4.5


This card is rather cool. Though no where near as good as Steelclaw it is a nice alternative to it. The nice thing is that it can work on your creatures or your opponents creatures. This works best combined with a dragon or Fluffy to make sure you get the full effect of the card. A nasty little trick is to add a coupla of these bad boys to your deck when you go to a tournament to hedge against Turbo Fluffy decks. Oh no Fluffy then smack down two of these bad boys and I bet you will make them cry. PS. Feel free to email me to ask why I think what I think about cards or better yet click on the Apprentice Chat link and ask me.

Rating: 3.5


Animals just love me, but then again so does everyone else. So its hard for me to imagine a creature wanting to attack someone. Its hard being so good looking and well liked, but I have other worries, like which color robes I'm going to wear. I don't have time to worry about animals biting. This Dog Bite is definitely no Steelclaw. You can choose one creature in play and have it attack. Well that gives us a chance to use our opponents creatures against him, which I must say could really be fun. The use where this really comes in is with Fluffy. I mean thats what it was designed for, one creature doing damage. One could easily concieve of Potion/CMC decks that will allow Fluffy to stay out and allow for you to use this card to smack 24 damage down this turn. In fact it might be 36 if you got two of these in your hand. Ouch thats gonna hurt. I don't recommend this card for every deck, but it could come ! in handy.

Rating: 2.75


This is a basic spell that works with any creature. It works for only 4 power. It can be used to make any creature work again on any turn. Now Steelclaw is a better choice, but it is in the Transfiguration class, this is in the CoMC class. You can't ask for much better to add to your deck if you are not using Transfiguration in your creature deck. Those Charms Creature decks might accept a couple of these to go along with your Dragon or Fluffy.

Rating: 3.5


This card is pretty cool, i just wish it was a Trans or Charms card. In some ways it is a step down from a Steelclaw, but in some ways it is a step up. For instance, if your opponent is killing all of your creatures, you can dogbite one of theirs to do some damage. And if you want more than four Steel Claw, this is a great addition for more damage in your deck. Also, if you aren't playing transfiguration in your critter deck, this makes for a great option. All around, it is pretty hard to complain when Snape walks with a limp.

Rating: 3.5



This is a nice spell card for lots of medium to heavy creature decks. The great thing about this card is that it only costs 4 comc to play. Although not as good as steelclaw, when used correctly this card can really pack a punch. Any creature with a damage of 5 or more is worth using this card on, so try to include some big hitting dragons in any deck with dog bite. The ultimate card to use it on, of course, is Fluffy. 12 damage for 4 power, what a deal!

Remember that the bonus for the Gargoyles DO apply, so dont be afraid to use Dog Bite on your gargoyles (assuming your opponent has no creatures in play)

Rating: 3.5 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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