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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Dragon Heart Wand - Base

Dragon Heart Wand
Power Needed: 5 Charms
Card Type: Item/Wand
Ability: Play this card only if you have cards in play that provides at least 2 C Power. If you play this card, and you already have a Wand in play, discard the old one.

Provides: 3 Charms
Card No: 51
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Base
Average Rating: 4.45 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


I love this card. The key to survival against tough competition is speed. This card zips your learning along for the equivalent of three lessons by itself. It's usually not hard to get the 5 lessons out (2 of which must be charm) needed to play this. That's just not a very severe limitation. Now, if you have a deck with blue in it that is mostly composed of very low casting cost cards, then Borrowed Wand is a better choice. On the other hand, if your deck has a strong element of blue, and has many very "heavy" cards, the big Phoenix Feather Wand should be your primary item learning accelerant. Any deck that wants to avoid using items, can opt for Wand Shop instead. You must pick the wand type that is most appropriate, and don't be hesitant about tossing in three or four copies into your deck, despite the fact that you can only have one wand in play at a time. Remember, speed kills. Just ask all my past hapless victims who had to face a third turn Mountain Troll or Hebridean Black Dragon because of my early Dragon Heart Wand. They'll tell you.

Rating: 5


This is the best wabd there is if you wanna play a your most power ful cards cost five to seven power to lay. Awhile ago this was often seen 1st turn: lay two lessons 2nd turn: lay another 2 lessons 3rd turn: Dragon Heart Wand and a creature for eight power (Mountain Troll). This wand also works quite well in quid/charms deck helping you be able to get Nimbus2000 out on the third turn ^_^. If you need help gettin lessons out fast this is the wand for you. Just Play It.

Rating: 3.7


When it comes to Charms most people use one of three cards to do quick lesson advancement. Those cards are Borrowed Wand, Dragon Heart Wand, and Wand Shop. The thing one must consider in playing one of these cards is where they expect to be playing. By that I mean, what is the highest spell or creature you intend to be playing at. Dragon Heart Wand works well at 6-9 area, Borrowed Wand 3-6, and Wand Shop is there to help you get to those 10+ spells and creatures. Now knowing that, If you're going to be playing charms I highly suggest you include one of three, It just depends on how you're designing your deck.

Rating: 4.1


For creature decks, the power of 8 seems to be a magical number for the bigger biters! Using Charms and CoMC are a strong combination. Getting to 5 lessons in any way you can and then slap this wand down puts you up there fast. Keep in mind that it is an item and it can be removed in numerous ways so you should play it at as your first action of a turn to be sure to get it's use at least once before it has a chance of being removed. Also keep in mind in order to play it you must have at least 2 power of the charms persuasion on the table to put this into play.

Rating: 4.5


"Warning: This is not a toy. May cause severe bodily harm." (Printed on the back of the card in fine print... jk.) This is actually a fairly decent wand. Most decks with just a splash of Charms use Borrowed wand, and decks that are pure Charms or have tons of power use Pheonix wand, so this is right in the middle. Five power isn't too hard to reach, and once you get there, you've got eight power now, which opens up a lot of paths that you could take.

Rating: 4.5


This is arguably the best lesson advancer in the game. 5-8 lesson jump is one of the most important jumps you can get. let's talk about why. with creatures, this puts you at the mountain troll, hebridean range. coupled with wand shop, this would put you right at the Potions Class Disaster range. The only problem with Dragon Heart Wand is that you need to have 2 charms power on the board. This means that if you start with Flitwick, Borrowed Wand is definitely the better option. I would say that if you are playing with any deck that has charms lessons and has some heavier spells in it, this card should be one of your first choices. Lesson denial is at an all time high, so if you want to keep this puppy out, stock up on four.

Rating: 4.9



Dragon Heart Wand is a great card to put in high cost creat/quid/anything decks that use charms. However, since everybody is playin denial these days, it can't be relied upon like it used to. Wand Shop also works in the same situation, and the two together should be able to keep your lesson count higher than your opponent cn control. This card tends to work well in Draco Slytherin decks as well. I prefer Borrowed Wand over this one, though, since it can be used with Flitwick whereas this one needs two cards with CH power.

Rating: 3.4 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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